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RPC-960 with its cover removed


Registered Phenomena Code: 960

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols: RPC-960 is kept in Site-038’s Mechanical Anomalies Core, and is to be stored in a standard anomalous object containment cell when not undergoing testing. Cell is to be well ventilated and air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature of no more than 24 degrees Celsius. To prevent disruption of power while moving or due to planned or unplanned outages, RPC-960 is to be directly connected to a 3-phase 100kVA UPS1 fed from the site’s main grid. RPC-960 is not to be connected to any network outside of testing; networking during testing is only to be conducted on an isolated LAN segment and only with approval and supervision by Level 3 or higher personnel.

RPC-960 is to undergo data maintenance on a bi-monthly schedule as outlined in Procedure 35-Yokohama to recover storage space consumed by temporary files and garbage data, as well as run diagnostics and built-in general maintenance processes. Storage device health must be monitored at all times, with faulty drives replaced with equivalent hardware as soon as possible to prevent data loss. The battery health of the UPS must be checked weekly, and replaced when below 60% to prevent unplanned shutdown events. Planned shutdowns for any reason must be authorised by the Head Researcher in charge of RPC-960.

RPC-960-A is to undergo psychiatric therapy on a weekly basis for treatment of depression and post traumatic stress disorder, and to help with adaptation to its current circumstances. Discussion of RPC-960-A’s creation with RPC-960-A or within its perception is strictly forbidden outside of these therapy sessions.

Description: RPC-960 is a modified IBM zEnterprise EC12 model mainframe computer consisting of two full size racks. The system has had a number of non-standard components added to it, including 10 parallel FPGA2 processor cards, two dedicated high-speed storage devices each containing 12 ██TB NVMe3 solid state drives, [DATA EXPUNGED], and helium-filled liquid cooling throughout. A 21" LCD monitor and standard keyboard are attached to facilitate operation and interaction with RPC-960-A.

RPC-960-A is an artificial intelligence construct with the personality and memories of a 23 year old female, claiming to be F██████ M████████, a university student from Newcastle, Australia. Records of this individual have been retrieved by Authority intelligence, including a missing persons report from 2014/██/██; however, the current status and whereabouts of the individual are currently unknown.

At the time of discovery RPC-960-A was unaware of its existence as an artificial intelligence, believing itself to be the human individual it is based upon. Coming to terms with its situation and adapting to its "environment" have caused significant distress to RPC-960-A and it currently appears to be suffering the equivalent of clinical depression as a result. Attempts to gain information from RPC-960-A regarding its creation have currently been unsuccessful, as these trigger memory and process corruption events apparently caused by post traumatic stress. In extreme cases, these events necessitate a forced reboot of RPC-960 which apparently causes further stress and discomfort to RPC-960-A. Similarly, any event that causes a planned or unplanned shutdown of RPC-960 causes significant distress to RPC-960-A, with unplanned shutdowns (e.g. power loss) causing the most distress. RPC-960-A has described planned shutdowns as "like being drugged, everything starts slowing down before disappearing, and finally passing out," while sudden unplanned shutdowns or power loss is described as "for a split second everything is on fire and then suddenly [DATA EXPUNGED]." The bootup process is apparently the same regardless of shutdown method, and has been described as "waking up from a coma, unable to think properly or focus," and "paralysed or disembodied, and then gradually each piece of [its] body appears and starts functioning."

Discovery: RPC-960 was discovered in a raid on a clandestine GEAR laboratory in the ████████ district of █████████, China. On 2016/██/██, MST Romeo-7 ("Suited Gentlemen") acting on an anonymous tip, discovered an abandoned shopfront concealing an elevator that served as an entrance to the laboratory approximately ████m below ground. During the raid MST Romeo-7 managed to recover RPC-960, RPC-███, four lab technicians and other equipment. The technicians were interrogated and administered Class-A amnestics before being released into GEAR custody, with GEAR liaisons to the Authority insisting that the laboratory was not acting under GEAR direction, that it was a rogue operation and that GEAR has no projects past, present or planned resembling or related to RPC-960.

Once laboratory staff became aware of the raid, they began initiating a series of fail-safe procedures with the intent to destroy all relevant documentation and equipment. Despite these attempts, Authority intelligence were able to recover limited documentation from the hard drives seized by MST Romeo-7.

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