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Item #: RPC-9001-J


A screenshot from RPC-9001-J

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: As of 201█, RPC-9001-J has not yet been contained. RPC-9001-J is maintained by RPC-9001-J-1, who is currently behind seven proxies and therefore cannot be tracked down by conventional means. MST Sierra 4 "Hammer of Smod" is responsible for the surveillance and eventual breaching of RPC-9001-J-1's cyber defenses to bring him in for questioning.

Access to RPC-9001-J itself requires Level 3/9001-J security clearance. Applicants for access require a score of 82 or higher on the RPC Authority Designated Obedience and Personality Evaluation, no family, no strong political beliefs, and must be use a monitored Site-██ terminal at all times. Downloading any anomalous image, giving away RPC Authority secrets, or "shitposting" will be immediate cause for termination via Procedure 111-Sarsaparilla.

Description: RPC-9001-J is a board on the popular American imageboard █████.org with anomalous memetic properties. RPC-9001-J's memetic properties affect the user after anywhere from instantaneously to 2 weeks when under constant exposure.

RPC-9001-J-1 is the reclusive figure who runs the board, and is colloquially referred to among the board patrons as “a massive homo” who “does it for free”. Research is ongoing as to what “it” is.

Any person that exhibits symptoms consistent with RPC-9001-J will be referred to as RPC-9001-J-2-X. Any instance of RPC-9001-J-2 has been declared "a physical version of autism" and is thus considered to be a level-5 biohazard. The number of instances of RPC-9001-J-2 is currently unknown, with estimates in the tens of thousands. Instances of RPC-9001-J-2 are extremely hostile, with properties including but not limited to:

  • Reclusiveness
  • Reluctance to work
  • Development of a variety of mental illnesses
  • Deep obsession with Japanese media
  • Retardation
  • An intense desire to consume fried chicken in the form of “tenders”
  • A general aversion to women
  • An increased interest in van rental companies
  • Homosexuality

Attempted contact with instances of RPC-9001-J-2 have led to researchers being told to "kys faget" (sic) among other obscenities by instances of RPC-9001-J-2. As of 09 September 20██, has been deemed fruitless and researchers are encouraged to stop, but not prohibited from, posting on RPC-9001-J "for the sake of our employee's mental health (See Incident Log RPC-9001-J-1)."

Instances of RPC-9001-J-2 communicating on RPC-9001-J are not only hostile to "normies" but also each other. Common conversation on RPC-9001-J includes frequent use of racial and homophobic slurs. Slang words have also been developed by RPC-9001-J-2 instances, which are being decoded and translated by the Memetics Department.

The Ethics Committee is currently reviewing the continued testing of RPC-9001-J. Updates will be posted periodically.

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