Registered Phenomena Code: 966

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-animated.png Animated h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-966-A/B are to be contained within a large concrete chamber completed with an observation deck secured with ballistic glass. The singular entrance leading into the containment chamber is to be under constant surveillance and guarded by no less than 4 armed ASF personnel, with an additional 2 ASF on standby. A stage completed with a sitting area capable of accommodating 50 people is to be present as part of the appeasement efforts.

25-50 CSD personnel (depending on their availability) are to be sent to RPC-966-A/B's containment chamber on a daily basis to participate in their shows. Prior, no less than 5 CSD personnel are to be readied to volunteer in the show at the moment's notice. Should a chosen satellite CSD personnel refuse participation, disciplinary action is to be carried out.

Should an appropriately sized audience not be provided, RPC-966-A/B will attempt to leave the Facility. In the event of containment protocol failure, negotiation is to be firstly implored. Should all negotiation attempts fail, both instances of RPC-966 can be temporarily incapacitated if enough damage is dealt to their structure. Blunt force is preferred, as it results in fewer pieces for transport. After incapacitation, the resulting pieces are to be moved back into the containment chamber. If the incapacitation method was used it is recommended to increase the quantity of CSD personnel during the subsequent shows.

Description: Designation RPC-966 refers to a pair of 1.8-meter tall humanoid statues capable of locomotion made out of wood, papier-mâché, and steel wires. Both instances of RPC-966 possess comically oversized heads and abdomens lacking any internal organs. Photographies taken during the few instances that RPC-966-A/B have exposed the insides of their heads show that they are partially made out of the old Die Presse1 newspapers as well as other Austrian printings from the 1870s to 1880s that make up the layers of papier-mâché. RPC-966-A/B are dressed in clothing made from different shades of linen and possess painted-on facial details with additional red coloring around the cheeks created using oil paints. Although unable to vocalize, they often express themselves through exaggerated body movements similar to the art form of mime and have been shown to understand a wide range of Germanic languages. Although similar in both shape and design, RPC-966-A/B can be told apart by the minor differences in appearance.

RPC-966-A RPC-966-B
RPC-966-A has a brown Chevron mustache pattern painted onto its head. It wears a scarlet-red tailcoat and brown trousers topped with a black tophat. RPC-966-B has a grey Mutton chops beard pattern painted onto its head. It wears an emerald-green overcoat and brown trousers topped with a gray bowler hat.

While the outside appearance of both RPC-966-A and RPC-966-B is widely consistent, the insides of their heads were recorded to assume many forms. Those include: hollow papier-mâché shells, rotating brass gearing with neither a power source nor apparent purpose, velvet-lined cases of various instruments, a mechanical hand capable of playing brass instruments, and a smaller instance of RPC-966-A/B's heads, akin to Matryoshka dolls.2

Due to their anomalous nature, European origin, and the group's previous involvement in other art-related anomalies, it has been suspected that the creation of RPC-966-A/B is the work of the Academy of True Art.

Although the extent of the ability of RPC-966-A/B is unknown, they have displayed a high degree of matter manipulation alongside the aforementioned regenerative properties. If some parts of their bodies are not within proximity of RPC-966-A/B during the regeneration process, they will become inert. As such, it is vital for all pieces of both instances to be present within the containment chamber after incapacitation.

Currently, it is considered impossible to form a complete archive of their every anomalous property, as both instances of RPC-966 conjure effects randomly rather than according to any comprehensive ruleset. Whether through a desire or limitation, neither has shown to be capable of causing mass destruction, with all explosions recorded being minute in their radius and power.

Both instances of RPC-966 are concerned with nothing more than constantly attempting to outperform one another and therefore have not yet been noted to pursue higher goals. Based on the observations, however, it is considered impossible for RPC-966-A to outperform RPC-966-B and vice versa. Neither will admit defeat nor declare themselves to be the victor. After an arbitrary number of performances, both instances of RPC-966 will proceed to physically attack each other. It must be noted that during these confrontations neither uses any of the abilities at their disposal and turn to scuffle. Upon the brawl between RPC-966-A and RPC-966-B concluding, the limbs of two are usually seen partaking in the handshake after their disemboweled bodies pull each other off the stage, beginning the regenerative process.

Momentarily, RPC-966-A/B are willingly staying in their designated containment chamber through the appeasement efforts of the Containment Division. It is theorized that they attempt to relocate if the audience is insufficient due to their fondness for having engaged spectators. Should RPC-966-A/B find themselves in a place devoid of human life, both will cease to display their competitive behavioral patterns until the nearest human gathering is located and reached.

Discovery: RPC-966-A/B was initially encountered by the Authority personnel on ██/09/1892 in the city of ██████, Austria. After numerous noise complaints from the local abandoned theatre followed by reports of 2 missing individuals, MST Lima-19 was dispatched to the location. They were able to extract RPC-966-A/B without the use of force, with both instances willingly following the MST members. The missing individuals, aged 7 and 9, were successfully returned to their parents after proper amnesticization.

When studying the habits of RPC-966-A/B, the subjects likely followed the team members due to their transport having 6 personnel on board. From the fact that both instances of RPC-966 conjured minor anomalous properties while in transit, it can be deduced that the onboard crew was simply considered to be a larger audience. - Dr. Young

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