Registered Phenomena Code: 844

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-844 is to be contained in a storage locker in Site-043. Only personnel with a clearance of Level 3 or higher are permitted access to the anomaly. RPC-844 must be filled at all times and never emptied except during testing.

Description: RPC-844 is a steel cylindrical 90-liter bin with a hinged handle lid containing components of edible plants, dairy, and meats from various farm animals, such as cattle, mixed with water and other waste materials to the brim. The bottom of the bin features a black-painted marking made up of shapes consisting of circles, triangles, and squares arranged into a circular pattern.

When RPC-844 is completely emptied, a black swirling pattern will form at the bottom of the bin from which a long, maroon-colored left-handed arm approximately 3.7 m in length and constructed with five joints will emerge out of it. It will quickly grab the nearest human and drag them in, causing a new load of its primary substance to rise to the top before it closes.

The substance within RPC-844 doesn't appear to have any human components, is non-anomalous, and seems to have no side effects when fed to pigs or other livestock. The entity within appears to be aware of its environment and surroundings, capable of tracking the nearest human life, and only pursuing live humans, never animals, other organisms, or human corpses, until the bin is full.

Discovery: RPC-844 was first reported to the authorities in Linfield, Nebraska, USA, in a pig farm when an apprentice emptied the anomaly to feed a drift of pigs, only to get dragged into it. Two days before, the owner of the farm Daniel Baxter never showed up to work or answered any calls, which led one of his apprentices to visit his house, where he later found RPC-844 in a shack in the center of a painted marking on the ground similar in design to the marking inside the anomaly.

When investigating in Baxter's house, notes of a ritual mentioning an alternative way of pig feeding were found in a desk drawer. The notes contained illustrations of circular patterns identically to the ones in RPC-844 or one in the shack, and most of the items the note mentions for the ritual were founded in the shed where RPC-844 was found. It was later discovered that Baster bought the notes from an auction on eBay. However, the seller's account location could not be tracked.

Addendum 844-1

Addendum 844-2:

15 days after a drift of nine pigs was fed RPC-844's substance, their size and weight suddenly increased drastically. Weighing approximately 210 kg before being fed their first load, they now weigh approximately 430 kg each. Unfortunately, it is unknown for now how the substance's anomalous effect functions, as further studies couldn't find any difference between its components and the aliments that it's made of.

- Dr. John Wendle

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