Registered Phenomena Code: 848

Object Class: Beta-White (Utility)

Hazard Types: Ecological Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Organic Hazard, Contact Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-848 has been established surrounding RPC-848 for the purpose of observation and protection. In case of an attack on RPC-848 or a breach of OL-Site-848, ASF Units must terminate all hostiles. All Authority operatives who are stationed in other planes of existence must prioritize the defense of this universe's corresponding instance of RPC-848-1. Operatives stationed in other realities must always liaise with this reality, and must never attempt to make contact with an alternate reality Authority counterpart.

All on-site personnel must liaise with the "gardeners" of RPC-848 if they wish to traverse the anomaly. When traversing RPC-848, personnel may only make contact with an instance of RPC-848-1 or RPC-848-2 if under direct orders to travel to said instances corresponding plane of existence. Unauthorized traversal of RPC-848 or handling of floral specimens will result in termination.

Each RPC-848-1 and RPC-848-2 instance, from the instances appearance, as well as its corresponding plane of existence, are to be recorded and cataloged in Document-AR-114.

Description: In this universe, RPC-848 is the designation for a plot of land located on the Norwegian-Swedish border in ████ ███████ National Park, measuring approximately 5 hectares by 7 hectares. RPC-848 is distinguishable from the surrounding area, in that all plant species within it are non-native; from the grass, to the instances of RPC-848-1 and RPC-848-2, even the soil composition is different. RPC-848 has its own biosphere, and as such, it is completely independent of the surrounding land in terms of its ecosystem. RPC-848-1 instances are tree-like organisms, resembling members of the genus Fraxinus, which have been discovered to be a part of a clonal colony1. There are various other plant species within RPC-848, which have been broadly designated RPC-848-2, as they all share a common anomalous trait along with RPC-848-1.

When direct contact is made with a specimen within RPC-848, they will be perceived as spheroidal constructs, containing various galaxies, nebulae, and other celestial bodies. After contact with an instance is made, the subject will proceed to speak in an unidentifiable language, which has been determined to be most similar to ███ █████. When subjects commence speaking this language, it has always been reported to have a tone and pacing akin to chanting, no individual has been able to remember what or if they said anything at all. As subjects chant, a spatial anomaly begins to form near the subject, after which they will be drawn into it.

These space-time anomalies, when explored, will lead subjects to various alternate realities2 depending upon the instance of RPC-848-1. Realities accessed via RPC-848-1 have been confirmed as being true alternate realities, as testing with the Authority's own method or inter-dimensional travel will lead subjects to the same reality as accessed via an RPC-848-1 instance, through the matching of the reality signature. Instances of RPC-848-2, when their corresponding plane of existence is accessed, are known to be highly different from a typical alternate reality accessed via an instance of RPC-848-1. These planes of existence have generally been discovered to not be "universes" in the traditional sense, and are instead classified as an unnatural, artificial, or other reality, acronymized to UAO. A partial catalog of UAO realities accessed via RPC-848-2 instances, as well as alternate realities encountered via RPC-848-1 instances, can be found in Addendum-848-1.

Several humanoids have been seen roaming seemingly at random throughout RPC-848, these beings will attest that they are the "gardeners" of RPC-848. This is unconfirmed as they do not perform typical plant nursery maintenance. Instead, they have been documented uprooting several RPC-848-2 instances, as well as cases where RPC-848-1 instances, numbering from one to dozens of instances, were chopped down, with all gardeners broadly claiming said instances to be "invasive" or "unhealthy" without any elaboration. Further information on these gardeners can be found in Interview 848-1.

Addendum 848-1: Catalog of Alternate/UAO realities accessed via instances of RPC-848-1 and RPC-848-2.

Below is a partial catalog of realities encountered through RPC-848, full documentation of the catalog can be found in Document-AR-114.

