Requiem For A Sextoy


Registered Phenomena Code: 904

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-contact.png Contact h-organic.png Organic h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: Business entities similar to GOI-904 or its parent company (the Kabushiki Kawaii) are to be monitored under the auspices of Yamakai Holding LLC, an Authority front organization which maintains cover as the proprietor of various video-sharing platforms. Internet forums known for distribution of illicit sexual services and violent pornography are to be monitored and censored if media including RPC-904 is leaked.

RPC-904 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell.

Description: RPC-904 is a sapient humanoid entity with a parachute-like, membranous dermis that stretches across the height of its body, standing from foot to head at 1.1m. The dermis is gangrenous and translucent in pigmentation. RPC-904's limbs consist of cartilaginous bone similar to pteromyini1, and may compress or contort at variable angles with ease. From its lower mandible hangs a mouth-like proboscis which acts as its phallus, and possesses a vas deferens analog. Stimulation of any kind from tensile interactions to its skin causes an influx of vitreous fluid into the organ, causing a series of muscles and arteries to swell. During these interactions, RPC-904 will convulse and its mass will bloat. Simultaneous to ejaculation from phallus, RPC-904 emits low groaning and sobbing vocalizations.

Gynecologists deduced that RPC-904 was a hermaphrodite, as the perforation on its forehead acts as a rudimentary vagina. Ingress into the orifice, using a tiny wireless camera, depicts pink fibrous walls that lead into the uterus.

If RPC-904's phallus inseminates its vagina, an RPC-904-1 instance will form. Over a period of several hours, fertilized eggs will push against RPC-904's cranium and throat as its mass increases, with later maturation of ~0.6m fetal instances capable of breaching into RPC-904's abdomen with its heads. After this duration, RPC-904 painfully unhinges its labia and expulses the RPC-904-1 instance, which appears as a near-identical copy of RPC-904, save for a wide range of severe birth defects. By contrast, insemination via a human subject will spawn an instance more akin to the subject.

Regardless of propagation, the death of instances triggers adrenal glands within RPC-904 to facilitate an adrenaline rush, which allows for RPC-904 to rend and amputate instances. Moreover, RPC-904 will scavenge for biological components RPC-904 lacks, such as nails, eyes, hair, cheekbone cartilage, or teeth. Thereupon, RPC-904 will use its semen as a form of glue to paste items onto itself.

Behavioral psychologists report that RPC-904 mimics the process of breathing solely as a reflection of its temperament; lungs are absent from the thoracic cavity. Researchers theorize that RPC-904 was created without 67% of baseline anatomical organs specifically to decrease the intrapartum death of offspring (designated RPC-904-1 instances).

RPC-904 is capable of rapid cellular regeneration when harmed. The process is similar to products released by GOI-9042 contained by the Authority as they were designed for clientele prone to anger or domestic violence.

Discovery: Japanese law enforcement investigating a series of unrelated serial kidnappings3 had found a subbasement below a pachinko parlor in the Gunma prefecture. Efforts to match paraphernalia victims had worn at the time with those discovered within the facility, organized in cabinets and lockers, were successful. On 1984/01/12, a warrant was issued and a raid was conducted on the premises. Upon descent into the subbasement, embedded agents discovered RPC-904 situated in a urine-soaked cardboard box. Layers of necrotic tissue and discarded viscera caked the surrounding linoleum floor tiles; forensics matched the residual detritus with the remains of 12 missing person reports.

Initial inspection revealed that RPC-904 was tattooed. A vertical line of kanji (with linguists believing it to be an off-brand variation on the Lotus Sutra) is tattooed on its taint. It roughly translated to: "the bodhisattva harms, as she was."

Blueprints taped onto the walls revealed GOI-904 had developed RPC-904 to facilitate the expedient construction of humanoid prototype models. Likewise, ancillary business ledgers suggested RPC-904 was an innovation on a failed product line. Previous models were categorized as fulfilling a target demographic which was privy to impregnation and inflation fetishes; however, existing media on RPC-904 suggests it has been utilized in a wide variety of genres.

RPC-904, along with evidence of its existence, was taken into Authority custody.

Addendum 904: Truncated list of VHS tape cassettes compiled under the general titles marked on their label.

UPDATE 2012/09/12: The Department of Humanoid Trafficking, in conjunction with the Japanese Special Victims Department, flagged a suspect after several months of probing via CCTV cameras. Initially, agents presumed that they had acquired the identity of POI-904, as facial recognition algorithms returned a 78% match between them. Upon further scrutiny, however, a cleft-lip and partial facial asymmetry was detected. Suspect remains at large and is pending reclassification as a RPC-904-1 instance.

Investigators raided the suspect's last-known homestead in Kamakura, Japan, which appeared to have been vacated prior to breach. Evidence such as the number of beds and a cache of canned food items suggest approximately 12 individuals had lived there.

Furthermore, the living room displays a large collage of chrysanthemums on a blue-teal wall, overlooking a boarded window. Below the collage is a string of words scrawled in red lipstick, which roughly translated to "where am there am am Momma where." Noticeably, the handwriting for each string differed drastically for longer sequences. The dismembered bodies of several missing person cases were found beneath a shed; notably, residual biomatter was retrofitted into leather bodysuits.

Inquiry into the whereabouts or identity of additional culprit(s) responsible is ongoing. Further research into the overall intelligence of RPC-904 has been approved.

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