Photo of RPC-898-01 instance in Jerusalem.

Registered Phenomena Code: 898

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazardh-grouped.png Grouped Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard

Primary Containment Protocols: Citizens with confirmed ethnic backgrounds to a culture with prominent histories of war are to be checked by local Authority personnel. Local personnel are to propose business opportunities and encourage local businesses to engage in ancestor veneration events and holidays with their employees.

Unless applicable citizens have a blood-related family member practicing Protocol 898-01-1 and refuse to engage in activities involving ancestral veneration, denying encouragement from employers and local personnel, they are to be intercepted, detained, and educated on Protocol 898-01-1.

Upon an instance of RPC-898-01 materializing, local personnel are to locate a suitable subject for Protocol-898-01-2. Once a subject is located, they are to be immediately inducted into the Authority with Level 1 clearance and provided with short-term training and protocols to ensure maximum probability of containment of RPC-898-01 instances.

MST X-Ray-6 "Anullifiers," are to purge any evidence of RPC-898's existence by the media and implement the use of Type-I Memory Suppressants. If Protocol-898-01 fails, no opponent is presented before an RPC-898-01 instance, or the opponent of an RPC-898-01 instance is terminated by an RPC-898-01 instance, RPC-898 is to be reclassified as Object Class Gamma-Purple following the manifestation of an RPC-898-02 instance.

Emergency Protocol 898-01E is to immediately be enacted upon instances of RPC-898-02 materializing. RPC-898-02 instances are to immediately be intercepted by MST Uniform-013 "Historical Draft" and MST-Alpha-07 "Compellers" until Emergency Protocol-898-01E-02 is engaged. Available Emergency Suppressors are to be deployed for evacuation of population centers. A coverup story is to be implemented if mass destruction of population centers occur due to failure of reestablishment for the containment of RPC-898.

Description: RPC-898-01 are transparent meta-physical humanoids obscured in a layer of unknown black residue. Their physical build is still visible, including facial complexion, making identification of descendants feasible. RPC-898-01's equipment is comprised of unknown transparent material, matching the physical characteristics of the humanoid anomaly itself.
RPC-898-01 instances manifest randomly, appearing at locations that share a historical connection to their culture1, and phase in and out of existence until RPC-898-01 instances physically manifest into an intangible form 9 days subsequent to its first appearance.

RPC-898-01 will be idle and nonreactive to physical actions until met with an opponent that is a descendant of the RPC-898-01 instance. RPC-898-01 instances only engaging in combat in the combat styles and forms they were knowledgeable of before becoming an RPC-898-01 instance, and as such will only engage opponents that:

  1. Are knowledgeable in at least one form of the combat as the RPC-898-01 instance.
  2. Are in possession of the same or similar equipment of the culture RPC-898-01 originates from.
  3. Engage the RPC-898-01 instance in a duel.

RPC-898-01 instances cannot be harmed by weapons unrelated to their culture2, and all encounters involving a single instance of RPC-898-01 have resulted in it being invulnerable to all forms of physical damage if there is more than one opponent in combat against it.

If containment is reestablished via defeat through combat, RPC-898-01 instances will dissipate and reappear 2 months after defeat in its original location.

RPC-898-02 instances possess the anomalous properties of RPC-898-01 instances, including drastic changes in appearance with additional anomalous properties.
It is unknown whether RPC-898-02 instances are independent from each other, a singular consciousness, or are singular entities with near-sapience. Communications with RPC-898 instances have been unsuccessful in obtaining a response. RPC-898-02 instances become fully tangible and are able to physically interact with any object or person within reach.

RPC-898-02 instances are covered by a white mist with residue similarly consistent with RPC-898-01 instances. RPC instances lack visible eyes, having a red glow where eyes would normally be. RPC-898-02 instances are also comparatively better equipped than their RPC-898-01 counterparts3, increase in height up to 1.5 meters, and engage in combat in a more aggressive manner with noticeably enhanced speed and physical strength, capable of shattering multiple layers of reinforced steel with a singular strike.

If an opponent is to engage in combat in any form, regardless of ancestry, RPC-898-02 instances will accept the opponent. If this new opponent is slain, RPC-898-02 idles for a period of no more than 1 hour. Afterward, RPC-898-02 will begin mutilating the remains of a former opponent and placing an arm of the deceased opponent on the ground4. RPC-898-02 will begin a region-wide assault on all populated centers by relocating itself at rapid speeds up to 214 km/h on horseback5, or 90 km/h on foot to the nearest population center.

Due to RPC-898-02's inability to be physically damaged outside of combat against an opponent, only metaphysical, incorporeal, ethereal, and some forms of religious rituals have been able to delay RPC-898-02 instances. Instances of RPC-898-02 will not cease its assault until it has been unable to locate any signs of life for 2 days, and a subsequent regional search lasting 4 days. If RPC-898-02 is successful in terminating all life in its current region, or Emergency Protocol 898-01E-02 is executed successfully, the RPC-898-02 instance will dissipate and reappear two weeks after its first appearance. If containment is reestablished via defeat through combat, the RPC-898-02 instance will dissipate and reappear within 6 months of defeat, manifesting in its original location.

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