Registered Phenomena Code: 860

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Pending Review

Containment Protocols: Due to its extra-dimensional properties, RPC-860 has been determined to be uncontainable. Initial reports of missing persons between the ages 10-16 years, having been psychologically diagnosed with depression and anxiety, are to be investigated for possible patterns that directly links to RPC-860.

Information pertaining to these investigations are to not be distributed to the media. In the event that the RPC-860-2 instance has not been recovered within a seventy-two hour period, field agents are to immediately cease their investigations and amnesticise all relatives related or known to RPC-860-2. In addition, government records pertaining to the instance are to be destroyed.

Field agents who discover the gateway to RPC-860's pocket dimension are to immediately report the exact whereabouts to Mobile Specialized Team Juliett-9 ("Aperture's Subjects"). Under in no circumstances should field agents attempt to approach nor enter the gateway.

In the event that an RPC-860-2 instance has been found alive, Authority field agents are to take RPC-860-2 to an undisclosed location until further notice.

Description: RPC-860 refers to a Class IV extradimensional entity. Accounts of the subject's appearance have been reportedly varied, though the subject has been described as a woman appearing identical to that of an RPC-860-2's mother. While appearing identical, RPC-860's behavior has been noted to be in a charismatic and loving manner, speaking in an eloquent tone while maintaining a traditional family through a loving discipline.

RPC-860-2 is the collective designation for adolescents, between the ages of 10-16, after coming into contact with RPC-860, or have entered RPC-860's pocket dimension.

RPC-860 is attentive and observant to the social issues of RPC-860-2 in our dimension, though it's been theorized that RPC-860 uses various methods to observe the activities of an RPC-860-2 instance. According to the surviving instance, Rose Abigail, the pocket dimension's interior appears to be similar to that of their home, albeit appearing to the preferences of RPC-860-2.

It's unclear whether the dimension's interior has cognitive hazard effects that compels on RPC-860-2 instances to remain in longer periods.

In previous investigations, in conjunction with the American and German Government between 1984 to 2003, most of the manifestation of RPC-860 have been widely reported within the American and European continents. There have been some cases reported outside, albeit unconfirmed, within countries such as Russia, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The exact nature of these manifestations is an ongoing matter, although it's speculated that RPC-860 is Germanic in origin. As such, RPC-860 chooses those who have European ancestry. Following the events outlined in Addendum 860.03, RPC-860 appears to operate globally.

After several visits, RPC-860 will offer RPC-860-2 to remain permanently within the dimension. If an RPC-860-2 instance chooses to stay, the dimension's gateway connected to ours will be discontinued for an unknown period of time. It's unclear what happens to the instances after the gateway closes, but it's speculated that RPC-860 will immediately terminate the subject through cannibalistic means.

In 1994, the Abigail sisters entered RPC-860's dimension several times until they were offered to stay. Rose Abigail chose to accept the offer, but her twin sister, Alice Abigail, refused to accept. According to Rose Abigail, RPC-860 became aggressive and insisted that Rose remain in the dimension with her sister, but continued to refuse which resulted in RPC-860 to immediately close the dimension.

For inexplicable reasons, Rose Abigail managed to escape from the pocket dimension and made contact with Mobile Specialized Team Sierra-8 ("Sundowners"), whom were already tasked to investigate the disappearance of the Abigail sisters around that time. (See Addendum 860.02)

However, following initial retrieval of Rose Abigail, both the Abigail's parents had reportedly disappeared despite being kept under Authority supervision. 2 hours after their disappearance, they were later discovered mutilated in their bedrooms.

It's speculated that if an RPC-860-2 instance successfully escapes from RPC-860, the parents will be brought to RPC-860's pocket dimension and disappear for an unspecified time to only surface as mangled corpses.

Rose Abigail to date is the only confirmed survivor to come out of RPC-860's dimension.

Addendum 860.01: Discovery

Some sections of this addenda has been edited by the Office of Information Records and Security. Information has either been removed or fabricated to maintain information security in accordance to Directorate access privilege.

- Assistant Director Hanako Kawamura, OIRS

Initial reports came direct from the Ukrainian Government following the disappearance of the Foreign Affairs Minister's daughter, Kateryna Malenkov, on March 2, 1992. Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) investigated the disappearance, but covered it up after the investigation was called off by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, following substantial evidence of anomalous manifestation taking place.

Public concerns grew after rumors spread that the Minister's daughter was kidnapped by far-left members of the Communist Party of Ukraine, leading to the involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Counterintelligence Service (FSK), in the mid-1990s.

On March 18, 1992, American agents discovered the dimension's gateway at the basement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building. Howbeit, American field agents made contact with Russian operatives, which resulted in an incident where both agencies began engaging each other. Following this incident, the Ukrainian Government covered it up the incident, and the area was locked down by the Ukrainian Army.

However, the gateway reportedly disappeared within 24 hours and a desecrated corpse was found. The corpse was later identified to be the Minister's daughter.

Following this incident, The Authority was called in at the behest of the Ukrainian Government, and a task force with Interpol was set up to investigate further disappearances that fit the modus operandi of RPC-860.

Addendum 860.02: Post-Recovery Interview ██/██/1994

On ██/██/19██, Mobile Specialized Team Sierra-8 and Agent Philip Barrett were dispatched to Esbjerg, Denmark, after reports from the local Danish Government discovered the gateway to RPC-860's dimension.

Further investigations discovered that the parents reported both their twin-daughters went missing four hours prior. Following several hours of searching, Rose Abigail surfaced from the dimension and was retrieved by Authority agents.

The following is an audio transcript between Rose Abigail and Agent Philip Barrett.

Addendum 860.03: Incident ██/██/1996

Mobile Specialized Team Juliett-9 was dispatched to Paisley, Scotland, after Authority Central Intelligence (ACI) located RPC-860's dimension. The area was placed under lockdown with assistance from Monarch Security, and field procedures were established.

On [REDACTED], a hazardous materials team was tasked to analyze the coherency scale of the gateway, but in the process caused a researcher to be pulled into the gateway. Researcher was identified as Noritaka Yamamoto, and was declared missing in action for two days until his reappearance on [REDACTED]. He was reportedly traumatized as the gateway behind him disappeared.

Noritaka Yamamoto was medically evacuated to Site-007.

Addendum 860.04: Post-Incident Interview

The following is an video transcript between Noritaka Yamamoto and Dr. Nicholas Rieper.

Addendum 860.05: Project Abel

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