A staircase within RPC-903.


Registered Phenomena Code: 903

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Sentience hazard, Sapience hazard, Contact hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-903 is contained on-site, a containment wall constructed of concrete and steel has been built around the parameter of the area. Six security personnel must guard the premises at all times, and if any newly discovered specimens of RPC-903-1 are reported, they must be terminated on-site.

Specimens of RPC-903-1 are kept in standard containment cells at Site-007. Each instances' feeding routines are different, and must be accommodated to by Research Team-903. Efforts to locate documents associated with RPC-903-1 instances is still ongoing.

All RPC-903-1 instances have proven to be hostile. Therefore, if interaction is needed, extreme caution is to be taken.

Description: RPC-903 is an abandoned facility located in [REDACTED]. RPC-903 shows signs of heavy use, and is in serious disrepair. The site consists of multiple laboratories, recording studios, research facilities, subterranean tunnel systems, incinerators, and containment areas. The above levels of RPC-903 consist of recording studios and research facilities, while the lower levels consist of subterranean tunnel systems, laboratories, and containment areas.

RPC-903-1 instances are genetically engineered organisms resembling various creatures and cryptids from well-known horror films. RPC-903-1 instances all have specific markings on different areas of their bodies, these markings list what appears to be a previous designation number. RPC-903-1 instances are hostile to humans, and do not show interest in other organisms. RPC-903-1 instances can be terminated with firearms, or anything that would be lethal to living organisms. Each instance's appearance, and behavior are unpredictable, as some instances have shown heightened intelligence, while others have been reported to be completely inarticulate.

A list of well-known RPC-903-1 instances are listed in the document below.

Discovery: RPC-903 came to Authority attention after a report of the corpse of an RPC-903-1 instance was found in a forested area near RPC-903. Task Force Pi-6 ("Spooky Specters") was sent out to recover the corpse, and security agents discovered RPC-903 while patrolling the area. Upon entering RPC-903, the agents were immediately attacked by RPC-903-1 instances. Most of the instances encountered were terminated, while others were captured.

Multiple living, and deceased instances of RPC-903-1 were discovered in the containment areas of the facility. The entities were reported to be contained in animal cages, jail cells, and large pens lined with glass.

Addendum-001: A lobby area is located at the entrance of RPC-903, where multiple documents were found. The documents were collected, and are still being investigated by Task Force Pi-6. These documents list the purpose of the organization, and a single photograph has been seen on multiple documents, that which depicts an instance of RPC-903-1-A standing in front of a green screen, covering the bottom half of its face using its cape.

Horror films using props and "spooky" puppets have gotten stale over time, and our organization thought that needed to change, so we've created monsters and creatures that look painfully realistic! We've got vampires, goblins, demons, tree monsters, fish-men, all that you can ask for! You can rent our creations for your own films for only $399.99! Call today at: 570-███-████

Addendum-002: As of 10/01/20, more information regarding the organization behind RPC-903 has been found, which bears the name "Rent-A-Monster Industries". It was discovered that the industry has transferred its facilities out-of-state. Efforts to locate anyone involved with Rent-A-Monster Industries are still ongoing.

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