Der Mechanisiert Übermensch


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Registered Phenomena Code: 940

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Secondary Class: Utility

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-sapient.png Sapient h-explosive.png Explosive h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-organic.png Organic


Fig. 1.0: RPC-940 prior to being transferred into its current body.

Containment Protocols: RPC-940 is to be contained in a reinforced humanoid containment cell at Site-074. RPC-940's bio-gel1 and internal battery water cells are to be replaced and refilled on a weekly basis. Additionally, an industrial 120V outlet connected to a diesel generator with the express purpose of charging RPC-940 is to be provided. All personnel who wish to interview or visit RPC-940 must have said visitation approved by at least two personnel with level 3 clearance or higher. Any request made by RPC-940 is to be reviewed by at least one member of RPC-940 Containment staff with 4C clearance.

RPC-940's various armaments are to be modified in such a way that they are unable to fire. A remote mechanism is to be attached to RPC-940's internal brain compartment with the sole purpose of sedating the entity via the injection of 1mg of Midazolam into the compartment's bio-gel.

In light of Incident 940-43, RPC-940 is now considered to be a limited member of the protection division and given Class-0 affiliation clearance. As such, it is to be allowed limited access to other parts of Site-074, provided such access is related to security matters and is supervised by at least 3 ASF personnel equipped with EMP weaponry.

Description: RPC-940 is a 3.1-meter tall cybernetic entity developed by the GARD2 during the later years of World War II. The entity is of a humanoid build, with a large, multi-lens reinforced camera serving as its head. Despite being similar to an image orthicon camera, the design lacks an electron gun. Instead, a single braided cable leading all the way to RPC-940's cerebrum can be found. RPC-940 has claimed that it can see in low-light and can even utilize thermal imaging. The method of which it achieves this is not currently understood. The rest of the entity's head is protected by what appears to be an enlarged M1940 Stahlhelm.3 The object's chassis is adorned with a variety of NSDAP4 and GARD iconography. The most notable of these is the Reichsadler5 above RPC-940's believed designation code, DF-Rommel-03 on the upper right side of the frame.

The surgically altered and reanimated brain of German general Erwin Rommel6 is stored within the center of RPC-940 and serves as the main control center for the entity. Rommel's personality, memories, and beliefs have mainly been kept intact. However, certain areas of the brain have been modified in order to integrate the mind more thoroughly into RPC-940. The brain is enclosed in an elaborate wire harness. The harness acts as both housing for the various wires, cables, and mechanisms in the brain, but also helps deliver the oxygenated bio-gel to the organ. Sections of Broca's area have been removed and attached to a heavily modified Voder7 device. Large portions of the thalamus and hypothalamus have been removed, and bio-gel pumps have added in their place. The wire that is attached to RPC-940's camera runs through several portions of the visual cortex. Tissue samples taken from the brain have shown that a bio-organic compound comprised of carbon and [REDACTED] are present throughout the organ. The substance appears to act as a preservative and is believed to attribute the organ's longevity. Details regarding the creation of RPC-940 can be found in Addendum 940-2.

RPC-940 is equipped with several firearms, including one (1) heavily modified Flammenwerfer 35,8 two (2) mounted MG42s, one (1) grenade launcher, four (4) fixed defensive grenade arrays, and even one (1) 75mm howitzer. RPC-940's power center, bio-gel filtration system, and water cells, as well as most of its ammunition, is located on the back of the entity. The primary components of the entity are protected by steel plating of various thicknesses 0.5cm on none vital sections and up to 12cm on the back and front. Alongside the steel plating, the vital areas are protected by a series of Faraday cages. Due to the thickness of RPC-940's steel plating and its vast armament, the entity weighs approximately 11 tonnes. Despite its weight, the entity is still able to move at speeds up to 50km/h.

It appears that RPC-940 has retained much of its military talents it had in its former life, and as such, is an extremely efficient combatant. The only reliable way found to disable the entity are high-voltage EMP grenades, which temporarily stun the entity for a short period of time. RPC-940 is capable of operating when entirely depleted of energy. However, this appears to cause RPC-940 great pain and eventually results in violent and rapid mood swings.

Despite the high threat level RPC-940 poses, the entity does not appear to be hostile to Authority personnel. RPC-940 is capable of speech via its Voder device and has been extremely cooperative and benevolent to date. It is evident that RPC-940 was not on good terms with GARD, and is willing to work with the Authority given its current situation.

Addendum 940-1 Discovery and Acquisition: Operation Rattrap, Tolhuin, Argentina 19██.


Fig. 2.0: Storage Depot used as a front by GARD forces. Photo taken by MST reconnaissance teams.

RPC-940 was discovered during a joint operation between the Authority and the FOA.9 An uncovered GARD storage depot in Tolhuin, Argentina was raided by both MST Delta-42 (Jungle Rats), Sierra-06 (War Criminals), and FOA VOSK0210 forces. GARD security held their defensive positions, and both the FOA VOSK02 and MST forces sustained heavy casualties. However, the GARD forces were defeated after several hours, and the depot was successfully captured.

Inside the depot, the joint teams found several anomalies and SS officials unaccounted-for by the UNAAC11 commission. Among the anomalies found was RPC-940. It had remained motionless throughout the raid, refusing to assist the GARD security forces. After a brief discussion between FOA representatives and the Global Directors, they agreed the anomaly fell under the RAVAAF agreement, and RPC-940 was relocated to Site-074. Under the RAVAAF (RPC Authority Volunteer Army for the Allied Forces) agreement all anomalous assets belonging to the NSDAP and GARD following the conclusion of the Second World War are the responsibility of the RPCA.

Addendum 940-02 Recovered GOI-011 Files: FOA forces recovered several documents pertaining to RPC-940 alongside its discovery. Most of the records about the entity had been destroyed by the remaining GARD researchers during the raid. The surviving documents were turned over to the Authority alongside RPC-940. The following files have been translated from German. Proper titles have been left in their German form.

Incident 940-43: On June 14, 20██, GARD forces raided Site-074. Protection division heads currently believe the attack was carried out in an attempt to reacquire RPC-███, RPC-███, and RPC-940. To achieve this, GARD agents unleashed several Beta and Gamma class entities from their containment. GARD forces then released RPC-940 and attempted to escape. RPC-940 proceeded to quickly rearm itself and attacked the invading GARD forces, which seemed to startle the GARD forces considerably. In addition, RPC-940 actively coordinated with ASF personnel in an effort to fight off the GARD raid. RPC-940 played a crucial role in the defense of Site-074, as well as the re-containment of several gamma level anomalies that would have otherwise cost ASF personnel significant time and manpower to re-contain. With the use of both its significant firepower and tactical knowledge, RPC-940 was successfully able to hold back GARD forces until MST reinforcements could arrive. The Authority suffered approximately ██ casualties due to the raid, but was able to push the GARD forces back and hold the facility. This was due in no small part to the efforts of RPC-940.

It should be noted that RPC-940 displayed behavior extremely uncommon for it. Throughout the raid, RPC-940 could be best described as "energetic." It appeared extremely active during the attack, exhibiting high levels of emotional output.

The following is an excerpt of a recording taken via an ASF body cam. The recording is somewhat difficult to comprehend due to the gunfire in the background, but RPC-940 can clearly be heard. This recording is of particular interest to the Authority, as it shows that the more de-vitalized sections or RPC-940's brain can be re-vitalized during a combat situation.

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