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Image taken by Department of Abnormal Occurrences (Now USOC) agents following "Black Tom" incident, made to highlight RPC-884's effect. 1916.

Registered Phenomena Code: 884

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-animated.png Animated h-titanic.png Titanic h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols: Under no circumstances is the Statue of Liberty to come into harm's way. If such a scenario does occur, the Authority is to cooperate with USOC1 officials to cover up the incident as long as a "BARTHOLDI" type event has not occurred. If a "BARTHOLDI" event occurs, the newly created RPC-884-1 instance is to be contained at all costs.

If possible, a peaceful solution is to be reached with the newly created RPC-884-1 instance, but as such an event has never yet been recorded, USOC standing military forces as well as Authority forces are to be immediately dispatched onto the scene. If said RPC-884-1 begins acting sporadically, small arms and explosives focused on disrupting the instance's center of gravity are to be used to hopefully topple RPC-884 before extensive damage and information breaches can occur. Following this, at least 50 ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) ropes of at least 40 cN/dtex are to be immediately used to restrain the instance for transport to a secure facility located in Arizona.

Description: RPC-884 refers to an invariable set of laws affecting instances of the Statue of Liberty constructed from the following tenants:

1. A Statue of Liberty will be created in all universes.2
2. The Statue of Liberty is probabilistically near-indestructible.
3. Were the Statue of Liberty in a position in which its destruction is certain, it will transmute into an indestructible, fully functional, weaponized automata.

For an instance of the Statue of Liberty to be identified as such, a variety of common features must exist, such as a generally feminine figure, a similar pose to baseline, and the holding of some kind of luminescent tool, usually a torch.3

Examples of "certain" destruction cases include:

  • Being affected by a probability manipulator or changes in ACS levels
  • Large-scale mass calamities (geographical collapse, destruction of the entire planet, etc.)
  • Being constructed in an "impossible" location

Statue of Liberty instances that transmute into said automata are to be designated RPC-884-1, and their creation is hereby designated a "BARTHOLDI" event. Instances move stiffly, only able to locomote each perceived "joint". All instances are heavily armed with modern-day weapons and can traverse at speeds up to 230 km/h4 with high levels of dexterity. Communication attempts with RPC-884-1 instances have been met with multiversal failure.

RPC-884-1 behavior is passive at best and chaotic at worst. At the moment, there has been no observed pattern as to how RPC-884-1 will act, though it has been noted to have a tendency towards protecting human beings.

Engraved within all Statues of Liberty is a message in an unknown language, similar to that found in ████████. The appearance of this engravement is unexplained, records on the engravement of said message have never been found. The location of the engraving varies from instances of the Statue of Liberty, though it usually appears alongside other engravings in the Statue of Liberty instance. Due to RPC-884, said message is borderline impossible to remove5, and therefore has been hidden from the public eye instead. Linguistic analysis utilizing the Authority's various AI systems has created a rough translation algorithm. Translated to English, it reads:

Give them hell.

A list of observed instances of the Statue of Liberty can be found within the addendum.


The Statue of Liberty's probabilistic near-indestructibility was discovered after the "Black Tom" incident. On July 30, 1916, German agents destroyed a connection between Black Tom Island and Jersey City utilizing explosives in one of the largest manmade non-nuclear explosions ever recorded. Said explosion, if the Statue of Liberty was not under the effect of RPC-884, would have caused millions of dollars in damages to the statue - due to wind patterns, the scattering of munitions on Black Tom, and numerous other factors, the blast perfectly bypassed the Statue of Liberty.

Following the discovery of the Statue's anomalous properties, DAO6 and Authority agents cooperated to cover it up, painting "damage" onto the surface of the Statue of Liberty quickly.

Further properties of RPC-884 were discovered through the usage of multiversal observation.


Since 9/3/20██, various documents, digital devices, and files from ALTR-D2AJ "Remnants" have appeared within Site-313's cafeteria. It has been revealed through said documents that in ALTR-D2AJ, Site-313's cafeteria has been converted into a large-scale multiversal travel system, utilized to attempt to communicate with baseline.9 One example can be found below.

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