Accessed File: RPC-963




Doctor Seidman woke up in a cold sweat to the hot air circling him. A nightmare, he thought, the only logical explanation for what he just envisioned. He had sufficient training against cognitohazards and memetics so he knew whatever he saw wasn't one of those foul beasts. But what did he see? A strange figure, no doubt, but what it had said to him, why did it say those things. He knew no one would believe him when they heard his tale as he was known for having these extravagant dreams, he had to draw what he saw. Doctor Seidman went to his study and began to depict his dream.

It was no dream, boy. A voice came from the back of his study. Chills and terror ran through the Doctor as he had never experienced before. Seidman pleaded for safety, offering all his possessions in return for the chance at life in the event this was a robbery. There is no need for this, but you must heed my warning. He couldn't move. He was frozen in time like a deer in headlights. Millions of thoughts raced through his mind, was he making it out alive, what warning was this thing talking about, am I still dreaming. Doctor Seidman built up the courage to turn around and look, but what he saw impaled his mind and sent pure terror through him. It was the figure from his dream. No need for you to fear me, listen, and write…doctor. Doctor Seidman dropped his pencils, took out his Authority issued computer, and began to listen.

I do not come from the lands you recognize, or the times you know. I have never been here, and I have always watched. I do not possess any of these fangled terms you label these beasts from the depths. I am real…for now. The doctor kept writing. He couldn't stop. He wanted to make an entry into the database about this but didn't know how, or what to even put in. He knew nothing about this figure, yet he felt everything it had to offer.

The world has succumbed to the tribulation five times before. We are in the midst of the sixth which is why I have arrived to you. I was sent here by the great one to warn the world of the coming end. Do not fear it…yet. You have secured the great ones portal in The Barren Land of Rus and as such, he is contained…for now. I have chosen you as the next of us. Each tribulation requires a new chosen one, and my time is coming to its closure. You must warn your people. You must warn your organization. You must warn your world… the great one loves an audience.

The figure vanished in time for Seidman to finish writing. He knew what must be done.


RPC-963-1, as drawn by Doctor Seidman after initial confrontaion.


Registered Phenomena Code: 963

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Automatic Authority internet scanners are to be in effect 24/7 scanning all means of information transfer for any mention of protocol 'DANTES', RPC-963, or RPC-616. Any and all information surrounding RPC-963 is to be considered extremely hostile and maximum suppression protocol 'DANTES' is to go into effect. In the event of a breach of information surrounding anything related to RPC-963, a complete sweep and administration of Class-V Amenestics is necessary to the individuals or information sites involved with the spread of information. Only Level-4 or above researchers who place in the 95th or higher percentile on the Shreggs Memetic Resistance Test are allowed to view any information surrounding RPC-963 and the complete knowledge of all topics relating to RPC-963 are reserved for currently acting Global Directors.

Any occurrence of the spontaneous appearance of RPC-963-1 are to be immediately documented and alerted to the current Head Researcher. Any attempts to converse with RPC-963-1 are explicitly prohibited and will be met with full reprimandation to all parties involved if reported. As RPC-963-1 provides beneficial knowledge to the Authority, Level-4 Researchers and Global Directors may freely converse with it and seek information on tactics to contain RPC-616 and slow the progress of an omega class-"End of Tribulation" event.

Description: RPC-963 is an info-hazardous entity on the topic of RPC-616 and any related information. Upon the sharing of RPC-963, all involved parties begin to believe the notion that the [DATA EXPUNGED] is coming and "the world will end in fire and brimstone." Once an individual reads and understands RPC-963 they begin to exhibit suicidal tendencies which lead to them carving cultist runes and committing suicide through the means of hanging. All individuals reported having expired this way have been uniform in the runes carved to the notes found under them. All the notes acquired depict a horned being to which they want to join in "eternal screaming".

A secondary effect arises upon the processing of information containing RPC-963. One individual out of all the individuals who viewed RPC-963 is chosen presumably by RPC-963-1 as "the chosen one". Upon designation as "the chosen one", said individual is met by RPC-963-1 and described in detail the possibility of a mass extinction if said containment precautions for RPC-616 are not performed. RPC-963-1 then orders for "the chosen one" to express the necessary precautions to the rest of its species in attempts to sway the acting authority to establish said protocols. Upon establishment of said protocols, RPC-963-1 cannot be summoned or drawn out from RPC-963 as it is hypothesized the main goal of RPC-963-1 is to establish contact with the next major species involved with the next mass extinction event.