RPC-848-1 Instance Designation. Reality Description. Notes.
RPC-848-1-1Q7-55J-1133 Reality determined to be similar to baseline, however, The RPC Authority appears to be a public sector organization. This Authority equivalent began operations during the reformation, when their equivalent of Auctoritas Imperata became fully independent from the Catholic Church, expanding throughout Europe and eventually all over the world. This Authority equivalent fully embraces their role as a public sector organization, holding many charity events for help with funding for containment of anomalies, as well as incorporating anomalous education into common core schooling. Lets never do this.-Dr. Quincy.
RPC-848-1-2D4-47K-015 Reality is that of Earth or an earth-like planet with a multitude of moons in its orbit, Said moons cause severe tidal forces across the planet, which in turn cause gravity within tidal force affected areas to be highly variable. Life on the planet seems to have adapted in many ways to combat these tidal forces, with some becoming entirely dependent on them. Caution is advised when traversing this reality, as said tidal forces are great enough to tear objects apart.
RPC-848-1-7Y4-13R-216 Reality is that of two (2) Earth-like planets which are "twin" planets, in that both are roughly equal in diameter, orbit on the same plane about their star, and both have separate and equal opposing gravitational pulls. This causes objects from one particular planet to be completely insusceptible to the gravity of the other planet, always being affected by the gravity of the planet said object originated from. There appears to be life on both planets, however, there are two different populations of a Homo sapiens-like species on either planet, with differing physical characteristics in both populations. Research into the gravitational laws of this reality is still ongoing.
RPC-848-2 Instance Designation/Description. Reality Description. Notes.
RPC-848-2-8I1-94A-407, Instance resembles a Dianthus caryophyllus(Carnation), light orange in coloration. Reality determined to have several more spatial dimensions than baseline reality. Said observation of this reality caused severe headaches, and was later determined that the geometry of objects within the reality was cognitohazardous. Life was encountered within the reality, however, communication was non-feasible, as subjects claim that entities also "speak" in more dimensions than can be naturally perceived. Reality is used for testing involving higher spatial dimensions.
RPC-848-2-0Z0-00Z-000, Instance resembles a Tulipa gesneriana(Garden Tulip), pitch black in coloration. "Reality" is that of a practical void, with no perceivable spatial dimensions present within it. As it is a void, said "reality" is practically non-traverseable, and dangerous to remain within, as having no perception of surroundings causes subjects to enter into a catatonic state after remaining within the void for a period of longer than 5 minutes. This is broken only by removing the subject from the void. The nature of this "reality" has made measurements of its ACS level nearly impossible, research into this void is ongoing.

Within all planes of existence, as accessed by RPC-848-1 instances, there existed an iteration of RPC-848, also present with it, was an organization of the native residents of the plane of existence which cared for and maintained the iteration. In instances of RPC-848-2 however, this consistency is not present. Though many did have iterations of RPC-848, a few notable examples did not. It is unclear how the phenomena of RPC-848 begins in the first place.

Addendum: Interview 848-1, Initial contact with the "gardeners" of RPC-848.

Interviewed: A member of the alleged "gardeners" of RPC-848, will henceforth be referred to as Subject, as they refused to give a name. The Subject is noted as being male, white skin, platinum hair, and grey eyes. Several markings akin to tattoos are present across the body, all of which are depictions of various instances of RPC-848-1 and RPC-848-2.

Interviewer: Dr. Quincy.

Foreword: Interview is noted as being the first contact with the supposed "gardeners" after sightings of them were reported by tourists of the park. The interview was initially conducted in Norwegian, but developed into English as the Subject displayed knowledge in the language.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quincy: Hallo, hva heter du? [Translation: Hello, what is your name?]

Subject: Hvorfor hei, mitt navn er ikke viktig, hvordan gjør du det? vet du at du ikke trenger å snakke norsk? [Translation: Why hello, my name is not important, how do you do? you know you don't have to speak Norwegian?]

Dr. Quincy: What? Uhm- Well, alright then, we have some questions, tell me, what do you and the other persons we have observed here do?

Subject: Well its obvious isn't it, we're gardeners, we cultivate Existence and display it proudly.

Dr. Quincy: What do you mean by "existence"?

Subject: How can you ask such a question when you fully understand it? Are you not a display of the majesty of Existence?

