neutralized.png Secondary Class:

Registered Phenomenon Code: 951

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Secondary Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-auditory.png Auditory h-memory-alteration.png Memory Alteration

Containment Protocols: Stillcreek is evacuated and is currently under Authority control. No unauthorized individuals are to be allowed on the premises. A record of RPC-951 is to be kept for archival purposes. If it is needed, individuals exposed to amnestic procedures may be sent to Stillcreek and exposed to RPC-951 until they regain the desired memory.


KOTA radio station in Stillcreek, Texas, circa 1943

Description: RPC-951 refers to an anomalous radio signal broadcast from KOTA radio station in Stillcreek, Texas. Individuals who hear RPC-951 regularly will begin to undergo a transformation. First, aging in the individual slows, then stops completely. Then, after approximately a week of regular listening, they will begin to regress in age at an exaggerated rate, hereby referred to as "de-aging". The rate at which a subject de-ages will always be higher than the rate at which the subject ages.

Subjects also report progressively regaining memories lost - the rate at which this process happens is faster than the regression of physical age, with subjects recalling memories far earlier than they would have remembered at their regressed ages. The rate at which RPC-951 affects an individual is directly proportional to how close that individual comes to the source of RPC-951.1

When an individual has de-aged to the state of infancy, the process will continue, with the individual regressing to a fetus, then a cluster of stem cells, and finally a pair of sperm and egg cells. Individuals who have listened to RPC-951 enough to remember their whole life will begin to "remember" life before existence, uncovering "memories" prior to their birth. This process often causes ego death and the death of the self within subjects affected.

If the individual stops listening to RPC-951 regularly, they will, in a matter of seconds, progress their physical forms to their state prior to listening to RPC-951, losing any memories that could be gained.

Currently, RPC-951 is limited to the town of Stillcreek, Texas, and thus poses no great threat as long as the town is kept defunct.2

Discovery: RPC-951 was first discovered after reports reversed aging in Stillcreek in conjunction with an urban myth about a radio show that can reverse aging appearing in the towns around Stillcreek. At this point, around one and a half years had passed since RPC-951 began to broadcast from KOTA. Authority agent James Salerno was dispatched to investigate on █/██/199█. Salerno was placed undercover into the community as a police officer.

Further interviews revealed similar patterns. Approximately a third of the town and most of its elderly population actively listened to KOTA. Inspection of government documents revealed that KOTA station was currently owned by Phillip Acker, a stock trader who recently returned to Stillcreek. Acker, as the host of RPC-951, will hereby be referred to as RPC-951-A.

Test Proposal
Date: █/█/199█
Proposer: Agent James Salerno
Purpose: To test and confirm the effects of KOTA broadcasts.
Proposal: Agent Salerno is to injure himself noticeably, and then continually listen to broadcasts of the Stillcreek . If the wound heals, the theory of temporal regeneration will be more viable, and the broadcasts will hereby be designated RPC-951.

Test Result Report
Date: █/█/199█
Writer: Agent James Salerno
Result: After 1 day of exposure to KOTA broadcasts, wounds have been fully healed. This confirms the anomalous nature of the KOTA broadcasts. I propose that the KOTA broadcasts are to be designated RPC-951.

Following confirmation of anomalous properties, the town of Stillcreek was evacuated under the pretense "chemical leak" and current containment procedures were put in place. MST Charlie-9 "Countryside Hypocrites" was dispatched to Stillcreek after evacuation to investigate.

Following the operation, 2 personnel assigned to the mission are reported deceased.

Further attempts at blocking the transmission of RPC-951 have also failed - current procedure appears to be the only way to minimize damages.

Addendum 951.7: Recovered materials

  • 345 USD, mint condition.
  • Acker's passport and birth cirtificate, mint condition.
  • An image of Acker's family, badly damaged.
  • An image of Acker with his wife, Lilian ████, dated to 1951. It seems to be an important occasion, as Acker is wearing a tuxedo and ████ is wearing a purple dress. "'51, Don't forget!" is written in sharpie in the bottom left corner.
  • A collection of books, most prominently by Marcel Proust.
  • A collection of classic "50s rock" CDs, likely played during the show. 5 of them are broken.
  • Acker's personal journal, in very poor condition. A large portion of it has been rendered unreadable due to an infestation of various pests. A transcript of the journal can be found below.
  • Acker's corpse, anomalously resistant to decay. Incinerated and buried in Stillcreek cemetery.6

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