Registered Phenomenon Code: 870

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sapient, Extra-Dimensional

Containment Protocols: RPC-870 is to be kept in a light containment chamber. All rumors or proof regarding the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney are to be debunked and denied.

Testing regarding RPC-870 is to be performed regularly with a minimum of one Level-2 Researcher, who will operate RPC-870 and document results, and two supervising Level-3 Researchers.

Description: RPC-870 is a 1966 Ericsson T65 Rotary Telephone welded to a glass case containing a large amount of ice as well as what appears to be the frozen head of deceased American Entrepreneur Walter Elias Disney. There are no ports on the phone, preventing its use as a conventional telephone. Dialing a number and taking the handset off as if making a call allows the phone operator to speak with an entity designated RPC-870-A.

This entity claims to be the deceased Walter Disney, who is unaware of the fact that he is deceased. RPC-870-A is willing to discuss many different topics but will typically lose focus and quickly segue back to the topic of his “EPCOT Project.1

RPC-870-A claims that they are currently inside their theme park, Disneyland, but they have noted that the layout and design of the park in general, as well as specific features are vastly different. They have noted that it is continuously around sunset, and the entire park is empty, with a large amount of sand and dust on the park.

Discovery: RPC-870 was discovered on December 17th, 1966, after Disney had been interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery. It was found sitting in Disney’s chair behind his desk by Ub Iwerks, who believed it to be a disturbing prank after seeing it and using the phone to speak to RPC-870-A. Embedded Authority agents were alerted regarding this, taking RPC-870 without any issues.

Experiment Log: After RPC-870 was acquired, attempts to understand the nature of RPC-870-A were made. Current experimental procedures consist of a participating researcher and an observing researcher. The former will note what they hear via RPC-870, while the latter will write down the actions of the former in order to observe potential memetic effects. In order to have constant cooperation, participants were instructed to refer to RPC-870-A however they wanted to be referred to as.

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