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Registered Phenomena Code: 887

Object Class: Omega-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-climatological.png Climatological h-geological.png Geological h-sapient.png Sapient h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: MST X-Ray-6 ("Annulifers") are to monitor, edit, censor or otherwise delete all information regarding wars fought inside Russian territory with the intent to diminish or remove mentions of the effect and casualties caused by winter in said conflicts. All media, both visual and written including RPC-887 is to be closely monitored to ensure existing entries are depicted as fictional and do not constitute actual sightings. In the event of a breach, witnesses responsible for documenting said sightings are to be tracked and administered amnestics.

Due to RPC-887's anomalous properties, containment is impossible, as doing so would trigger its effects. Current safety measures include political arrangements with world leaders to not initiate armed conflict in the north Asian region and the support for the development of weather control devices. In the event of an armed conflict breaking out between Russia and a foreign power, temperatures within Russia are to be monitored for any sudden changes. MST X-Ray-6 is to be immediately deployed with the purpose of evacuating civilians from the immediate area. Any civilian who reports seeing RPC-887 is to be administered amnestics.

Description: RPC-887 is a 3-meter tall metal statue of King Rurik1 located in ██████, Russia. While inert, RPC-887 does not exhibit any anomalous properties. It will only enter its active state when the state of Russia is invaded by a force of sufficient size and threat. The properties of said events are not altered by the political climate of Russia relative to the time of activation.


RPC-887 during its inactive state.

When active, RPC-887 will become animated, acquire an organic form and proceed to march to the conflict zone. RPC-887 does not proceed beyond the extent of Russia's sovereign territory, instead exclusively adopting a defensive strategy. While active, temperatures within a 1km radius of RPC-887 will decline drastically, with the lowest recorded temperature reaching lower than -60°C. Said decrease in temperature inflicts various complications for invading military forces, resulting in significant casualties. RPC-887 additionally engages in ambushes, preferring to attack isolated units.

RPC-887 exhibits significantly increased speed from that of a normal human, being able to traverse long distances in brief periods of time. RPC-887 is additionally encompassed by a concentration of inclement weather relative to its position. This property, along with RPC-887's speed, produces a highly evasive nature to tracking equipment attempting to discriminate RPC-887's current position.

RPC-887's effects do not appear to affect Russian military personnel. This preclusion additionally extends to RPC-887 refusing to attack said personnel, even if met with aggression. The extent of RPC-887's autonomy on its effects is currently under investigation.

Discovery: RPC-887 was first reported in 1707 during The Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia. Numerous accounts from Swedish soldiers report seeing a "Russian demon, covered in ice" that "laid waste to the army". However, these reports were unconfirmed due to the nature of RPC-887 and were ultimately dismissed as delusions brought on by shell shock and/or hunger.

RPC-887 was reported again during the French Napoleonic invasion of Russia in 1812. Several French companies report seeing RPC-887 and claim that it was largely responsible for the deaths brought onto the French army. Again, due to the outlandish claims and the nature of RPC-887, the majority of these reports were dismissed and forgotten.

It was not until 1941, during the German invasion of Russia in World War 2, that the Authority received confirmation of RPC-887's existence. Several recovered documents from the GOI known as GARD2 detail their efforts to locate and counter RPC-887. While GARD was unable to find a way to counter or effectively contain RPC-887, they were able to gather irrefutable evidence of its existence. Said evidence was quickly gathered by Authority personnel, and any trace of it in public records was erased or censored.

Another recorded document by GARD of RPC-887 depicts a conflict between it and what has been confirmed to be RPC-074, said conflict occurred at the start of the Finish-Russian "Winter War".

While the exact origins of RPC-887 remain unknown to the Authority, ancient tablets and drawings have been found throughout Russia, depicting King Riúrik kneeling before an entity similar in appearance to the goddess Morana (often referred to as The Mistress of Winter) while surrounded by men carrying burning scarecrows, the following drawings are too damaged or worn out to make sense of them, although, all depictions share a similarity, that being of King Riúrik having turned into stone, with men and women praying around him.



The following interview is restricted to selected Level-4 personnel and higher, viewing of the file without authorization will result in demotion, termination or use of amnestics.

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