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Cover of RPC-916-3014.

Registered Phenomena Code: 916

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Temporal Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-916 instances are currently contained within permanent Alpha-Class storage containers at Site-016 or Site-0381. In the event that containment of all acquired RPC-916 instances is no longer feasible for any reason, destruction of RPC-916 instances is to be allowed after the instances are digitally scanned.

An Authority webcrawler has been created for the purposes of detecting any mentions of RPC-916 on internet forums and book sharing websites, and the anomalous scientific community is to be monitored for the construction of a device capable of controlled temporal displacement.

A false buy order on booksellers for a book matching the description of RPC-916 has been established and is to be regularly maintained. Retrievals of RPC-916 instances are to be considered one of the top priorities for personnel with involvement in chronological anomalies.

Any individual found in possession of RPC-916 is to be detained and questioned on the means of which RPC-916 was acquired. Individuals who originate from either the present or have displaced within a twenty (20) year period are to be amnesticized and released, while individuals with a chronological displacement of over twenty years are to be detained until methods of returning individuals to their original time periods are devised.

Description: RPC-916 is a book of varying size, language, and colour, titled "The Time Traveler's Handbook - The Definitive Guide to Not Fucking It Up" in whichever language RPC-916 is composed of. RPC-916 displays no special resistance to age-related wear and use or physical damage, and possesses no anomalous properties individually.

RPC-916 manifests whenever an individual, hereafter referred to as the subject, has been successfully displaced temporally, through any means, for the first time. As a result, possession of RPC-916 is considered to be a reliable assessment of whether an individual is or has been temporally displaced.

RPC-916 manifests near-instantaneously within three (3) meters2 of the subject after temporal displacement has been completed. RPC-916 will also not experience changes after chronological shifts3.

All RPC-916 instances are written in a casual tone through relatively simple words with the subject's native language and do not utilize technical terms.

RPC-916 also frequently diverges from the topic of temporal displacement, with certain instances possessing less than 10% useful information. The topics of which RPC-916 instances diverge into varies with each instance. See Addendum 916.1 for excerpts of RPC-916.

Furthermore, RPC-916 instances are proportioned to fit within whichever storage methods the subject may have on hand, ranging from pockets to suitcases. The dimensions of retrieved RPC-916 instances range from 52mm*74mm to 864mm*1118mm.

Additionally, all RPC-916 instances provide information related to the time period, such as appropriate clothing, currency, language, and geopolitical structure.

It is currently unknown whether RPC-916 is created instantaneously, or is merely produced in an unknown location and transported to the subject. Due to the nature of temporal anomalies, whether both scenarios have differences is currently debated.

RPC-916 lists the author as "Aurelia Agustalis" and a publishing year of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Moreover, all RPC-916 instances possess a number on the reference page, theorized to represent the sequence of what when the displacement occurred relative to other displacements.4

Discovery: RPC-916 was initially discovered on 08/11/1923 by Authority forces after the discovery of a temporally displaced individual in Munich, Germany. However, RPC-916 would be disregarded as a non-anomalous until the second discovery of a temporally displaced individual on 29/10/1929, where another instance of RPC-916 was retrieved.

38 instances of RPC-916 have been retrieved and documented since. It is estimated that there are currently 17,000 instances of RPC-916 in existence.

Addendum 916.1

The following are excerpts from certain RPC-916 instances, arranged according to the labelling number. All excerpts have been translated to English.

Please view the RPC-916 Extended Logs for further declassified and translated manifestations of RPC-916.

Addendum 916.2

On 29/06/83, an expedition into RPC-1948 resulted in the temporal displacement of Agent Paul Patrick by 15 seconds, during which an instance of RPC-916 was manifested.

The contents of the RPC-916 differed considerably from conventional RPC-916 instances, with a tone of formality and being addressed towards the Authority.

Attempts to replicate the phenomenon have been unsuccessful. A proposal for the formation of a division specializing in temporal anomalies was voted on 02/07/83, with a vote of [DATA EXPUNGED].

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