Registered Phenomena Code: 945

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Biological Hazard, Organic Hazard


An instance of RPC-945, shortly after regurgitating several kilograms of RPC-945-1.

Containment Protocols: One RPC-945 is to be kept in a standard Beta-class anomalous entity containment cell. Only one instance of RPC-945 is to be contained at any given time, and any additional instances are to be neutralized. All RPC-945-1 instances shed by the entity are to be incinerated. Any personnel caught having eaten the meat are to be euthanized.

Two kilograms of RPC-945-1 are to be kept in the Site-002 biohazard facilities in a standard Class-3 Consumption Hazard container for testing.

Description: RPC-945 are anomalous organisms that physically resemble Gallus gallus domesticus, otherwise known as a domestic chicken. RPC-945 instances possess no organs except for a basic digestive tract, skin, bones,1 and a nervous system.

All instances of RPC-945 display extreme malnourishment in their appearance and behavior, as they are frequently observed searching their surroundings for food and water. RPC-945 species will seek out human attention whenever possible in an attempt to coerce them to provide sustenance by pecking and clucking at them.

Upon gaining an amount of muscle and fat typical of that of a healthy chicken, RPC-945 will regurgitate meat, fat, feathers, semen2, and traces of their bones into clumps of edible material resembling chicken meat usually distributed by "fast-food" restaurants. RPC-945 will not attempt to consume the meat, instead attempting to forcefully feed it to other organisms. The meat (hereby referred to as RPC-945-1) appears to be genetically and chemically identical to chicken meat frequently sold by the █████████ fast-food restaurant chain. RPC-945-1 has been reported to have a "disgusting", "crumbly", "moldy", and/or "dry" flavor.

Within 2-3 hours of the consumption of RPC-945-1, a large growth resembling a chicken beak will sprout from a seemingly random part of the body of the victim along with two feathers. Additional growths along with feathers will begin to grow from the skin of the subject, and after 8-10 days the entirety of the skin will be completely covered in the growths and feathers. The subject will suffer severely impeded movement, but the growths are largely benign.

Approximately 9-12 days after consumption of RPC-945-1, the subject will undergo further physical change. The size of their mouth will increase by roughly 550%, and an unidentified organ resembling ovaries will replace the teeth of the subject. The subject's limbs and neck muscles will undergo severe atrophy, effectively paralyzing the subject. Assuming the subject is still alive, the "ovaries" will produce fully-grown instances of RPC-945 which leave the subject through the mouth.

Currently, it is believed approx. ██ instances of RPC-945 are uncontained in Southern California.

Discovery Log 3/10/199█:

Foreword: ASF Rapid Response Team Echo-3 ("The Eagle Has Landed") was deployed in ██████, California, to investigate numerous reports of a starving chicken roaming the local forests that followed hikers and pecked at them. Each member of Echo-3 was armed with a shotgun, a flashlight, a two-way pager, a net, a helmet camera, and basic rations.

Echo-3 approaches RPC-945's suspected location, a large alcove underneath a cliffside. An instance of RPC-945 on top of the cliff is visible to Agents Scott, Smith, and Lewis.

Agent Lewis, whispering: Okay everyone, there it is. We just have to sneak up behind it, throw that net over it, and call the Authority and let them know-

As Echo-3 approaches RPC-945, numerous writhing entities were made visible due to their new perspective. Later genetic analysis would reveal the bodies to be lost civilians who had consumed RPC-945-1.

Agent Lewis: Oh… Oh, wow. Wasn't expecting that. We still need to find the entity, though.

Agent Smith: Lewis, it's up there!

Agent Smith points upwards at the top of the cliffside. Echo-3 had inadvertently revealed themselves to RPC-945. It along with approximately thirty other instances of RPC-945 approached Echo-3, clucking and pecking. The rest of the members of Echo-3 had arrived at the same position as Agents Scott, Smith, and Lewis.

Agent Scott: Lewis, deploy your net. There's more of them than we expected, so we'll need to hold off as many as w-

Several engorged RPC-945 instances suddenly jumped on top of Agent Scott, incapacitating him. Two of them coordinated to pry off his helmet and mask and held his mouth open and then proceeded to regurgitate. Echo-3 started firing the shotguns at all RPC-945 instances except for one that was extremely thin. Agent Scott was hit in the crossfire, killing him.

The remaining RPC-945 instance was captured by Echo-3 and sent to Site-002. All entities affected by RPC-945-1 were analyzed for genetic information, then neutralized.

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