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Registered Phenomena Code: 954

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated, Grouped, Sapient, Mechanical, Geological, Extra-terrestrial, Extra-dimensional, Destabilization, Info-Hazard


A structure from RPC-954 manifesting within our reality, as seen from Site-019.

Containment Protocols: Due to the status of RPC-954 as equally existing within a parallel reality and our own, full containment is impossible. However, the location of RPC-954-1 has made it such that large scale containment efforts are not required. As RPC-954-1 is located within 500m of Site-019, constant monitoring of RPC-954-1 from Site-019 has been established and is to be maintained at all times. In the event that an unknown individual or vehicle exits RPC-954-1, personnel are to be mobilized to capture the entity.

While RPC-954 is technically a manifestation of RPC-955 and by extension, a manifestation of RPC-956, its properties and the nature of its existence are completely different from that of both RPC-955 and RPC-956. Access to RPC-954 requires that the person entering RPC-954-1 is operating an industrial vehicle and has a legitimate fear of a nuclear holocaust. Individuals that access RPC-954 through RPC-954-1 will enter RPC-954 within the vehicle that they entered RPC-954-1 in.

If an individual is not operating an industrial vehicle, but who have consumed large amounts of tonally dark science fiction media, enters RPC-954-1 they will access RPC-955. When an individual that is not afraid of a nuclear holocaust, and is in a state of intense exhaustion, emotional detachment, or apathy, enters RPC-954-1 they will access RPC-956. If an individual that accesses RPC-956 through RPC-954-1 was operating a vehicle when they entered RPC-954-1, it will not manifest within RPC-956 and remain within RPC-954-1 until retrieved. If an individual does not meet any of the aforementioned conditions when entering RPC-954-1, then no anomalous effect will occur.

Description: RPC-954 is the designation of an alternate reality accessible in an 18km2 area of the lunar surface that has been designated as RPC-954-1. RPC-954-1 itself is almost completely indistinguishable from the rest of the lunar surface, with no notable features or geology when compared to the rest of the lunar surface. Examination of RPC-954 using a large variety of tests, including the use of an AECR, has revealed that RPC-954 has an ACS of 3.

When an individual accesses RPC-954, they will be able to perceive and interact with all contents of RPC-954 within the area of RPC-954-1 in the RPC-954 reality. Individuals outside of RPC-954 are capable of perceiving and interacting with subjects that have been within RPC-954 for less than 18 hours without issue but are unable to perceive or interact with objects or subjects that have been within RPC-954 for any longer.

Subjects and objects that have been within RPC-954 for less than 36 hours can exit RPC-954 by leaving the area of RPC-954-1. Due to the nature of these subjects have been known to be relocated during their exiting of RPC-954. For example: if a subject exits RPC-954 in a place where an individual outside of RPC-954-1 is standing, then the exiting subject will exit RPC-954 at a random point along RPC-954-1's perimeter. Additionally, if an individual within RPC-954 exits the vehicle that they used to enter RPC-954, they will be ejected from RPC-954 at a random point along RPC-954-1's perimeter.

RPC-954 itself appears extremely similar to conceptual lunar mining operations, with various automated mining vehicles being seen across the RPC-954 lunar surface. Exploration of RPC-954 has revealed that various industrial buildings and structures are present within the area of RPC-954-1. These structures have been known to occasionally appear within our home reality without warning, but have proven to be completely harmless while within our reality.


Image of a device within RPC-954, taken during an expedition. Note that the Nucorp logo is clearly visible on the panel facing the camera.

Examination of the structures and vehicles present within RPC-954 have revealed that the Nucorp logo can be found on all equipment in RPC-954. Additionally, the examination of documents within the various structures of RPC-954 has revealed that the entirety of all machinery and industrial equipment within RPC-954 was brought to the moon by Nucorp. Please see addendum.1 for documents recovered from RPC-954.

Subjects that have reported observing the Earth while within RPC-954 have stated that the Earth appears to be in a state of ruin. Various craters, centered on the locations of major population centers in our world, are prominently visible on its surface. Additionally, observation of the RPC-954 Earth during the night has failed to show any signs of advanced human civilization anywhere on the planet.

All of the mining equipment in RPC-954 is completely automated and is capable of repairing itself without human intervention. Observations of the automated machinery within RPC-954 determining that it's sapient. The machinery within RPC-954 commonly using this sapience to increase the efficiency in which they are able to mine materials and manufacture more mining equipment. This sapience has also been observed within the factories and refineries within RPC-954. The automated equipment seems unable to acknowledge the existence of any entities that enter RPC-954. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown.

Because of this, all the factories, refineries, and mining equipment within RPC-954 have formed a simplistic religious society. This society revolves around the worship of humanity, which they refer to as "the creator race". And as a result of this worship, the society of machines in RPC-954 constantly seek to expand their operations with the goal of retaking Earth, which they refer to as the "Mother Planet".

Addendum: Recovered Documents

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