Registered Phenomena Code: 868

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression, Mechanical, Sentient, Transmutation, Auditory, Ideological, Visual

Containment Protocols: RPC-868 is currently housed within a specially designed multilayer containment unit within the ultra-heavy containment wing of Site-007.

The unit itself is composed of three layers of defense against RPC-868. The outmost layer of RPC-868's is composed of a layer of concrete followed by a two-meter thick layer of soundproofing which itself is located behind a 20cm thick layer of steel. This layer of RPC-868's containment unit has the internal dimensions of 20m by 20m with a height of 10m.

The second layer of RPC-868's containment unit is a large anti-echo chamber that encapsulates the entirety of the between the outmost layer and the innermost layer. This space is home to an array of rectangular pillars that have been purposely arranged in a seemingly random pattern. In addition to this, various rectangular pyramids, have been constructed out of concrete, and are arranged in a hexagonal pattern on the floors, walls, and ceilings of the second layer.

The innermost layer of the containment unit houses RPC-868 itself. This layer composed of a custom made large object containment unit with various soundproofing materials interlaying the traditionally empty spaces in a standard unit. The unit is suspended in the center of the second layer 2m off the ground and 2m from the ceiling. The supports being used to accomplish this are specially designed to prevent the transfer of vibrations caused by RPC-868 to the rest of the containment unit. Additionally, a single retractable bridge structure, designed to collapse under the weight of RPC-868, connects the entrance to the inner layer of RPC-868's unit to the door of the outmost layer.

Every aspect of RPC-868's containment system is to be inspected on a bi-weekly basis by personnel wearing specialized noise cancellation gear. No visual or auditory monitoring equipment is to be used to monitor RPC-868. Instead, an array of electrical scales are built into the floor of the inner unit for this very purpose. Additionally, personnel with duties that place them in close proximity to RPC-868's containment unit regularly are to undergo mandatory psychiatric evaluations every month to determine if they have been affected by RPC-868-1.

Description: RPC-868 is the designation of a seemingly intelligent robotic entity with an overall shape similar to species of the Coleoptera (beetle) family of insects. RPC-868 measures approximately 3.2m tall with each of its six legs measuring at 4.1m long. At random points along RPC-868's body are a variety of audio systems growing out of its body in a seemingly biological manner. These audio systems range from desktop speakers to IMAX grade audio projectors, with no pattern to their positions being found.

A large CRT monitor is attached to the front of RPC-868 via a bundle of various assorted cables with a diameter of approximately 50cm. RPC-868 displays the ability to manipulate these cables as if they were a human neck with the CRT monitor being its head. Additionally, on the front of RPC-868 are two robotic limbs similar in design to mandibles. These two limbs are tipped with circular buzzsaws, the blades of which have a diameter of approximately 40cm.


A cropped still of RPC-868's screen taken from a body cam during its initial containment.

RPC-868 itself is extremely aggressive towards human subjects and will do everything in its power to force subjects to look at the screen of its CRT monitor. This monitor has been reported to display mostly television static but with a symbol resembling an eye with a power button in its iris visible in the background. Various descriptions of this logo have proven that it is consistent with the logo used by The Array1.

Looking directly at the screen of RPC-868's will result in robotic parts rapidly growing within the subject's body in a process that takes approximately 30 seconds to be complete. If successful this will culminate in either the subject being completely converted into a functional cybernetic entity while maintaining their psyche. Following a successful conversion by RPC-868, the subject will be engulfed by a ring of light before disappearing completely. Tracking devices affixed to subjects have failed to reveal where the subjects are transported by this process. Instead, tracking devices will state that it is located within RPC-868, the reason for this is unknown.

However, more commonly this conversion process will fail, leaving the subject permanently scarred and crippled. RPC-868 will then attempt to terminate the subject using the circular saws located on its mandibles. After which RPC-868 will then consume the terminated subject by using its mandibles to move the subject into a mouth-like opening on the front of its body.

The audio systems on RPC-868's body consistently play an audio clip, designated as RPC-868-1, which loops every 3-5 hours. RPC-868-1 consists of a combination of various audio elements and can be accurately described as being music. Through various efforts, some of the individual components of RPC-868-1 have been isolated and identified. The following is a list of the identified components of RPC-868-1:
Description of audio component When it occurs in RPC-868-1
The violin component of Crystallize (2012) by Lindsey Stirling. However, this version is played an octave lower than in the original song. From the end of the first hour until the end of the third hour.
The entirety of the Estonian national anthem played in reverse In the background from 00:35:53 to 00:41:02
Television static In the background for the entire duration of RPC-868-1.
Isolated percussion from Carmen (1875) by Georges Bizet; played in reverse. From 00:30:30 until 00:50:50
Never Gonna Give You Up (1987) by Rick Astley Seemingly random, but only appears in the background.
The guitar riffs from Rip & Tear (2016) in the Doom OST Takes to the foreground from 01:24:25 to 01:28:09.
Bass boosted vocals from random sections of the national anthem of the USSR. The first 20 minutes, and for the last 20 minutes before RPC-868-1 loops.

Note: No further efforts to isolate the various audio components of RPC-868-1 are being taken following the discovery of RPC-868-1's anomalous properties.

RPC-868-1 has the ability to cause physical and mental changes in subjects that listen to it for extended consecutive periods of time. For the first hour of listening to RPC-868-1 subjects will experience no changes. If the subject continues to listen to RPC-868-1 for an additional hour it will cause permanent changes in the subject's psyche. However, if the subject stops listening to RPC-868-1 for any longer than 10 minutes before the additional hour passes they will return to baseline prior to when they started listening.

After the first hour of listening to RPC-868-1, the subject's brain will begin to be forcibly restructured to function as a computational device. Following the second hour of continuous listening, the subject's brain will be fully converted into a Linux machine. Subjects that make it to this stage report that there is no discomfort during this period of change and that they do not notice any difference in their psyche after the conversion.

If a subject listens to RPC-868-1 for a period of three hours or greater, they will undergo physical alterations. These alterations will commonly include the growth of various biological organs in the subject epidermis which act as computer ports. These biological computer ports will typically grow between the subject's shoulder blades. Input and output devices connected to these ports will be able to directly communicate with the Linux machine that runs the subject's brain.

Additionally, subjects that listen to RPC-868-1 any period of time greater than 10 minutes will have their views on cybernetic transhumanism shifted such that the subject view it in a positive manner. More specifically, RPC-868-1 will induce the belief that cybernetic transhumanism will lead humanity to immortality. If a subject that listens to RPC-868-1 has knowledge of The Array they will then view The Array in an extremely positive manner. It has even been reported that some subjects have attempted to defect to The Array as a result of this effect.

Addendum 868-A - Discovery/Recovery

RPC-868 was first discovered within the town of [DATA REDACTED] and was reported to the Authority by an unknown entity that contacted Site-007 via a landline. This unknown entity claimed to have captured an anomalous entity and was holding it for Authority assets to come and recover.

Upon arrival to the town, Authority assets found that RPC-868 was restrained via various pieces of rebar that had been twisted around its body. Additionally, the unknown entity failed to respond to any further attempts at communication by the Authority.

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