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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-920

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-920 is to be contained on-site at Authority Outpost E-37 (formerly known as 'Ernie's Eat 'Til You Explode' buffet), which has been repurposed to act as the anomaly's containment and research hub. The room that RPC-920 resides in has been walled off so as to prevent accidental exposure to the anomaly. The room has been sealed by a 10x10x10- meter cube of steel and is outfitted with a door that can be used to access the entrance to RPC-920's containment chamber. The door to RPC-920's containment chamber may only be opened during necessary repairs by an individual with Level 3 clearance or higher.

Under no circumstances are any personnel to engage in direct visual contact with RPC-920. Observation is to be conducted solely through the use of security cameras. Should these cameras be damaged, they are to be repaired or replaced by either remotely-piloted drones. During maintenance to the room containing RPC-920, no staff are to be present in the building.

Should an individual become affected by RPC-920's anomalous properties, they are to be immediately placed inside RPC-920's containment room to avoid unnecessary damages to Authority property. Any behavior seen in an individual resembling exposure to RPC-920 must be reported to a nearby Authority site immediately.

Description: RPC-920 is a large mass of flesh, measuring approximately 3 meters in length, 4 meters in height, and 3 meters in width. Due to the anomalous properties of RPC-920, measurements of the anomaly's mass are difficult to obtain. Examining tissue samples extracted from RPC-920 suggests that the anomaly contains the biological tissues of Bos taurus, Sus Scrofa, Dama dama, Homo sapiens sapiens, and two unknown animal species. RPC-920 possesses one large orifice located in the center of its body. The orifice contains two rows of teeth, each approximately 0.5m in length. The teeth of RPC-920 are known to be extremely sharp, and the force of RPC-920's bite has been observed as strong enough to puncture a human skull. To date, no attempts to remove teeth from RPC-920 for study have been successful.

The primary anomalous properties of RPC-920 activate when an individual makes direct visual contact with any portion of the anomaly's body that is not detached from it.1 Indirect visual with the anomaly, such as on video recordings, do not trigger RPC-920's anomalous effects). Upon viewing RPC-920, an individual will experience a strong compulsion to 'feed' themselves to the anomaly. The initial exposure to RPC-920 will trigger a three-stage process, culminating in the individual attempting to enter RPC-920's orifice to be consumed.

During stage 1 of the process, the affected individual will begin to rapidly change their diet and exercise habits in order to gain or lose weight. According to individuals affected by RPC-920, this is done in order to attain a certain 'perfect weight' (estimated to be 125 kilograms) that is described as 'the perfect combination of muscle and fat' that RPC-920 prefers to consume. To attain this weight, the individual will attempt to rapidly alter their body mass, often through heavy overeating or exercise. In severe cases, individuals will resort to forced vomiting or undergoing liposuction in order to lose weight. Consumption of foods with large amounts of calories, fat, and sugars is common with individuals who would need to increase their body mass. Despite the unhealthy nature of these meals, individuals affected by RPC-920's anomalous properties do not appear to suffer any of the adverse effects of overconsumption of carbohydrates, sugar, or fat, aside from the increase in body mass. Shortly after the individual reaches the desired weight, they will cease all attempts to modify their body mass, and they will attempt to undergo the second stage of the process.

During the second stage of the process, an affected individual will begin to attempt to make themselves more 'appetizing' to RPC-920 through various means. The primary method used to achieve this varies from subject to subject, Authority testing and research has identified that the individual's personal tastes in food often dictate how they will attempt to present as appetizing to RPC-920. Many individuals will partake in at least one of the following methods to increase their edibility to RPC-920:

  • Attempting to injure themselves with mallets, hammers, or other similar objects in an effort to 'tenderize' their flesh for consumption.
  • Engaging in heavy tanning or burning of the skin to ensure their body is 'an appropriate temperature' for consumption.
  • Excessive application of substances designed to smooth and clean the skin (such as lotions or soaps) in order to project 'a delicious odor' for RPC-920.
  • Removal of excessive body hair and clothing to 'eliminate unwanted flavors' on the individual.
  • Coating themselves in substances that are commonly used as toppings or condiments (examples include barbecue sauce, ice cream sprinkles, and seasoning salt) to increase their edibility to RPC-920.

The final stage of the process is observed when the affected individual actively attempts to enter RPC-920's containment chamber for the purpose of gaining access to its orifice. Immediately after the individual enters the orifice of RPC-920, it will begin to ingest the individual using its teeth to tear apart their body. It has been noted that the movement of the organism's orifice is the only time any movement on the part of RPC-920 has been observed. After the consumption of an individual, RPC-920 vocalizes a loud growl and returns to its dormant state.

Discovery: RPC-920 was first discovered in the storage closet of Ernie's Eat 'Til You Explode buffet in Henderson, Nevada, after reports of disappearing customers and strange behavior near the restaurant reached the Authority. After investigation teams became affected by RPC-920's anomalous properties, the decision to seal the anomaly inside its current location was approved by Regional Command. To prevent any accidental exposure by Authority staff, only CSD personnel were involved with the construction of Outpost E-37, and were supervised remotely. During construction of RPC-920's current containment chamber, 27 individual CSD personnel became affected by the anomaly's abilities, and shortly after completion of construction, were escorted into the chamber to be ingested by RPC-920.

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