Trojan Yuenyeung





Registered Phenomena Code: 872

Object Class: Gamma-White

Hazard Types: Electromagnetic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to its simple procedure and material requirements, only senior researchers and one L1 CSD are to be informed on how to perform RPC-872. Personnel outside of this group will require authorization from the head researcher to access instructions for the anomaly. During experimentation, RPC-872-A instances are not to be removed from the testing area and all devices present must be disconnected from external networks.

Authority Security Force Rapid Response Teams Echo-5, Charlie-10, and Whiskey-2 have been assigned to locate and terminate RPC-872-A instances with the assistance of 631-Anomaly Guard Platoon.1 Should these personnel be confronted by civilians during operations, they are to claim to be law enforcement enforcing a recall of defective products. The Chinese government has agreed to support this story with misinformation campaigns.

Any individual not affiliated with the Authority or the PCAAO discovered to be performing RPC-872 is to be captured and handed over to the PCAAO for questioning.

Facilities and personnel located in China are not to purchase any items that could be affected by RPC-872.

Discussions to revise protocols will open following confirmation that less than 4,000 unaccounted RPC-872-A instances exist.

Description: RPC-872 is a ritual performed on specific objects that causes the development of basic sentience and an ability to control electromagnetic fields within a 0.6-meter radius. For the purposes of performing RPC-872, any small, bowl shaped, ceramic container with a handle qualifies as a suitable object for successful execution. Contact the head researcher, currently Dr. Lee Stewart, for information regarding how to perform RPC-872.

Objects subjected to RPC-872, hereby referred to as instances of RPC-872-A, will attempt to identify the individual responsible for performing RPC-872 on them and will subsequently execute any provided instruction within their faculty, if provided by the individual. To communicate, RPC-872-A instances will use their radius of control to stimulate the subject's Wernicke's area2. However, instances are unable to control mental processes outside of this.

RPC-872-A instances will perform instructed tasks through manipulating electronic devices within their radius of control. They demonstrate the ability to rapidly learn how to utilize the electronics that they are exposed to and duplicate or memorize data as they deem necessary to accomplish tasks.

Discovery: RPC-872 initially came to Authority attention on ██/██/2016, when Site-038 suffered a containment breach due to security systems repeatedly crashing. During the following investigation, it was discovered that Dr. ██████'s personal electronics had been suffering similar systematic failures. Through exposing his possessions to computers disconnected from the main network, the cause was determined to have been a mug he had purchased a week prior to the incident.

Initially, it was to be classified as a lesser anomalous object, however the PCAAO came forward and explained the nature of the item. Reportedly, the item had been created by Committee agents that defected to the Church of Malthus and that a number of other, identical items had also been created and distributed.

After trading and discussing proposals, it was decided that containment of RPC-872-A instances would be best achieved by a partnership between the Authority and the PCAAO.

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