A photo of RPC-879 growing over a forgotten sign


Registered Phenomena Code: 879

Object Class: Omega-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard

Additional Properties: h-animated.png Animated h-ecological.png Ecological

Containment Protocols: As the existence of RPC-879 is so widespread, routine maintenance of civilized land is required. Every inhabited sector of Earth that is inhabited by RPC-879 must have at least one civilian-led landscaping company. Additional funding to ensure these companies remain open is allowed, though often unnecessary.

In areas where RPC-879 has become too difficult or impossible to control, civilians within the area are to be relocated closer to urban areas. Civilians are not to be forced from their homes unless at high risk of harm via RPC-879, in which case building seizure warrants may be issued. Temporary civilian housing must be provided to the displaced if needed.

Mass deforestation is to be allowed of specific civilian companies or even, in cases such as Project 879-1 "Amazon", commissioned in order to prevent RPC-879 from encroaching too close to large civilian settlements in an uncontrolled manner.

As of 12/13/2020, Operation 879-12 "Burning Horizons" is to be suspended from the list of active operations, with the complete dismantling of the operation pending further review.

Description: RPC-879 is a form of hostile behavior found in ██% of all flora on Earth.1 During a plant's lifetime, it will demonstrate particular hostility toward human life and man-made items. This manifests as a statistically significant propensity to attempt strangling, entangling, and/or consumption of such targets when sufficiently proximate.

The manner in which this is done reflects a degree of awareness of the target's qualities on behalf of the subject, as demonstrated by the targeting of vulnerable body parts and structural weak points during the process.

As most subjects do not exhibit direct mobility, this behavior is instead expressed via gradual growth: in practice, RPC-879 rarely presents a direct hazard to human life, instead threatening settlements and infrastructure over time.

Discovery: Initially hypothesized by Researcher Harlov in the early days of the Authority, it was discarded and deemed impossible. Even after the theory had been declined, Mister Harlov spent most of his free time looking into his claim to prove his hypothesis. However, he failed to confirm it before his untimely death in an unrelated incident.

After finding the file written by Mister Harlov, Miss Juniper Francis2 reformatted and restructured the hypothesis and requested permission to continue the research. It was approved on 4/27/1960, and the theory was proven. The phenomenon was classified as RPC-879 in 1966, with the first effort to fight back and contain RPC-879 being dubbed Project 879-1 "Amazon".

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