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An instance of RPC-911 in a dormant state.


Registered Phenomena Code: 911

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Extreme Temperature Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Procedures: The five separate known instances of RPC-911 are to each be quarantined on-location at the sites of their discovery. Under no circumstances are any flammable objects allowed within outposts known to be safeguarding instances of RPC-911. Members of ASF Rapid Response Team “Rescue Rangers” are stationed at each location where an instance of RPC-911 is known to be located. At least two willing CSD personnel or on-site ASF must be present at the instance of RPC-911 at all times in case a Sorensen Event should occur.

Immediately after the beginning of a Sorensen Event, Authority staff at each site must turn off their respective instance of RPC-911 in order to neutralize that instance’s anomalous effects. Failure to partake in assisting in neutralizing a Sorensen Event can be grounds for immediate termination, at the discretion of the nearest Site Director.

Description: RPC-911 consists of a set of five fire alarms located throughout buildings in the United States, designated RPC-911-1 through RPC-911-5. Instances of RPC-911 are designed in a manner similar to that of typical fire alarms used in schools and offices, consisting of a small red box with a keyhole1 and a large white lever. On the top of the box, the words ‘FIRE ALARM’ are printed in white lettering, and the words ‘PULL DOWN’ are printed in red on the lever. No company or brand name has been found on any instance of RPC-911. Building owners and maintenance workers do not recall placing any fire alarms during the construction of the areas where instances are located.

At the time of reporting, there have been five instances of RPC-911 discovered in locations around the United States:

RPC-911’s anomalous properties activate at seemingly random periods of time-but during an activation period, every known instance of RPC-911 will activate at once. The collective activation of each instance of RPC-911 has been designated as a Sorensen Event.

During a Sorensen Event, each instance of RPC-911 will begin to emanate a sound very similar to the ringing of a typical fire alarm. If the handle on the fire alarm is not pulled within five seconds of the anomaly activating, all flammable objects within a radius of 3m will begin to spontaneously combust- this includes clothing, wooden furniture, and some flammable liquids (such as oil and alcohol). There seems to be no limit to the number of objects an instance of RPC-911 can combust, and the fire created by the combustion is able to spread to other flammable objects nearby even if the instance is turned off. For every ten seconds that the alarm continues to ring, the radius that RPC-911's anomalous effects can combust increases by approximately 30.5 meters. If left unchecked, according to Authority mathematicians, it would take approximately one hundred days for a single instance of RPC-911 to cover Earth's radius in its range- twenty if all instances were left active.

The only known way to halt a Sorensen Event is for each lever on an instance of RPC-911 to be pulled, thus canceling out the effects of the alarm. The instances will stop ringing and displaying their anomalous properties as soon as all five levers are pulled, after which they will become inactive. This is designated as the end of a Sorensen Event, and after the event has ended the anomaly will fall into a state of inaction before the next Sorensen Event occurs. These states of inaction have ranged from three days to six months in duration.

The first instance of RPC-911 was discovered in Broomfield, Colorado after a local corporation reported mass combustion of several pieces of office equipment and worker’s uniforms during what was believed to be a routine fire drill. After the alarm was turned off, Authority agents became aware of reports from the locations of the other known instances regarding similar incidents. These locations were quickly sealed off to the public and placed under Authority control.

Addendum: While there has been no reported incident of a new instance of RPC-911 appearing recently, Authority agents are instructed to be wary of any incident report regarding spontaneous combustion. The possibility of instances of RPC-911 manifesting in other countries has not been excluded.

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