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Registered Phenomena Code: 886

Object Class: Beta-Yellow (Utility)

Responsible Departments: Anthropology.png Department of
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Psychology.png Department of

Hazard Types: h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic Hazard (Prescience and Pyrokinesis) h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard (Shapeshifter) h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard

RPC-886 dressing a patient's burns at Hiroshima Communications Hospital, August 1945.

Containment Protocols: RPC-886 is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-089. RPC-886 is permitted to refurbish its cell within reason at the discretion of supervising staff. The cell houses a traditional Shinto shrine for RPC-886 to maintain as well as to bind RPC-886 within a 3km radius of its location: Staff are free to interact with the shrine for beneficial anomalous effects, but requested effects beyond the purpose of protection will be granted at RPC-886's discretion. A record of visitors and requested effects is to be kept, including the acquisition of RPC-886-1 instances.

RPC-886 is not permitted to leave its containment cell despite the portrayals of a cooperative nature RPC-886 has been granted limited roaming privileges between its cell and Site-089's cafeteria during standard operational hours. It is granted Security Clearance Level 1 and permitted to work in the Site Cafeteria kitchen on condition of good behaviour. RPC-886 is to be accompanied at all times when it is moving between the cafeteria and its cell by either responsible personnel Dr. Kawada Ippei or an available ASF Personnel.

RPC-886 is to undergo monthly psychological evaluations. RPC-886 responds positively towards staff of Japanese descent; It is recommended that interviews and evaluations be performed by these staff. Conversely, RPC-886 responds poorly and demonstrates antisocial behaviours towards individuals of American descent.1

Staff are reminded to not actively provoke or antagonize RPC-886.2 In particular, inflammatory comments promoting the nuclear bombings of Japan may cause RPC-886 to immediately assault the speaker via anomalous means.

RPC-886's positive attitude towards the Authority and its persisting phobia involving Project Blue Book have contributed to the ease of its containment. Given Blue Book's interest in terminating the entity, protection should also be maintained alongside containment to continue facilitation of RPC-886 as a Utility-class asset.

RPC-886 is to be observed regularly to ensure it does not attempt to impersonate a member of staff. Regions beyond permitted roaming areas are to be secured via clearance card systems. A thermal imaging scanner is installed in RPC-886's cell to ensure its presence outside of standard operational hours. Finally, Site-089's exterior is walled-in and houses a canine patrol unit, further mitigating the possibility of an innately cynophobic RPC-886 escaping during a containment breach.

Description: RPC-886 is a polymorphic entity whose base form is that of a female Vulpes Vulpes Japonica.3 RPC-886 displays unusual physical properties such as pale-cream fur colouration and the base of its tail splitting to form 7 independent tails. It is also larger and heavier than ordinary Vulpes Vulpes Japonica: presently weighing 17kg4, a shoulder height of 80cm, a base body length of 55cm supplemented with tail lengths of 90cm.

RPC-886 typically exerts its polymorphic effect to assume the guise of a Japanese woman.5 While in this guise it is indistinguishable from an ordinary human female. To assist in ease of identification RPC-886 projects its pale-cream fur colour onto its hair as well as retaining vulpine features.6 Injuries and conditions acquired in base form carry on to this form.7

RPC-886’s polymorphic quality also allows it to mimic the appearance of existing individuals flawlessly, down to the detailed replication of clothing and small personal items. Despite this RPC-886 is a poor actor; tell-tale signs of mimicry include incorrect mannerisms and reacting awkwardly when queried on the mimicked individual’s memories and knowledge. Additionally, simulated personal items such as clearance key cards will not work. If startled sufficiently, RPC-886 may even manifest its vulpine ears/tails through its disguise.

RPC-886's primary anomalous trait involves the manipulation of probability; it is able to manipulate the frequency of positive/negative outcomes directed toward a target individual. RPC-886 is only able to manipulate probability fields in individuals who have interacted with the shrine it maintains in its holding cell. It is capable of aggressive probability manipulation without the use of the shrine, but only for the purposes of harming other individuals.8 RPC-886 may also apply beneficial probabilistic effects to small objects constructed of paper, wood or cloth (Hereby referred to as RPC-886-1). While anomalous effects granted by RPC-886-1 are weaker in comparison to a direct effect given by RPC-886, they can reliably persist beyond a 3km radius of RPC-886's shrine provided that RPC-886-1 is not physically altered or damaged. RPC-886 has also been observed to exhibit minor pyrokinetic abilities.9

RPC-886 has requested to be addressed by its original name.10 It claims to have been born around the late Edo era in Japan's history, and prior to containment was allegedly wandering with no purpose.

