The Venus Assimilation




Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: N/A. Multi-Site Operation

Director of Research: Dr. Edward Hander

Assigned MST(s): X-Ray-6 (Annullifiers), Alpha-6 (Quiet Facts), Alpha-7 (Space Secrets), and Alpha-8 (Void Hunters)

Director of Containment: [DATA EXPUNGED]


Registered Phenomena Code: 950

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Extra-Terrestrial Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: Collaborations efforts between NASA, the USOC’s1 OESA2, and the Iron Initiative3 are to be held in order to ensure the continued monitoring of RPC-950. MST X-Ray-6 (Annullifiers), MST Alpha-6 (Quiet Facts), MST Alpha-7 (Space Secrets), and MST Alpha-8 (Void Hunters) are to monitor both civilian organizations and organizations not involved in the monitoring of RPC-950 for any data relating to the anomaly. Any data collected about RPC-950 or the area around RPC-950 by organizations not involved in monitoring RPC-950 are to be confiscated and deleted.

Future missions to Venus, both manned and unmanned, should be diverted away from the area where RPC-950 is located. Any object made to monitor RPC-950 orbiting Venus is to be armed with type I kinetic weaponry.

Description: RPC-950 is a large amorphous biomass located on the surface of Venus above a 30x40 meter wide crater situated 100 meters south of the Artemis Chasma. The entity measures 50 meters in length and 30 meters in height. The main mass of the entity levitates 20 meters above the surface of the crater. RPC-950 constantly sways above the crater allowing for viewing of RPC-950-A and RPC-950-B. Various organic tube-like appendages fall from the entity into the crater were RPC-950-A and RPC-950-B are located.

RPC-950-A is an extension of RPC-950 that creates a series of webs attached to the walls of the crater. Ensnarled in these webs are various humanoid and non-humanoid entities. These entities, designated RPC-950-γ, are believed to have not been created by RPC-950. It is hypothesized that RPC-950-γ instances were once the former extraterrestrial organisms native to the planet before being assimilated by RPC-950. A majority of the RPC-950-γ instances appear to be in the process of being assimilated by RPC-950 via RPC-950-A. RPC-950-A secretes a red viscous liquid of unknown composition, which falls to the bottom of the crater. The crater currently contains 1,000,000 (fluid) oz of liquid RPC-950 organic material.

RPC-950-B instances are 50 long tentacles extending from RPC-950-A. These tentacles serve as RPC-950’s defense. RPC-950-B instances have been observed measuring 20 meters in length. RPC-950-B have been observed to move at speeds of 340 m/sec.

Discovery: RPC-950 was first discovered by NASA’s Mariner 2 on 08/29/1962. NASA’s administrator reported their findings to both OESA and the Authority. A meeting ensued between the administrator of NASA, a representative of OESA, and GD-ANTC on the subject of RPC-950. The conclusion of the meeting resulted in a deal where OESA and the Authority will work together in concealing the existence of RPC-950 from the public. On 11/14/1965, the Soviet Spacecraft, “Venera 2” spotted RPC-950. The Iron Initiative of the Soviet Union contacted the Authority for aid in maintaining normalcy and concealing RPC-950's existence.

Additional: Interview Log-950-A

Addendum: On 02/09/1967, a joint Authority/Iron Initiative team was created to manufacture a satellite to study RPC-950 from Venus’ orbit. The satellite was dubbed Archer-1. On June 12th, 1967, Archer-1 was launched on the same rocket carrying Venera 3. On July 29th, 1967, Archer-1 arrived at Venus. Archer-1 was only capable of viewing RPC-950 for 30 minutes due to the speed it was traveling around the planet.

On 02/25/1967, Archer-1 spotted several cylinder like structures protruding from the top portion of RPC-950. These structures were hypothesized to be growing at a rate of one meter per 16 hours. The cylindrical structure appear to be developing a hole in the top portion of the cylindrical structure.

Incident-950-001: On 02/29/1967, a large objected exited from one of the cylindrical structures in RPC-950. The object left Venus’ atmosphere and impacted with Archer-1. Exterior cameras on Archer-1 captured an organic mass making contact with Archer-1 and slowly expanding upon its surface. A long cord extending from the back of the mass appeared to be connected to RPC-950. The cord began to pull Archer-1 toward the surface of Venus toward RPC-950. All contact with Archer-1 was lost once the mass that made contact with Archer-1 covered the entirety of its surface.

Additional: Interview-950-B

Addendum: On ██/██/1968, a joint Authority/OESA team created a satellite similar to Archer-1, dubbed Archer-2. Archer-2 was armed with kinetic weaponry. Along with the help of NASA, Archer-2 was launched on 03/18/1969 and arrived at RPC-950 location on ██/██/1969.

Incident-950-002: Unbenounced to the Authority, OESA, and NASA. An unknown fourth party managed to load an undocumented satellite onto the rocket carrying Archer-2. Once the undocumented satellite arrived to the location of it began to bombard RPC-950 with kinetic weaponry. The order was given for Archer-2 to engage the undocumented satellite. It took five (5) hours to terminate the undocumented satellite.

Addendum: 30% of RPC-950’s biomass was destroyed by the fourth party’s satellite. After the incident with the undocumented satellite, RPC-950 began to rapidly heal up loss biomass. Thermal activity was detected from the crater below RPC-950.

Addendum: On ██/██/1969, the entity managed to fully heal itself and began to create the same cylindrical structure as seen during the Archer-1 mission. Archer-2 was ordered to precisely fire its kinetic weapons to destroy the structures.

Incident-950-003: On ██/██/1969, RPC-950 began using three (3) instances of RPC-950-B to pick up large rocks from the surface of the planet and began throwing them at the Archer-2 satellite. Archer-2 attempted to defend itself, but ran out of projectiles. Archer-2 was destroyed by RPC-950.

Addendum: On ██/██/1970, various radio transmissions began to emanate from the surface of Venus. The transmission were found to originate from the same location of RPC-950 and was theorized to come from the entity itself. The transmission contained a message in an extraterrestrial language. Using supercomputers located in Iron Initiative’s Facility-000, the Iron Initiative along with the help of Authority researchers managed to translate the transmission.

Addendum: Future plans to monitor RPC-950 is under consideration. Planning on Archer-3 with the collaboration of OESA are currently being considered.

Additional: Blue Book File
On ██/██/████, an agent embedded within the Agency of Interest known as “Project Blue Book” sent data to Authority Site-001 regarding a mission conducted by Project Blue Book studying RPC-950. Project Blue Book had managed to land a probe into the crater below RPC-950. The probe managed to get ensnared with RPC-950. One of the cameras on the drone managed to record footage from inside the crater. The following is a transcript of the video captured by the probe:

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