Registered Phenomena Code: 917

Object Class: Omega-Purple (Utility)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-climatological.png Climatological h-sapient.png Sapient h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: Maintenance of RPC-917's mechanical components is to be performed on a monthly basis in order to ensure proper functionality in the case of an uprising event1. RPC-917 is to be made known of any changes or discoveries regarding AR-017. Should any sector undergo an uprising event, RPC-917 is to be released to the area alongside stationed MST forces with the task to re-contain or terminate any anomalies.

Personnel with Level-2 clearance or higher are permitted to interact with RPC-917 but strictly prohibited from speaking of topics regarding modern-day geopolitics or economic politics, particularly those of the former eastern block, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the current state of Russia.

RPC-917 is self-sustaining and does not require external power sources to function, however, its mechanical components can become damaged or worn out with time. Should RPC-917 lose 80% or more of its system functionality during combat, the chest module is to be brought on the closest site and put into secure storage until such time that enough of RPC-917 has regenerated to allow manual repair. Typical recuperation cycles last for a period of 5 months.

Description: RPC-917 is a mechanical automaton measuring 8 meters in height (2 meters when buried under the ice during its inactive state) and approximately weighing 10 tons. Its most prominent feature is a Vladimir Lenin bust crudely attached in place of the now-lost original head module, which RPC-917 claims is now integrated into his body and design due to the anomalous influence RPC-917 used to repair its body. As a result of this fusion, RPC-917 believes itself to be Past Premier of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin and that the Soviet Union is still operating.


Photo of RPC-917 following its first known entrance into an inactive state.

This assimilation has caused RPC-917 to have divergent personalities as well as conflicting memories from both the life of Vladimir Lenin and the mechanical construct, although it appears that both parts are either incapable or unwilling to acknowledge these conflicts. According to RPC-917, this union began when a group of Soviet researchers sent to the Antarctic, by the Soviet Iron Initiative, found RPC-917 significantly damaged and frozen. While the soviet engineers found little success in their attempt to fix RPC-917, their efforts managed to kickstart RPC-917's self-repairing capabilities.

It is believed that, knowing of RPC-917's assimilation mechanisms, The Iron Initiative attempted to recruit RPC-917 by attaching a Lenin bust onto its now lost head module and making it believe it was Vladimir Lenin, this, however, did not last, as the soviet crew was killed during what is considered the second uprising event, which RPC-917 was successful in containing without suffering severe damage.

Aside from the aforementioned deep learning mechanisms, RPC-917 is equipped with:

  • 1 Star-shaped nuclear reactor, visible from the outside of RPC-917's chest, which is used to power all of its mechanisms. Despite the age of RPC-917, reactor appears to be in good "health", showing no standard signs of aging or lack of fuel. It is theorized that thanks to RPC-917's repairing mechanism, the reactor has become self sustaining.
  • 1 Self-repair system. The system is believed to be fueled by a mixture of stellar nucleosynthesis2 produced within RPC-917's core, with larger material gathered from the environment by small nano-bots inhabiting the body of RPC-917.3
  • 4 Missile launchers which are similar in design to M142 HIMARS US mobile missile launchers, despite predating their design by several centuries.
  • 2 Ionizing cannons. Cannons heating gases within a straight line toward the point of ionization through anomalous means, creating plasma.
  • 1 Laser cannon. This weapon comes hidden within RPC-917's right eye and can shoot beams up to a 1 trillon mW. It is believed to work with an array of mirrors inside RPC-917's head using power derived from its core.
  • 1 Detection radar, capable of localizing entities within a 100km radius.
  • 1 Device capable of controlling the temperature of the surrounding ████km area. This system appears to be responsible for maintaining much of AR-017's current frozen state.
  • 1 Device similar to the last one, capable of dispersing Gamma radiation within a 20m radius by redirecting energy from the core into vents all around RPC-917's body.
  • 1 Canister of gas-based incapacitating agent used by RPC-917 when attempting non-lethal re-containment.
  • 4 Highly advanced thrusters attached to all 4 of its limbs. These thrusters use energy derived from RPC-917's internal nuclear reactor, mixed with liquid hydrogen to propel up to 40 feet into the air.
  • 1 Audio device capable of broadcasting the State Anthem of the Soviet Union.
  • Several unknown anomalous devices for specific breach protocols.

When questioned about the nature or functioning of any of the anomalous or semi-anomalous technologies that comprise it, RPC-917 will inevitably give evasive answers, attributing any effects that defy physical laws or are internally inconsistent to "Communism" or "The Power of the Proletariat". Such factors include, but are not limited to, how the entity's radar systems can function through obstructions at ground level, how its reactors are cooled, and how it can limit the spread of its radioactive exhaust.

The way by which RPC-917 is able to create ammunition for this weaponry is also unknown, but it is theorized to be produced using a process similar to its regenerative mechanisms. The circumstances under which AR-017 was buried below the ice is believed to have been caused (or at the very least, jump-started) by RPC-917's temperature manipulating mechanisms.

Attempts to research RPC-917's weapons have proven unsuccessful as RPC-917 refuses to share the means by which it was made, due to a fear of it coming into the hands of "Dirty American spies".

Discovery Log:

On June 23rd, 2019 an unknown city was discovered beneath the Antarctic ice by a group of Authority researchers during a scientific expedition. The underground structure is believed to have been (mostly) undisturbed by outside influence for at least 5 millennia. Shortly after the discovery of the northeast section of the city (now referred to as AR-017-13) a number of smaller pockets of ice collapsed and became exposed to the surface, presumably due to the significant amount of Authority forces and heavy equipment being transported into the area.

Following one of the collapses, a group of 10 fish-like humanoids emerged from a hole created above the AR-17-13 sector and began to initiate close combat with the nearby Authority personnel.

5 minutes following the initial engagement, a large explosion was observed, originating from 10km south of the base.

Following this, a large mechanical construct, described by witnesses as "a big robot with Lenin's face" lept from the depths and landed amongst the humanoid entities, immediately dispatching them with a barrage of artillery fire.

After all instances were terminated, RPC-917 sat motionlessly and began broadcasting what appeared to be the Soviet anthem. As the anomaly did not move or indicate hostility to Authority personnel, initial analysis and classification began. An interview followed.

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