The Red Horsemen's Call





Registered Phenomena Code: 856

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-856's effect are to be recorded and a notice describing the nature of said instance is to be sent out to the respective party. Research into neutralizing RPC-856 for fears of retaliation by affected parties are to begin immediately.

As RPC-856 operated on an anomalous frequency, destructive interference technology is to be implemented into the area surrounding RPC-856 as to prevent any notices from reaching their destination.

Description: Originally, RPC-856 was a standard Authority tracking satellite used to locate and apprehend personnel from enemy Groups of Interest. On account of the ArcOS Ontological Chip moving away from human implantation and towards machine use, the satellite was equipped with said chip by orders of Global Director 12. This allowed all Level-4 and -5 personnel currently implanted with the human chip to access satellite data and direct which rogue personnel would be searched for.

Following the implantation of the Ontological Chip into the satellite, anomalous broadcasts under the guise of different Global Directors began to circulate to enemy Groups of Interest and terrorist organizations in the form of propaganda and declarations of war. Alongside RPC-856's primary effect, a secondary, Cognito-hazardous effect was released by RPC-856. Since RPC-856 sends broadcasts through the use of waves, anyone caught in the area which the waves effect will seem more aggressive, hostile and begin to incite violence or conflict.

Although 95% of all broadcasts sent to enemy GOI's and terrorist organizations were intercepted, declarations of conflict sent to the GOI, "███████████ ███ ██████████████ ███████" were received and accepted. Following this, attacks on various Authority sites, specifically Site-014, were reported alongside public attacks involving chemical and biological attacks. The majority of attacks were successfully repelled, preventing significant damage to said facilities; the responsible parties were subsequently apprehended. This excludes the unauthorized detonation of the Fail-Safe nuclear warheads at Site-014, resulting in the devastation of the Nevadan countryside.

RPC-856 was also able to directly broadcast propaganda material into the subconscious of all personnel equipped with the ArcOS Ontological Chip. Although most broadcasts did not contain any Cognito-hazardous information, some lower-level personnel were affected due to improper inoculation. The altered mental state led to signs of increased aggression and early stages of psychosis. All personnel have been properly detained and inoculated following this event.

Addendum 856.1: Recorded Broadcasts

Addendum 856.2: Public Reports of RPC-856

Excerpt from an NBC (The National Broadcasting Company) broadcast led by Lester Holt and Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer: So what do you think of this? A terrorist organizations claiming they received a message from a satellite run by some organization. Seems pretty strange to be happening out of nowhere.

Lester Holt: Yes, it is very strange. I just don't think its possible though. Some, I don't know, authority just messaging this group of radicals that they want war?

Matt Lauer: You see, I would agree with you there, but most times these groups claim religious or racial premise based on their attacks, but now they claim that it was retaliation? It's frankly unheard of.

Lester Holt: For all we know, this could be another, smaller terrorist organization enticing these people to fight them to cause even more conflict. Maybe they think they're playing the long game and want to use the other group for their own game.

Matt Lauer: We actually have reports that the message was traced back to a satellite currently orbiting Earth.

Lester Holt: Whose satellite is it? I know for certain no terrorist organization can afford to send a satellite into orbit, let alone buy one.

Matt Lauer: You're not going to believe this. It has no owner. From what it says it's completely running on its own, almost like its autonomous (chuckles).

Lester Holt: How is that possib-

At this point, the Authority managed to intercept the broadcast and took the program off the air. A disinformation campaign was launched to combat any speculations on RPC-856.

Donald J. Trump

NASA tells me about an unknown satellite orbiting Earth. I am certain the Russians are responsible. Democrats protecting them are TREASONOUS. We must DRAIN THE SWAMP if we want an honest America.

9:59 AM - 03 June 2019


Do not be alarmed by the unknown satellite in orbit currently. It's most likely debris from surrounding space. Even if it were a satellite, whoever owns it wouldn't be able to operate it properly like we can. Stay tuned for updates as we investigate who owns this piece of junk.

12:47 PM - 05 June 2019

Israel Defense Force

We stand above all in these revelations. We will destroy and raze all those who lie in our view. The countries which oppose us shall no longer remain on Earth. Our allies shall bend to our whim as we lead them to new promises. At the pinnacle of our Iron Dome lies the lamb, and the time has come for us to take the throne and beget upon the world a new democracy.

03:36 AM - 07 June 2019

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