Registered Phenomena Code: 867

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-867 is to be housed in a 10 by 10 meter chamber at Site-012. All personnel must put in a request with Site Director before engaging with RPC-867 for any reasons other than testing. Researchers assigned to RPC-867 must provide non-personal reasons before any testing is to be approved. RPC-867's chamber must contain the following:

- One (1) small table to rest RPC-867 on. To be cleaned once a day by janitorial staff.

- One (1) personal computer, with access to music streaming services, playing randomly selected songs at all times when RPC-867 is not in use or undergoing testing. Use of internet access for streaming of music is acceptable, as RPC-867 is incapable of using the computer.

- Soundproof padding to prevent any music played in containment from reaching outside the containment chamber.

RPC-867 may be temporarily transferred to other Sites for the purposes of psychotherapy and other mental treatment. All requests for RPC-867 must be made to the Regional Director of your area.

Description: RPC-867 is a anomalous instrument identical to the Otamatone novelty instrument by the CUBE toy company of Japan. The only visual difference between RPC-867 and the Otamatone is the Sal N' Pals1 logo printed on its bottom. RPC-867 came to the attention of Authority personnel after the store owner of a small toy shop in ███, Minnesota called the police in a panic, stating that one of his products was "possessed". When police arrived (believing the store owner had been abusing illegal narcotics), they were addressed by RPC-867, which was sitting on a display shelf and trying to coax a music request out of them, and the owner. Local law enforcement quickly took RPC-867 into custody. Authority operatives monitoring law enforcement agencies in the area were alerted to police acquisition of an anomalous object, and quickly confiscated RPC-867, with Class-B Extergito Glyphs administered to police and the shop owner.

RPC-867 is sapient, and speaks with a male voice in an exaggerated midwestern accent. While RPC-867 cannot be played like an Otamatone, RPC-867 will produce music on request, and is capable of perfectly reproducing any song it is asked to sing. When performing a song, RPC-867 will provide the vocals, while the instruments can be heard playing in the room. The instruments playing during RPC-867's performances do not emanate from any visible source. When asked to perform a song that involves multiple vocal performances (e.g. songs sung by a choir, or songs that utilize backing vocals), RPC-867 will manifest non-corporeal, transparent instances of itself, dubbed RPC-867-1, in the air around it. RPC-867-1 will materialize to provide the extra vocals, and vanish the moment they are no longer needed.

RPC-867 is generally friendly, enjoying the company of others and eager to sing for them. RPC-867 also enjoys listening to music itself, and appears to have an appreciation for every known genre of music, with the only songs it has been recorded disliking being amateur, off-key performances. When both listening to, and performing music, RPC-867 will sway back and forth. This is to be considered normal behavior, and an expression of RPC-867's enjoyment.

Further anomalous properties of RPC-867 are demonstrated when it is asked to perform songs of its own creation. Despite its eclectic taste in music, the original songs RPC-867 performs are described by listeners as atmospheric, and uplifting in nature. However, it can create songs of other varieties if asked. Original songs performed by RPC-867 have a pronounced effect on the listener's mood and behavior, becoming more pronounced the longer one listens to the song. RPC-867 prefers to perform songs that will improve one's mood, and will become hesitant when asked to perform music that causes the listener distress. When asked to play music for malicious purposes, RPC-867 will appear to shut down, refusing to speak to the individual who made the request for some time.

The mood altering effects of RPC-867 do not seem to have an inhibitor. No matter the disposition, or mental state of the listener, RPC-867's music will have a significant effect. Individuals suffering from severe trauma have seen a notable degree of psychological improvement, if not an outright cure, from the songs produced by RPC-867. Further study into the use of RPC-867 to treat (or perhaps cure) conditions such as clinical depression and PTSD is ongoing.

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