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Registered Phenomena Code: 948

Object Class: Neutralized Alpha-Black (Utility)

Hazard Types: Pending Review

Containment Protocols: Due to the sensitive nature of RPC-948, duplicates of RPC-948 (designated as RPC-948-A to RPC-948-E RPC-948-D) are to be created and stored within the following installations; Site-002, Site-007, Site-014, Site-016, and Site-042. Access to these select-locations' containment are to be restricted to personnel below Level 5 clearance.

Additional authentication may be required to be approved by the installation's respective Regional Site.

For security reasons, the current whereabouts of RPC-948 is to be only disclosable to personnel under a need-to-know basis. Unauthorized personnel who discover RPC-948 are to be promptly questioned, and amnesticised as per protocol.

Mobile Specialized Team Lima-5 ("Terras Irradient") is to be established as per basis of Protocol Backwatch. Selection process of MST Lima-5 is to be considered under the oversight approval of the Office of Ethics and Review. On yearly basis, a designee within Lima-5 is to be selected and permanently designated as RPC-948-2 to utilize RPC-948 in the event of the activation of Protocol Backwatch.

Selection process for a designated RPC-948-2 are to be approved by the Directorate. In addition, Further process is to be approved unanimously by all incumbent Regional Directors.

In accordance to Protocol Backwatch, selected personnel that are cleared are to undergo rigorous background checks, and monitored at all times. In the event that RPC-948-2 has expired, RPC-948-2 is to be immediately replaced at the discretion of the Director of the Office of Ethics and Review or a staff with Level 5 clearance.


Fig. 948-1: RPC-948

Description: RPC-948 is a silver-plated pocket watch that was originally invented by Peter Heinlein. While its unclear when RPC-948 first manifested, it's speculated that Peter Heinlein developed RPC-948's properties by smelting some metals from Christopher Columbus's compass, used in his maiden voyage to the Americas in the late 1490s. It has not been determined why this material choice has resulted in anomalous properties.

RPC-948-2 refers to the user of RPC-948, who has the capability to utilize its anomalous properties.

Closer inspections revealed that the caseback of RPC-948 contains small drops of red fluid and iron, biologists have determined it to be human blood cells. However, this fluid alters in every occurrence when an RPC-948-2 instance expires. As a result the fluid fluctuates into dust particles until the manifestation of an RPC-948-2.

Previous experiments with test subjects who've been instructed to fracture RPC-948, whether the use of tools or by hand, subjects report to feel unwell and enounce a quote by Christopher Columbus in Latin. After continuous repeats of this phrase, the subject's anatomy degrades within seconds this causes their tissue and skin to pare, including their biological structure.

Within a 2-5 second period, the biological structure and anatomy of the subject disintegrates into dust particles, but does not appear to include the skeletal structure. Their clothes and skeletal mass remain intact while RPC-948 remains clutched within their hands.

According to Latin translators, the quote repeated by subjects translates as; Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

The button within the pendulum cannot be activated by any other subjects aside from RPC-948-2. However, forceful activation of RPC-948 revealed that the minute-hand increases the current time to 5 minutes. While this does not cause any changes to the subject, this does however have an impact on RPC-948-2, whom ages to 5 years. It is to be noted that continuous, forceful activation of RPC-948 will cause the subject to age as well, excluding RPC-948-2.

When RPC-948-2 winds the hour-hand in reverse at a full 360° degrees, RPC-948-2 will be sent back 24 hours prior. Not winding it to the full degrees will not cause time to reverse, and will instead affix itself back to the 12 o'clock hand. It is unknown what occurs afterwords, but according to a written testimony from a previous instance; RPC-948-2 will retain their memories and loose possession of RPC-948, which will be relocated to where it was last placed 24 hours prior.

While not under the influence of RPC-948, RPC-948-2 is unable to disclose sensitive information for 24 hours. In doing so will cause RPC-948to manifest and influence RPC-948-2 and regress their conscious. A separate consciousness develops and will attempt to terminate those who've been divulged.

If for some reason that RPC-948-2 expires prior to their attempts to undo the alterations to the timeline, RPC-948 will manifest once more and influence one or more subjects, designated as RPC-948-3, that have been divulged by RPC-948-2 to undo the alterations.

It's currently unclear to as how many times has RPC-948 been used as per accordance to Protocol Backwatch, recorded cases of which have been expunged by the Office of Information Records and Security. This includes details of events that have been altered, albeit in some cases they've not been recorded due to unspecified reasons.

Addendum 948.01: Discovery

Addendum 948.02: Protocol Backwatch

Addendum 948.03: Incident ██/██/████

Addendum 948.04: Deactivation of MST Lima-5

On ██/██/████, the Authority Registry Oversight (ARO) voted to dissolve Lima-5 at the behest of GD-██, and ordered all of its resources reassigned to other departments within the Protection Division. The Commissioner of the ARO signed off the resolution with the approval from all Global Directors.

Addendum 948.05: Anomalous Reactivation

On March 6, ████, the Directorate redesignated RPC-948 as active. Various sections outlined in the Board Resolution were redacted as instructed by GD-██. A memorandum sent by GD-██ to Harpocrates, the Director of OIRS, detailing instructions to begin expungement of RPC-948's file.

See Attachment 948.05.2 for further details.

Addendum 948.06: Administrative Eyes Only, Level 5-948

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