RPC-941 “Free Rang'n Hennies Flavor" package logo (Translated)


Registered Phenomena Code: 941

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-radiation.png Radiation h-toxic.png Toxic h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression h-sensory.png Sensory

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-941 are to be stored in a designated storage room at Site-092, with flavors stored alphabetically and separately from each other within the room. Level 3 or higher clearance is required to access RPC-941. Hazardous flavors are to be stored as an individual packet in a locked crate in the same unit.

Taste-testing of RPC-941 instances must be confirmed by Site Management depending on the flavor of Ramen. Level 4 Protection personnel must be posted at RPC-941-1’s drop-off point in order to retrieve any new deliveries of RPC-941.

After the RPC-941-Nazi's Escape Plan taste test incident, Site Director Matsumoto of Site-092 decided that if any future instances prove to be hazardous or life-threatening, all hazardous flavors are to be incinerated, except for one example packet, while all safe or minimally harmful flavors will be left in containment for future studies.

All previous Containment Protocols for RPC-941-1 have proved unsuccessful. Every attempt to contain RPC-941-1 ends with it driving through the containment walls or fencing taking no visible damage. Previous containment attempts have been detailed below:

- RPC-941-1 is contained in a 20m x 30m electrified fence topped with Barbed wire across the top.
- RPC-941-1 is contained in a 20m x 30m concrete fencing with a reinforced steel gate.
- RPC-941-1 is to be contained in the sub-basement of Site-092 with concrete, ██████████, and an armed squad of ASF Personnel surrounding it at all times.

Description: RPC-941 instances are an assortment of ramen noodle soup packets, each measuring approximately 13cm x 18cm x 3cm and weighing 85 grams. Each packet depicts a stylized Japanese chef dressed in hibachi1 attire holding a bowl of ramen, with Japanese text reading Takeshi's Every Flavor Ramen across the bowl. Packets vary in color and design depending on the flavor of the contents, which are depicted in the bowl. RPC-941 instances have so far only been discovered as wrapped 12-packs or single packets marked for individual sale.

The backside of each packet lists standard ingredients for the preparation of ramen, excluding unique brand flavoring. RPC-941 packets are found only in boxes of 12 instances, or individually. Investigation into the location of the listed manufacturer, Takeshi Inc., is ongoing but has yet to produce any results. Personnel familiar with the phenomenon have posited that Takeshi Inc. may be located in a pocket dimension, a parallel universe, or even possibly the distant future.

RPC-941 instances have many different usual or unusual flavors. While some will remain consistent with its described flavor, outliers exist which produce flavors that will have a physical or mental reaction to the human body once consumed.

Beginning soon after the first confiscation of RPC-941, a windowless delivery truck (designated RPC-941-1) has arrived at Site-092 every six months to deliver RPC-941 packets. Each delivery so far has consisted of 30 crates, each holding 26 wrapped 12 packs of RPC-941.

RPC-941-1 closely resembles a 1983-1986 Mitsubishi Fuso cabover box truck, with no windows or windshield in the driver's cab. Painted on each side of the box is the logo for Takeshi's Every Flavor Ramen, with no flavor listed on the bowl.
RPC-941-1 has proven to be difficult to contain ever since its first appearance and has been determined to be highly resistant to conventional damage, if not indestructible. During one delivery window, MST personnel were able to attach four "boot" style immobilization devices to the wheels of RPC-941-1, and used an industrial crane to lift RPC-941-1 into a 10 x 10 x 6 meter concrete chamber. After several attempts to escape the immobilization devices, RPC-941-1 ceased all activity for a period of 4 hours. During that time, personnel used backscatter X-Ray equipment to determine the identity of the driver of RPC-941-1. It was discovered that the cab of the vehicle was filled with machinery, leading to the conclusion that RPC-941-1 is most likely remote controlled. At the end of the event, RPC-941-1 teleported 27 miles outside of Site-092, leaving all four immobilization devices behind, locked and undamaged. Cameras inside of RPC-941-1’s containment cell failed at the time of RPC-941-1’s teleportation.

RPC-941-1 unloads itself by backing up to the site loading bay and pushing the contents of the truck box out with the back wall of the box. The sounds associated with this process imply the mechanism is hydraulic in nature, and the entire process takes approximately five minutes from start to finish.

Site Director Matsumoto has ordered that RPC-941-1 is to be allowed to continue making deliveries to Site-092, as there have been no evidence of deliveries made to other, non-secure locations.

Discovery: RPC-941 packets were first discovered on July 14th, 1983 in a ██████-███ convenience store in ███████, Tokyo, Japan. Reports emerged of bizarre symptoms and even fatalities attributed to the ramen brand. The Authority stepped in when a house fire was connected to the brand, sending in MST-Delta-1 to confiscate the stock and amnestize the store's staff and customers who had bought the brand.

Addendum: During RPC-941-1’s delivery of Constructor's Mud Flavored Ramen, security secretly slipped a tracking device under RPC-941-1’s rear bumper so as to find out where RPC-941-1’s headquarters are located. After RPC-941-1’s departure, security tracked RPC-941-1’s movements until the signal disappeared 50 miles outside the facility.

On 11-11-2011 at approximately 11:11 p.m., the tracker appeared again and showed RPC-941-1 heading back to Site-092 with another delivery. The packages were all black with white lettering labeled “RPC-███ Flavor”. Lvl.04 personnel took action and ordered all RPC-███ flavored ramen packages to be incinerated as soon as possible. Request accepted immediately by GD-██.

Incident Report RPC-941-1-A:
After careful consideration, Site Director Matsumoto accepted the request made by Dr. Peng to infiltrate a CSD into RPC-941-1 to find out where Takeshi Inc. is located. On 4-23-2012, RPC-941-1 arrived at Site-092 with the delivery of toxic waste flavored ramen. Upon arrival, security quickly snuck CSD-18230 into RPC-941-1 and waited for its departure to begin the investigation. CSD-18230 was equipped with a small flashlight, a long-distance radio, a notepad, and a pencil.

Six months later, RPC-941-1 reappeared with a delivery of "Snitch Flavor" ramen packets. On the packages, it shows what seemed to be a rear view of CSD-18230 running away from an unidentified entity. On the bottom of the package, there is a very fine print reading ナイストライ3.
The contents of the packet consist of noodles woven from the fabric of a standard CSD uniform, a broth base made of human bone marrow, and a dried meat paste that tests positive for the DNA of CSD-18230. Site Director Matsumoto later decided that no live subjects are to be put inside of RPC-941-1 from now on.

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