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Registered Phenomena Code: 967

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Psychotronic, Sapient, Radiation, Extra-dimensional

Containment Protocols: As RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 have been damaged beyond operational capabilities no containment protocols are necessary. The remains of RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 are currently being transported to Site-038 for further study. Additionally, RPC-967 has been returned to the Vatican for containment under its previous containment protocols.

Description: RPC-967 is the title given to a painting first discovered by the Auctoritas Impertus at an unknown date. However, Authority historians currently believe that RPC-967 was first discovered sometime in the 17th century, though confirmation of this has proven impossible to gather due to the loss of records due to time.

RPC-967 itself is a painting that depicts two humanoid entities wielding glaives and clad in grey metal armor; individually designated as RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 respectively. These entities are portrayed standing guard at either side of a wooden door that leads into an erupting mountain.

The armor worn by RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 is similar to the prominent style used by knights during the supposed time period of RPC-967's discovery. However, the armor worn by the two is notably bulkier and the symbol of the Auctoritas Impertus is featured on the shoulder plates (on the left shoulder of RPC-967-1 and on the right shoulder of RPC-967-2).

The glaives of RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 glow a light blue color and have been determined to have been painted with a radioactive isotope of Uranium. It is unknown how this paint has remained radioactive since its initial acquisition by the Impertus.

RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 are capable of communicating via a form of telepathy. This telepathy only works if the subject is within RPC-967's direct line of sight. When engaged in telepathic communication, RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 claim to be brothers and to have had positions in one of the Auctoritas Impertus's secret knight orders. Specifically RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 claim to have held positions in Ut daemonium de venatores (the demon hunters1).

Additionally, RPC-976-1 and RPC-967-2 are fanatically devoted to Christ and will commonly try to convert subjects communicating with them to Christianity if they are not already. Specifically, RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 have both claimed to be deeply Catholic, a fact that has been confirmed by the examination of their mannerisms by Authority historians.

For further details on the nature of RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 please see the interview logs in Addendum.1

Within the records of the Auctoritas Impertus there exist a plethora of documents claiming that RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 possess the ability to exit RPC-967. Patterns within the records suggest RPC-967 has never used this ability. Instead, it is claimed that the presence of this ability was relayed to the Auctoritas by the Arclight, an allied group to the Impertus in the 17th century and the creators of RPC-967.

Addendum.1 - Interview Logs

Addendum.2 - In relation to the Sub Vesuvia

In 1982 The Board decided that relations with the independent Sub Vesuvia facility were at an unacceptable position. Because of this the Authority gifted RPC-967 along with various other minor helpful anomalous objects to the Sub Vesuvia in an attempt to improve relations. This resulted in no noticeable improvement in relations with the Sub Vesuvia.

Following the complete failure of Sub Vesuvia and the subsequent exploration of the interior of the facility by Authority forces, RPC-967, RPC-967-1, and RPC-967-2 were all found destroyed within the facility. The destruction of RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 is of particular interest, as they were both discovered to have exited RPC-967 in physical forms that were almost identical to their appearance in RPC-967.

RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2 were both found to have been slain near the destroyed remains of an unknown artifact made out of coal and limestone. The artifact was believed to be a ring-like object with a radius of approximately three meters that featured various pyramidic protrusions along its surface.

Additionally, large amounts of deceased RPC-503-2 instances of various types were found slain around RPC-967-1 and RPC-967-2. The bodies of RPC-503-2 instances were also found leading up to the room in which the bodies of the pair were found.

The corpse of RPC-967-1 was found to have had their armor ripped open, revealing that it contained the remains of a badly scarred human male with various copper pipes and mechanical parts connected to it. This body inside of RPC-967-1 was missing its left arm and right leg, though these were believed to have been past injuries. Additionally, it was found that the heart of the human body within RPC-967-1 had been ripped from its chest cavity.

However, the body of RPC-967-2 was found in a kneeling position in front of RPC-967-1. RPC-967-2 appears to have suffered various puncture wounds at seemingly random points of its body. With some of the wounds leaking blood, while a few of the wounds were leaking a black oil.

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