The Crooked Man





Registered Phenomena Code: 913

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-emotional.png Emotional h-memory-alteration.png Memory Alteration h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-sensory.png Sensory h-animated.png Animated h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols 913-03: Documents regarding RPC-913 are to be considered highly sensitive and are to be classified to personnel with high cognitive hazardous resistance and 4C clearance. Personnel accessing RPC-913's file without the proper credentials are subject to immediate administrative action.1

RPC-913 is contained within an unfurnished heavily modified humanoid containment cell beneath Site-002. Sole access to RPC-913's cell is to be through an isolated 150m hallway with its entrance secured with a lead-lined magnetically sealed steel door. The door must be monitored by no less than two ASF personnel at all times. In the event that RPC-913 becomes active, both the cell and the adjacent hallway are to be illuminated to approx. 50,000 lux. Under no circumstance should any personnel come within 100 meters of RPC-913's containment cell.

Researchers assigned to RPC-913, ASF stationed outside of RPC-913's perimeter, and on-site MST Sierra-06 "War Criminals" personnel are to undergo weekly psychological and physical evaluations to check for memetic and cognitohazardous effects related to RPC-913. These effects include insomnia, Pseudobulbar affect2, loss of memory ranging from six hours to several weeks in length, extreme emotional distress, and an uncharacteristic rise in aggressive behavior. Personnel showing two or more of these symptoms are to be administered Class C amnestics and reassigned. Reassigned personnel are to remain under constant surveillance and monitored for up to six months after being exposed to RPC-913.

Attention! RPC-913 is an aggressive, cognitohazardous, and memetic entity. RPC-913's effects are both sensory and proximity based. RPC-913 has been observed altering the memories of those under its influence as well as altering their perception. Its knowledge of our minds is immense. It only wants one thing, to cause as much suffering as possible. If you think you or someone else are under the effects of RPC-913, seek immediate amnesticization.

Description: RPC-913 is a 3.5 meter tall and pale humanoid entity with grey featureless skin. RPC-913's body is comprised of various layers of preserved photo-sensitive skin over a rudimentary skeletal structure carved from carbonado3 stone. Due to the primitive carving of the stone structure, RPC-913 appears misshapen. Various runic symbols of unknown origin and meaning are carved into the bones throughout the entity's body. Presently, only one word has been deciphered from RPC-913's bones. On a sample recovered during RPC-913's containment, on the anterior side of the entity's right femur, the word Imhullu is inscribed in cuneiform.

RPC-913's body is covered by an opaque black substance comprised of [REDACTED] and various forms of carbon. This substance is photo and ergo kinetic in nature and appears to be RPC-913's primary form of defense from both physical attack and intense light. When damaged, RPC-913 has been observed spreading this substance over its wounds, causing them to heal at an accelerated rate. RPC-913 has even been able to expediently regenerate lost limbs in this manner [See Addendum 91303-07]. However, RPC-913 is unable to use this ability when subjected to intense light.

RPC-913's head is proportionally large for its body and swings loosely on its disjointed neck. Upon closer examination, researchers discovered that the entity's neck is broken along its C3-6 vertebrae. It is not currently known why this injury is not affected by RPC-913's regenerative abilities. RPC-913's head has five eyes spaced out, forming the points of a pentagram.

Each of RPC-913's eyes is stitched shut using the same opaque substance on its body as thread. Each eyelid has a symbol depicting various Abrahamic and Christian religions carved into it. RPC-913 has been observed tearing its eyelids apart prior to a Full Release event. A Full Release event is when RPC-913 opens all five of its eyes and attempts to consume its victims. Very little is currently known or understood about the nature of Full Release events.

The memetic and cognitohazardous effects associated with RPC-913 manifest in a variety of ways. Most notably, anything within a 75-100 meter radius of RPC-913 begins to show symptoms of the entity's control. These symptoms can take several days or weeks to fully manifest. However, symptoms have been shown to manifest in personnel exposed to RPC-913's radial proximity for several seconds. Videos and photos of the entity exhibit a similar effect to a lesser severity. Anyone exposed to RPC-913 during a Full Release event has exhibited symptoms of a severe nature or a complete loss of their conscious self. RPC-913 is able to control an indeterminate amount of individuals simultaneously.

Addendum 91302-13 Initial Contact and Containment:


VOSK02 moving towards RPC-913's location inside the Schwarzwald.

On May 7th, 20██ The Authority was contacted by GOI-FOA (Bundes Okkult Abteilung) after they had located an anomaly within German borders that was previously held by the GARD.4 Under the RAVAAF (RPC Authority Volunteer Army for the Allied Forces) agreement all anomalous assets belonging to the Nazis and GARD following the conclusion of the Second World War are the responsibility of the RPCA.

MST Sierra-06 "War Criminals" were dispatched and placed under VOSK02's5 command for this operation. Both teams were sent to the last known location of the entity, the southern portion of the Schwarzwald.6

Operation VOSK02 commander Hptm7 Krüger witnessed RPC-913 feeding on hikers and local civilians prior to his teams' arrival. He noted that while the entity lacks a mouth, it appeared to swallow two of its victims whole. In the aftermath of RPC-913's capture, all personnel directly exposed to RPC-913 began to show prolonged effects related to the entity.

Addendum 91303-07 Recovered Documents: FOA agents recovered several documents regarding RPC-913 prior to the end of WW2. These documents had remained in the FOA's custody under GARD related files until they were turned over to the Authority after RPC-913's capture. All files are translated from German.

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