RPC-886 displays a warm and amicable personality. Provided it is interacted with professionally and respectably RPC-886 responds in a cordial manner. RPC-886 is prone to occasional episodes of depression and melancholy due to chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder11, although counseling sessions have assisted in reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Staff are encouraged to interact positively with RPC-886 to promote its sense of well-being and belonging within Site-089. RPC-886 is readily sociable and responds positively to both native personnel, and foreign personnel who display some knowledge and respect for traditional Japanese culture.12

Addendum 886.1: With its extension into a Utility-class entity (formerly known as Theta), RPC-886's probabilistic effects are to be employed to benefit Site staff. RPC-886 is to grant protective effects to key site personnel and security staff. Upon detecting activation of said effects, RPC-886 is to promptly alert security of possible security breaches via first-line handheld transceiver or a panic button for severe emergency situations.

Personnel are encouraged to visit RPC-886's shrine while it is present in order to receive a protective effect, by following the prayer rites protocol commonly performed by visitors to Shinto shrines across Japan.

Acquisition Log: Whilst temporarily situated at Okayama prefecture in Japan en-route to [REDACTED], MST Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) were dispatched upon intercepted communication channels to investigate and observe local Project Blue Book activity. Debriefings describe a Blue Book hunter-killer team chasing down a wounded and bleeding “pale fox” at the outskirts of Okayama city close to Yama Shrine, utilizing bloodhounds and burning pine leaves to harry RPC-886 and repel it from potential escape routes. Romeo-7 successfully captured and extracted an unconscious RPC-886 without alerting Blue Book operatives of their presence.13

Sample Interview Logs (Complete log list available for Counselors in psychiatric profile)
(Unless stated otherwise, interviews are carried out in Japanese.)

<Full interview history and psychiatric profile - access limited to Counseling Department>


A picture of Hiroshima Communications Hospital which RPC-886 worked in, taken prior to the US Occupation of Japan.


A dilapidated Shinto Shrine discovered by Authority agents using leads provided by RPC-886, claimed to be its original shrine. Note the fox statuette to the right.

Most of you are aware that I do not approve of what I view as the pampering of RPC-886; I care not for her sob stories, and I voted against the construction of her Hokora. We are a containment facility, not a luxury resort for the paranormal. I remain unconvinced by 886's shows of good faith, and I shall continue to believe she observes the facility's patterns carefully, in consideration of the possibility of the day she might wish to escape. To continue looking for her kin. I don't believe her saying she's given up on it, I simply don't. The bonds of family can be a very strong thing, especially in the unexplainably forced separation of it.

Most of you are also aware that I am a practitioner of Shinto. I could not visit my hometown's temple for Hatsumode so I paid respects at the next closest shrine. 886's shrine. I may deny 886, but I cannot deny my own traditional upbringing. As long as I have done my ritual and if it keeps 886 contained, I do whatever I have to. She looked genuinely happy that I followed the proper purification protocols prior to paying respects. I couldn't care less, whatever keeps her confined here. Now, with all that said…

I saw the bullets curve away from me. I saw the shield hanging over my fragile life, placed by 886. A feat at a distance this short should be only possible with the aid of extremely powerful electromagnets, instead accomplished with the clap of clean hands and the smile of a fox.

I still do not approve of RPC-886, but I would be a fool to deny gratitude where it is warranted.

Take this from a believing disbeliever: I recommend all staff, particularly security, to take advantage of this feature while it remains. There is no telling when 886 decides her time is done in this facility and proceeds to jinx her way out. Make use of it while she's here.

Senior Researcher Junichiro

Supplementary material:

<Research logs of anomalous effects- access limited to Research Department>

Addendum 886.2: It has been confirmed that an escapee of RPC-257 is RPC-886's biological sibling. Said sibling would attempt to seek out RPC-886, breaking into Site-089 in the process. This sudden and unplanned reunion with its biological sibling has caused RPC-886 a notable degree of distress, chiefly due to its uneasy acceptance of never seeing its kind again. Personnel are kindly reminded not to query/remind RPC-886 of its sibling's return until it has adjusted to this sudden change of events.

The sibling has been retroactively given the designation RPC-486.

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