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Mahatma Gandhi, the character for which RPC-896-1 is based on.


Registered Phenomena Code: 896

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-896 is currently stored within Sub-Level 4 of Site-038's Containment Core. Connecting RPC-896 to any sources of electricity is forbidden without written permission from Head Researcher Modi.

Personnel possessing the name "Jeffery" or any deviations of the name "Jeffery" in other languages are not to come into contact with RPC-896 with the exception of Head Researcher Modi.

Testing with RPC-896 is restricted to CSD personnel, with no research personnel allowed within the same confined space of RPC-896.

Sub-Level 4 is to be constantly monitored for inter-universal openings. The termination of individuals crossing through the aforementioned openings is authorized. As a result of previous attempts by other GoIs to acquire RPC-896, MST Delta-1 (The Keepers) has been assigned to RPC-896.

Description: RPC-896 is a video game arcade cabinet, measuring 1.81m*0.83m*0.62m. RPC-896 is structurally similar to that of a Midway classic 19" vertical monitor upright cabinet1, with the exception of joysticks and buttons being in a hexagonal setting.

Currency is not required for the operation of RPC-896, despite the presence of openings capable of accepting standard United States quarters.

RPC-896 is capable of manifesting certain objects within line of sight of RPC-8962 through unknown means. The manifestation is controlled by the in-game character Mahatma Gandhi, hereby referred to as RPC-896-1.

Attempts to dissuade the player (hereby referred to as "the subject") from continuing usage of RPC-896 will be made by RPC-896-1. Such attempts are usually verbal, but in certain instances RPC-896-1 may manifest certain objects with the intention of forcefully deterring the subject from using RPC-896.

RPC-896 will not be tarnished by any of RPC-896-1's attempts at blocking subjects from using RPC-896, despite inflicting damage to the surroundings.

Autonomous deactivation is not possible for RPC-896, and a mental status similar to that of sleep paralysis is experienced by RPC-896 during deactivation3.

The game for which RPC-896 houses is near-identical to the May 2012 version of non-anomalous Sid Meier's Civilization V4 games.

Discovery: RPC-896 was discovered in Singapore on 09/03/2015, where reports of a "Civilization V arcade game" were circulated. Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) was deployed and successfully retrieved RPC-896. A cover story of the event being a promotion for Sid Meier's Civilization VI was provided.

RPC-896's full anomalous effects were revealed on 12/03/2015, when Dr. Modi attempted to use RPC-896 for recreational purposes. Further investigations for the storage devices of RPC-896 reveals the documentation of RPC-896's remarks when deterring the subject from using RPC-896, as well as certain information regarding the origins of RPC-896.

A device capable of recording videos5 and a metal plate labeled "RCP-2215"6 was present at the time of recovery, and is currently stored at Site-016.

Addendum 896.1


One of RPC-896-1's attempts at dissuading a subject from using RPC-896.

The device capable of recording videos contained documentation regarding RPC-896's capabilities in deterring other individuals from using RPC-896.

This, coupled with the subsequent decryption of RPC-896's storage device, allowed for RPC-896's attempts at dissuading the subject from using RPC-896 prior to Authority acquisition to be discovered.

The individual using RPC-896 in the video will be referred to as "the subject". The affiliations of the entities that initiated the tests are unknown.



The remaining segment of this document is restricted to personnel with either Level 4 Security Clearance, or Object Specific Clearance Levels 3/896, 3/068, 3/378, 3/463, 3/749, 3/929, or 3/955.

File Unlocked. Welcome.

Addendum 896.2

The decryption of RPC-896's storage device facilitated the discovery of several interviews between RPC-896-1 and an individual referred to as "Jeff" by RPC-896-1. The affiliation of "Jeff" is believed to be with the Righteous Centralized Protection Authority.

Special Briefing: RCP Authority
Threat Code: Hostile
Attributes: Authority-Aware/Unveiled/Seeker/Sculptor/Structured/Local

Description: The Righteous Centralized Protection Authority (RCPA, widely referred to as the 'Authoritarians') is an alternate timeline iteration of the Authority that has openly seized control of their world. Initially motivated by the desire to protect humanity more completely and efficiently, they have long grown corrupted and arrogant in their dominance. Embracing the use of the anomalous to their own ends, the RCPA's ethos of "justice" has been twisted into a creed that demonizes rogue anomalies and dissidents indiscriminately together as "villains". Recently, certain links between the RCPA timeline and our own have opened; their presence in our world has been actively combated, as their creed of justice and utter lack of subtlety are antitheses to our Authority.

Addendum 896.3

The following file regarding the origins of RPC-896 was located by Authority personnel.

Addendum 896.4

On 29/03/15, an inter-universal opening manifested in Sub-Level 4. 10 hostile individuals equipped with equipment standard of Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) emerged from the opening. On-site security along with 24 members of Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) were successful in repulsing the attack. 3 individuals were terminated. No casualties were taken by the Authority.

The 3 terminated individuals were identified as [DATA EXPUNGED]. RPC-896-1 was subsequently interviewed about this incident.

Later investigations revealed that the whereabouts of RPC-896 were from an anonymous Righteous Central Protection Authority12 operative, and not from any actions taken by RPC-896.

On 19/12/16, several images of RPC-896 in Authority custody were discovered on the internet forums █████.org and ██████.com. Tracing of Internet Protocol adresses revealed the source of the images to be from a Site-038 terminal, which was at the time being used by a mechanical humaniod entity13. A USB flash drive, believed to contain the uploaded images, was plugged in the terminal.

Authority personnel were able to remove the power source of RPC-896, causing the demanifestation of the above-mentioned entity and the USB flash drive. Removal of the images from the aforementioned internet forums was completed within 20 minutes, with no further action considered necessary.

An interview was conducted by Dr. Modi on 21/12/16 to understand the motives of RPC-896's actions.

No incidents of similar nature occurred after the disconnection of RPC-896 from a power source. Subsequently, MST Delta-1 (The Keepers) was assigned to RPC-896.

Addendum 896.5

On 14/06/19, the following modification to the file of RPC-896 was found as "Addendum 896.5".

Containment Protocols have been updated in light of this incident.

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