Dr. Quincy: Well, I guess? Yes, I do exist, but lets return to me asking the questions. What are the plant specimens that are present within the area of land that you "garden"? Are they organic?

Subject: Is it really so hard to understand? Existence has displayed itself in its entirety to us, and we simply make sure that all of its splendor and grace shine through for all to see.

Dr. Quincy: OK, well, we have seen you "weed out" several flowers and even chopped down some trees, we must ask, why did you choose those particular specimens when you removed them?

Subject: Well it's simple, they were merely invasive, my brothers and sisters and I merely sought them out and removed them before they spread throughout Existence.

Dr. Quincy: Forgive me for making assumptions but I do not believe any plant specimens you removed were invasive, I mean I'll admit a Sunflower is certainly non-nati-

Subject: It is not wise to question your mothers gardening methods, so why do you feel it is any wiser to question a strangers?

Dr. Quincy: Well, you're no ordinary stranger.

Subject: Oh, well you've caught me, to be truthful some examples of Existence become sickening, both to themselves and to Existence as a whole, we cannot allow these examples to spread their sickness to others, its only natural.

Dr. Quincy: I suppose, we'll come back to this subject. Now, do you know where these plants came from? When were they planted here?

Subject: We do not know, certainly before us, certainly before the earth, perhaps even before the universe.

Dr. Quincy: That doesn't make a lot of sense now does it?

Subject: Well, this is going nowhere. Now, I understand you've got a lot of questions, and perhaps my answers will not satisfy you. But my task is to satisfy you, and seeing as how the only way you will be satisfied is answers my brothers and sisters have deemed sufficient, we are at an impasse. (Subject lets out a sigh.) I can, however, propose an alternative, not an answer, but an agreement. My brothers and sisters have seen you before, throughout Existence, we have seen the triangle that signifies your presence.

Dr. Quincy: Have you now? I assume by you you mean my organization?

Subject: Yes, but I must say you are very curious, you're so, fractured, so inconsistent. Throughout Existence you are everywhere, but you do not take advantage of this. We would like to help you become whole throughout Existence.

Dr. Quincy: How would you help?

Subject: The only way we can, we'll allow you to have access to our garden, access to all of Existence, so that you may be whole.

Dr. Quincy: Well, now, this is quite a proposition, one that I am not able to make alone, I'll have to bring this up with my superiors.

Subject: Very well, but if you do accept we will have rules, very strict rules at that.

Dr. Quincy: We may discuss those rules at a later date, for now we will consider your offer, That is all for now.

<End Log>

Closing Statement from Dr. Quincy: Personally, I do not believe we should accept, for one thing, we have our own method of alternate reality traversal, and their insistence on the secrecy of their "gardening" behavior is also worrisome. I hereby put forth a proposal to not make any agreements with these people until the reasoning behind their actions with destroying plant specimens is made plain.-Dr. Quincy.

Dr. Quincy's insistence on pressuring the gardeners into revealing their knowledge of RPC-848 is noted as causing diplomatic strain between the Authority and the gardeners, as a breakdown of communication between the gardeners and the Authority would significantly jeopardize the continued study of the anomaly, Dr. Quincy will be reprimanded for his actions.

Security Incident 848-1: Defection of Dr. Quincy to an unknown alternate reality.

On 10/12/20██, Dr. Walter Quincy, Senior Researcher of RPC-848, broke into the armory of OL-Site-848, proceeded to enter RPC-848, and began to fire upon several gardeners. ASF units were alerted and began to search for Dr. Quincy, the gardeners claimed they last saw him making contact with an RPC-848-1 instance, but could not give a specific designation. After this point, several RPC-848-1 instances were destroyed, via detonation of an explosive device attached to the trunk. Dr. Quincy was reported as MIA, as no body was recovered during the incident, and it is highly likely that he escaped into an alternate reality. Dr. Quincy has hereby been labelled a rogue Authority element that must be captured by any means possible.

A formal apology was delivered to the gardeners, and an offer was made to replant the instances of RPC-848-1 that were destroyed, they declined this offer, stating that in time a new instance will form in the exact spot where the previous one was.

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