Clay Golems




Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-002

Director of Research: Dr. Yannis Hector

Assigned MST(s): Golf-915 "Golem Finders"

Director of Containment: Dr. Janet Terrance


Registered Phenomena Code: 915

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard (RPC-915-β-01)

Containment Protocols: RPC-915-α-03 is to be kept in a storage containment unit in Site-002. Two (2) armed personnel are to be stationed outside RPC-915-α-03 cell. Cameras inside the cell are to always be checked for maintenance. RPC-915-A instances created via RPC-915 are to be kept in testing chambers. Testing with RPC-915-A instances are to be fine by personnel with Level V clearance. RPC-915-A that are commanded to be hostile toward Authority personnel are to be terminated by armed Authority personnel.

Description: RPC-915 is a ritual of Abrahamic origins that allows for the creation of artificial animate humanoid constructs constructed of clay, designated RPC-915-A. The RPC-915 ritual requires a subject to mix clay with a mixture of human blood. The subject must proceed to construct a humanoid form out of the clay. Said humanoid form can be of any size. The subject will then mark the clay with the Hebrew word for life on the head of the clay humanoid. After this, the subject must pace around the construct 21 times while chanting kabbalistic material.

Once RPC-915 is completed successfully, the humanoid construct will be to animate. The clay that makes the humanoid construct, now designated RPC-915-A, will begin to transform into an unknown substance. Test conducted on the unknown substance show it to be 100% more durable than clay. RPC-915-A instances will begin to follow commands given by the subject or subjects who created the humanoid construct or assisted in the RPC-915 ritual.

The strength and speed of an RPC-915-A instance depends on the size of the humanoid construct during the RPC-915 ritual. RPC-915-A instances are capable of regenerating loss matter. When an RPC-915-A instance does this it will begin to lose mass. This is because the matter composing the entities will shift around the body to fill in the lost matter.

There is only two ways of neutralizing an RPC-915-A instance. A subject must destroy the portion head of the where the Hebrew word for life was placed during the RPC-915 ritual. Once an RPC-915-A instance is neutralized the unknown substance composing the entity will transform into clay. The second way of neutralizing an RPC-915-A entity is by terminating the subject who created the entity. Once the subject is terminated, the entity’s entire head will burst causing it to turn into clay.

Discovery: The first use of the RPC-915 ritual to create an RPC-915-A instance was used by Judah Loeh Ben Bazalel during the 16th century. Judah would outfit his RPC-915-A instance with various anomalous objects to defend Jewish communities from hostile threats. Authority historians have recently discovered certain text that describe Judah finding a book he dubbed the “Sefer Yetzirah1”. The Sefer Yetzirah, currently dubbed RPC-915-α-01, was hidden by Judah in the attic of the Prague synagogue until 1939.

On 05/12/1939, a squad of Nazi soldiers broke into the attic of the synagogue to discover a man surrounded by six (6) instances of RPC-915-A. The man commanded the entities to kill the squad. The RPC-915-A instances began to attack the squad killing twelve (12) before a unit belonging to the GoI known as GARD2 arrived on the scene. The GARD unit were able to neutralize the man who created the RPC-915-A instances, neutralizing all instances. The GARD unit recovered RPC-915-α-01 and kept it in storage until 1945 where it was stolen by PoI-432 “Samuel Thomas”. PoI-432 was working in conjunction with the Vatican recover the book. RPC-915-α-01 is currently in the hands of the Vatican. On 01/09/1950, an unknown member of the Vatican defected to the group known as “The Union” and immigrated to the United States of America. Before leaving the Vatican, the subject managed to make a copy of RPC-915-α-01, designated RPC-915-α-02, and gave it to The Union. The Union have used RPC-915-A instances as a multi role tool for various purposes.

Additional: RPC-915-α-03
On 08/21/1952, the Authority was allowed access to RPC-915-α-01 to create to create a copy, designated RPC-915-α-03, with permission from the Vatican.

Addendum: RPC-915-α-01 through RPC-915-α-03 are 20 x 20 cm leather bound books containing 120 pages. 50% of the books are written in an unknown language with the other half of the books being written in Hebrew. The unknown language is theorized to have cognitohazardous properties as personnel who have viewed the language have reported the words to begin to move around the page. The portion of the books that can be understood describes philosophical and alchemical concepts. The last 4 pages of the books contain the steps of the RPC-915 ritual and three other rituals that involve RPC-915-A instances.

Additional: RPC-915-A rituals

Addendum: On 09/07/1980, several members of "The Union" began to use thirty-six (36) instances of RPC-915-A in the RPC-915-β-03 ritual to combat several RPC-216 instances roaming the Everglades of Florida. MST Echo-3 “Bazuzu Slayers” were operating in the area to capture and exorcise the RPC-216 via the Rite of Exorcism until they observed the members performing the RPC-915-β-03 ritual. The MST used the GoI’s presence to neutralize RPC-216 presence in the area.

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