Registered Phenomena Code: 936

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types: Ideological hazard


Crab Depiction in RPC-936-P

Containment Protocols: At least one ACI agent is to regularly observe each identified instance of RPC-936. Any notable incidents involving an instance of RPC-936 will be reported to all Level-4 or higher personnel available.

RPC personnel are forbidden from entering any instance of RPC-936. If a staff member is seen at one, they will be thoroughly questioned, and possibly penalized.

Description: RPC-936 is believed to consist of different seafood restaurants located throughout the United States, primarily concentrated in New England and southern California. All of the identified establishments' wine/beverage offerings contain an unidentifiable chemical agent that causes those who consume it to become highly supportive of authoritative structures, more submissable in their temperament and very opposed to the idea of conspiracy theories.

The 16 indentified establishments seem to be independently run, and all claim to have no affiliation. Despite this, every instance of RPC-936 shares several key traits:

  • All establishments have a crab focused name (Examples include: Crabby Jake's, Let it Snow-Crabs, Delicious Decapods)
  • All establishments have some depiction of a crab on the edge of the dining area. This can range from a mural, a mosaic, to a statue of a crab. These depictions will usually have some sort of script written on or around the crab, and the crab is almost always seen with one of its claws extended towards something.
  • Every establishment centers its alcohol offerings around their large wine rack, focusing on Riesling wines.

RPC-936 came to Authority attention after MST Agent M████ purchased one of their wines. Agent M████ was notably abrasive towards his superiors, but had become markedly reserved after consumption. After investigating Instance 936-A, the Authority noticed that there was an unidentifiable chemical agent in the wine that presumably lead to this personality switch. Despite this, all staff claimed to be unaware of any tampering and all bottles were seemingly untouched. A search of one of RPC-936-A's delivery truck revealed that prior to arriving to RPC-936 the wine lacked this chemical agent. It is still unknown what the chemical agent present in RPC-936 beverages is or how it ends up inside the beverages.

Authority webcrawlers investigating RPC-████ noticed that there were numerous urban legends involving restaurants similar to each other and RPC-936. Namely, there was a rumour that by giving the bartender certain code-phrases you could order a special wine, called "La Fin de la Banalité". Drinking the entire bottle within 24 hours would provide you with a message from "████ ███". While the Authority ignored this rumour for the most part, these other locations were investigated, and make up a majority of identified instances.

Addendum: On █/██/200█ Agent R███ J████ went against orders and entered RPC-936-M and attempted to order "La Fin de la Banalité." The following conversation was recorded as a result.

Agent J████: Hey Barkeep, do ya mind if I get some extra cocktail napkins? Just make sure not to get any dirty ones, haha.

L███ B████: Of course sir, here you are.

Agent J████: Thank you, I hope you don't mind me rambling for a bit, just want to spin a yarn, you know?

L███ B████: Of course sir, that's fine.

Agent J████: It's just ridiculous, all this shit they're having me do these days, watching folks do their jobs all day. It feels like the downfall of man is getting closer and closer…

L███ B████: Of course sir, it sure is crazy out there.

Agent J████: but eh, I should probably shut up. I'm sure you get enough people complaining about their problems, saying shit like 'Woe comes to those who truly care!' right?

L███ remains silent

Agent J████: And hell you probably get all sorts of amateur philosophers spouting crap like 'if this is the answer then what is the question?'

L███ remains silent

Agent J████: Either way, I think its a load of bullcrap. No deep thought, just spouting rubbish like 'The smallest flame can create the largest inferno.'

L███ B████: Oh, uh yes sir. The smallest spark?

Agent J████: O-Oh yes! The smallest spark can create the largest inferno… heard that the other day of course, but its been a busy week.

L███ B████: Of course sir, oh and before you go? I believe you ordered this.

B████ hands Agent J████ a bottle labeled "La Fin de la Banalite"

Agent J████: Thanks. Have a good night.

After Agent J████ left the vicinity of RPC-936-M, he returned to his hotel room for the night. No suspicious activity was recorded on his microphone; however by the next morning, he was found dead in his hotel room. The autopsy record showed that he had overdosed on alcohol after drinking La Fin de la Banalité and seven bottles of pimento dram which were found in his room. There are no records of him purchasing or ordering any dram beforehand. Additionally, an X-ray scan showed that there was a large piece of paper still inside the undigested alcohol in Agent J████'s stomach. After removing it from Agent J████'s body, the plant was able to transcribe what was still legible on the note:

M___ing a_ _he hole __ th_ _all, 7__ PM ne__ __turday. Fo__ & Bev_____ _ill be prov____.

Below this was a completely undamaged Authority logo and the address of Site-███. An investigation is ongoing for how this information was leaked and how Agent J████ was identified. While he was assisting the plant, the housekeeping at agent L██'s hotel seemingly put the note in their laundry on accident, destroying almost all of the note. After returning it to the agent, all that remained was the Authority logo, surrounded by the letters "ΩI".

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