Mother of Monsters





Registered Phenomena Code: 969

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Type: Aquatic, Aggression, Sentient, Titanic

Containment Protocols: RPC-969 is to be monitored by MST Alpha-2 "Maritime Praesidio Subvehi" daily via deep-sea hydrosonar sensors, and at least 4 times a month via armored submersible ROVs1 for RPC-969-1 instances. RPC-969-1 instances are to be collected according to Procedure Tiamat-5 and if collection is not possible or if RPC-969-1 is actively hostile, neutralize the instance using the ROV's equipped weapons2. Collected instances are to be stored for research at naval Site-███ containment facility. Any civilian vessel detected within 100 km of RPC-969's location should be discreetly monitored, and any unauthorized ROVs or divers should be neutralized.

Description: RPC-969 is a large, roughly spherical mass of siphonophorae, estimated to be 1 km in diameter and over 1,400,000 kg in mass. At least three distinct lobes have been identified, with hundreds of one meter long tendrils ringing each lobe. RPC-969 is immobile, and situated on an abyssal plain 5,600 meters under sea level. Marine animals have been observed to refrain from interaction with RPC-969, despite it being an ample source of nutrients in such depths. RPC-969 periodically disgorges smaller siphonophorae-shaped mobile organic containers, herefore designated as RPC-969-1, from concealed apertures on its main lobes. RPC-969-1 then releases new specimens of marine creatures unknown to science into the surrounding waters. Analysis of fossilized tissue samples and sediments taken from RPC-969 suggest that it might have been active for more than 550 million years. RPC-969 has not shown signs of sentience or sapience. RPC-969's sentience and sapience is under review. Refer to Incident Log 969-01.

RPC-969 was discovered in 1997 during an RPC investigation of Incident Y-973, during which RPC submersibles found RPC-969 on the process of disgorging RPC-969-1-01. RPC-969-1-01 was then brought to RPC Temporary Site-███ near Valparaiso4.

ADDENDUM ██ / ██ / 20██: Investigations towards the Church of Malthus cell responsible for Incident-███ has revealed one of their hideouts near Chile. When MST-Foxtrot-04 raided the site, they found members of the Church of Malthus cell killed and disemboweled in a ritual fashion. Blood graffiti on the site depicts symbols known from the Children of Nihil sect S-██8, and the presence of anomalous brine trails at the site confirmed their involvement. MST-Foxtrot-04 found an empty, destroyed saltwater tank in the basement of the site. Forensic analysis has revealed that the tank would have simulated the conditions of RPC-969's surrounding waters.

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