RPC-963-1 is a humanoid figure seen wearing traditional samurai garb with the skull of a Bos taurus1 with curved horns on the top similar to many Satanic descriptions. RPC-963-1 also carries around a Dombra2 however, it is unknown whether it can play the instrument. RPC-963-1 appears to individuals affected by RPC-963 and warns them of an upcoming apocalyptic event brought upon by "the great one". It is currently unknown whether RPC-963-1 is tangible and thus it is unknown whether it is hostile to its environment.

Before every mass extinction, RPC-963-1 appeared to a single organism in the form of the major species of the time. It is unknown how intraspecies communication was achieved, or how the infohazard was transcribed to achieve its primary effect; however, RPC-963-1's descriptions provided for concrete evidence to suggest the occurance of communication between RPC-963-1 and said single organisms which it calls "the chosen one". The following forms and said contacted species are listed below:

Mass Extinction Event Major Species RPC-963-1 Form
Ordovician–Silurian Extinction Anthopoda Trilobita Trilobite
Late Devonian Extinction Elpistostegalia Lobe-finned Fish
Permian–Triassic extinction Nautilidae Nautilus
Triassic–Jurassic extinction Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx3
Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction Panthera spelaea Cave Lion

It is assumed that the present RPC-963-1 takes the form of a humanoid species with the head of a Bos taurus due to humans being the dominant species currently and the domesticated cattle contributing to the main cause of an increase in global temperatures possibly leading to many catastrophic events.

Discovery: RPC-963 and subsequently RPC-963-1 came to Authority whereabouts on October 29th, ████ when Authority internet sweeper Dr. Seidman detected severe into-hazardous levels on a dark-web site primarily used to spread information concerning catastrophic and religious topics. (See Addendum 963-A for chat log concerning RPC-963.) It is currently unknown how said user knew information surrounding RPC-616, and preventative measures concerning additional spread were enacted and Class-A experimental transweb amnestics were administered to all users.

RPC-963-1 came to Dr. Seidman and the Authority the night following RPC-963 detection to which the entire knowledge surrounding RPC-963 originated. Through communication with RPC-963-1, additional knowledge surrounding RPC-616 has been uncovered leading to stronger containment protocols and an increased knowledge surrounding the memetic effect RPC-616 possesses. Although the knowledge RPC-963-1 seems to possess surrounding RPC-616 is vast, the origins of it are still unknown to both the Authority and the figure. The ambiguity surrounding RPC-616 has led Authority personnel to debate the reclassification of both RPC-963 and RPC-616 to Omega-black; however, the new classification is currently stalled until new information on both anomalous entities is brought to light.

Addendum-963-A: Chat Log's Concerning RPC-963 on Day of Discovery:
Note: Infohazardous material has been purposely redacted

<00:27> User [Apoc431] has joined the chat.
<00:59> User [_XxX616XxX_] has joined the chat.
<01:04> _XxX616XxX_: You ever heard of the hell hole?
<01:18> Apoc431: Isn't that some bullshit the commies have?
<01:22> _XxX616XxX_: No, it isn't some bullshit. It's this crazy lava hole up north in Russia thats making these people either kill themselves or run head first into it.
<01:25> Apoc431: So, I'm nowhere near that shit. What's this got to do with me?
<01:26> _XxX616XxX_: When the day comes, He'll show you what it has to do with you. He'll show everyone.
<01:30> Apoc431: What the hell are you talking about. Who's He?
<01:31> _XxX616XxX_: He…He is the great one of course. He is above all and when the time comes…all will revealed.
<01:33> Apoc431: Alright, I guess. Is this some sort of cult or satanic shit?
<01:35> _XxX616XxX_: No, this is above those petty ideas. This is more. This is more than the rest of us. This is the greatest that shall ever be and that ever was. Do not be afraid child, all will be revealed. All will be [DATA REDACTED] Do you see now?
<01:39> Yes. I see now what the true path is. All must follow him. All must [DATA REDACTED] ALL WILL SCREAM
<01:41> User [Apoc431] has left the chat.
<01:41> User [_XxX616XxX_] has left the chat.

Note: Chat log was terminanted when Authority internet sweep Dr. Seidman detected increased infohazardous levels. Class-A experimental transweb amnestics were administered to all participants.

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