Registered Phenomena Code: 914

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-914 is to be locked from the public via a chain link fence with barbed wire, including 4 fence gateways. RPC personnel are to guard the perimeter in shifts. 8 outposts have been constructed around RPC-914 to facilitate guarding. The 4 entrances to RPC-914 are to be guarded at all times. Outpost B-2 is to be abandoned and locked from any personnel (See Exploration Log 914-3).

Description: RPC-914 is an anomalous area situated at ████████ County, South Dakota, U.S. RPC-914 consists of a 20km2 wide zone that occupies mostly farmland, though rural houses1 and a road have been located within RPC-914 (See Exploration Log 914-5). Individuals seeing subjects enter RPC-914 will report said subjects suddenly disappearing2. When a device that uses audio-visual recording is used inside RPC-914, it will malfunction and cut to static. After approx. 3 seconds, the device will display a an unknown Weather Report channel, named "████████ County Weather Service"3 (hereby called RPC-914-1). The set for RPC-914-1 is a yellow desk, a chair, and a yellow/white background including a screen, in which the current topic of RPC-914-1 is shown. Using non-audiovisual recording devices inside RPC-914 will result in them malfunctioning and breaking4.

RPC-914-1 possesses no unusual differences from non-anomalous weather report services, excluding the reports themselves. RPC-914-1 is narrated by a Caucasian male of middle age, going by the name "████████ ████████" (hereby called RPC-914-A). RPC-914-A will comment on the current situation of the subject carrying the affected recording device. Said subject will always be referred to as "The Weather" or "The Clouds" by RPC-914-A.

Exploration Logs:

Addendum 914-1: By order of Site Director Bruno ██████ and The Board, Exploration inside RPC-914 has been prohibited.

Addendum 914-2: Guards report humanoid figures inside Outpost B-2. Investigation of the Outpost has been denied.

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