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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-927

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types: Transmutation (?), Extra-Terrestrial, Titanic

Containment Protocols: There is currently no need to obscure RPC-927's existence given the absence of an astronomical community inclined to investigate it. Should such a group exist, they will be pursued and amnesticized by a local detachment of MST Alpha-3 ("Scavengers").

At the time of writing, the existence of phenomena similar to RPC-927 in different locations is being investigated.


Telescope photograph of Corvus and Crater.

Description: RPC-927 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting the city of Piriápolis, Maldonado, Uruguay. Its effective area is around 4000km2, overlapping with the outskirts of nearby localities.

When any individual expires inside the aforementioned area, one celestial object1 will be discovered less than 24 hours after in the southern celestial hemisphere. The celestial objects in question are located in an area delimited by the constellations Corvus, Crater and Hydra.2 Such objects are collectively designated RPC-927-01.

Although the existence of RPC-927-01 is verifiable outside of the area of the anomaly (I.e. via gravitational influence on nearby objects), they can only be seen by residents of the city of Piriápolis and its immediacies.

They are brighter than what their composition or distance from Earth would normally suggest and are always visible at night, with the exception of extraordinary meteorological circumstances.

RPC-927-01 instances are temporary. After an undefined period of time since manifestation (between 48 hours and 60 days), they cease being visible. At the time of writing, it is unclear whether they are suddenly displaced out of the aforementioned area between Corvus, Crater and Hydra, stop being luminescent above normal, or disappear entirely.

Their luminosity is proportional to several factors exemplified below:

  • Satisfaction of personal prospects of the individual linked to the appearance of the instance
  • Stability of direct family and/or friend circle of the individual
  • Strength of the interpersonal link between the above described groups and the individual
  • Ability for the members of such groups to observe the night sky and directly see the RPC-927-01 instance linked to the individual3

Furthermore, the luminosity of RPC-927-01 instances increases quantifiably if friends or family of the individual linked to its appearance observe it directly for a prolonged amount of time.

Addendum: The following note was discovered at the entry of ████ ██ ██████ 740, Piriápolis. Its contents appear to suggest an awareness of RPC-927.

The building in question had been vacated for three months prior to the death of its owner, who is associated with an extant RPC-927-01 instance. This instance has been noted to luminesce far more than expected, exceeding the brightness of nearby Rigel (β Orionis).

Investigations are ongoing.

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