Registered Phenomena Code: 899

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-899, active containment is considered detrimental to the core imperatives of the Authority. Efforts should instead be focused towards ensuring the continued maintenance of RPC-899 into perpetuity, or until such a time that Authority research replicates the effects of RPC-899.

All staff given level-3 or above security clearance are to be made aware of RPC-899 and understand the role of level-4 and above personnel in identification of RPC-899-2 instances, transfer of instances to, and maintenance of RPC-899-1.

A team of no more than 15 senior researchers are to be personally selected and assigned to RPC-899 by Site-042’s director and are to remain as the sole on-site permanent staff.

Description: RPC-899 is a class-10 reality altering phenomenon localized within the boundaries of Authority Site-042, designated RPC-899-1. It is not yet understood how or when RPC-899 manifested, but research into primary memetic, technological, and gestalt triggers is ongoing and considered a significant priority. The phenomenon is characterised by the complete neutralisation of all anomalous properties held by certain objects and entities inside of its sphere of influence1 this effect is limited to a subset of anomalous items and entities collectively designated RPC-899-2.

While no concrete shared history or function between instances of RPC-899-2 has been identified, it is generally understood that patterns seem apparent within RPC-899-2 instances that allow for their identification within the Authority’s RPC collection. These include, but are not limited to; a generally understood anomalous function2, an ability to be reliably or feasibly transported to Site-042, and a lack of major significance to the Authority as a whole3.

Once an RPC-899-2 instance enters RPC-899-1 and becomes subject to the phenomenon’s sphere of influence, all anomalous effects are completely neutralized until such a time as the instance exits the phenomenon. As such, the Authority is committed to actively utilizing RPC-899 to contain identified RPC-899-2 instances and has repurposed Site-042 for this directive.

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