Registered Phenomena Code: 840

Object Class: Presumably Neutralized/Gamma1

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial

Containment Protocols: Use of RPC-991 has proven incredibly useful for research into RPC-840 as a whole. Exact numbers and dates have been discovered and proven with the help of RPC-991. Researchers assigned to RPC-840 are advised to make use of RPC-991 to conduct research. Additionally, RPC-840's anomalous properties had presumably ceased before the establishment of the Authority; thus no containment procedures are currently in place.

As for preventing knowledge of RPC-840's anomalous attributes spreading to the populace, information concerning the habitability of Venus at a previous time has been revealed to the public, but not the RPC-840 events themselves. Additionally, NASA has allowed the Authority to remotely control advanced rovers on the surface of Venus which can be used to research the many anomalies RPC-840 is associated with, along with the NASA Anomalous Research Division (NASA ARD) which is currently funding and making multiple contributions towards projects relating to RPC-840.

You are reading revision 0.01v of the RPC-840 documentation. It is important that you read this revision as well as 0.02v due to the fact 0.01v goes into more detail about the numerous other anomalies relating to RPC-840 as a whole. 0.02v goes into detail of what actions will be taken if RPC-840 becomes a threat to humanity, and will be attached at the bottom of this file.


Photograph of a habitable Venus.

Description: RPC-840 is the designation given to multiple anomalous events and entities located on the planet of Venus. These Venusian2 anomalies have been designated separately and will be explained in greater detail. RPC-840-13 is the designation given to a decimated civilization that inhabited Venus since approximately 2 billion years ago and up until approximately 65 million years ago. Evidence shows that RPC-840-1 was a technologically advanced civilization similar to humans; however, it is presumed that they are entirely separate from the human species despite this.4 Use of RPC-991 has shown that Venus originally supported life; much similarly to Earth; along with an aerial view of an RPC-840-1 civilization before an apocalyptic event.5


Aerial photograph of an RPC-840-1 civilization.

RPC-840-2 is an apocalyptic event that occurred on Venus approximately 65 million years ago. All but 2 RPC-840-1 specimens had perished over the course of 2 years. These 2 RPC-840-1 specimens have been designated the names Adam and Eve by other RPC-840-1 specimens. These 2 instances of RPC-840-1 were considered of high importance to RPC-840-1 as a whole.

RPC-840-3 is the designation given to the Chicxulub asteroid.6 High importance RPC-840-1 members designated Adam and Eve in texts found on Venus7 were aboard RPC-840-3 when it impacted Earth. The entities then proceeded to bring sapient/human life to planet Earth by unknown means. Human life-forms existing directly because of RPC-840-6 and -7's arrival to planet Earth would also suggest that the Panspermia8 theory is scientifically true.


RPC-840-5 infection on a RPC-840-1 operated vehicle.

RPC-840-4 is responsible for the mass extinction of RPC-840-1, and the harsh conditions of planet Venus. RPC-840-4 resembles a large cathedral constructed entirely out of remains from an unknown life-form. RPC-840-4 landed on Venus, causing the immediate causalities of approximately 4,000 RPC-840-1 specimens. Roughly 30 minutes later, RPC-840-4 released a gas of indiscernible composition. This gas was toxic to RPC-840-1, and approximately 85,000 casualties were recorded over a period of 12 days. This gas RPC-840-4 produced had seemingly released a bacterial infection onto the RPC-840-1 populace.9

RPC-840-5 is a highly lethal bacterial infection created by RPC-840-4. RPC-840-5 functions similar to a modern-day fungal infection, aside from the immense production of lesion-like spores appearing on the body. These spores can also attach and spread to and from inanimate objects, and has been seen covering large areas of the ground on Venus. RPC-840-5 spores spread to the skin immediately after contact and will begin to travel to the cardiac muscle of the body.

RPC-840-8 and RPC-840-9 are 2 anomalous figures vaguely resembling a pyrotechnics mask.  10 RPC-840-8 and -9 manifested on Venus approximately 2 hours after RPC-840-4 had landed. RPC-840-8 takes on the form of a dimly lit doorway, with a 'face' visible in the middle. Any biological lifeforms who approach RPC-840-8 within approximately 3 meters will be drawn near RPC-840-8, and will not be able to escape the grasp of the entity. RPC-840-8 will then neutralize any life-form once it has entered the entity's 'door-frame'.

RPC-840-9A takes on a similar appearance to RPC-840-8, except for the fact RPC-840-9A hovers over the ground. RPC-840-9A is moved along by an unidentified humanoid much smaller than itself; designated 'RPC-840-9B'. A single rope is connected to both RPC-840-9 entities. RPC-840-9 shows no signs of hostility, and mostly spend time wandering the wastelands of Venus.

RPC-840-9B has been observed to wail uncontrollably and show extreme signs of depression. The humanoid displays severe signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and is constantly vocalizing in an unidentifiable language. It is unknown if RPC-840-9B was created alongside RPC-840-9A, or was attached to the entity after the initial appearance of it on Venus. It is likely that more anomalous entities such as RPC-840-9 inhabited Venus after the apocalyptic event, however, no evidence to support this claim has surfaced.

RPC-840 REVISION 0.02v:


Registered Phenomena Code: 840

Object Class: Gamma-Black

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial

Containment Protocols: Humanity must not exceed a Type II civilization as presented on the Kardashev scale.16 It is hypothesized that humans will attain Type II status in the next couple thousand years. As of 2023, humanity has not yet reached Type I status, thus the threat RPC-840 poses is on low alert. The Gamma Black classification has been applied due to the immense threat RPC-840-4 will pose when it is alerted to Earth's growing technological capabilities.

The Authority is to prevent humanity from exceeding into a Type II civilization. Several international laws are to be applied to prevent the rapid growth of technology when humanity reaches a Type I civilization. Any countries that refuse to abide by the new international law (which has been disguised as if it is meant to slow rapid inflation or economic failure) is to be dealt with by force if necessary. Containment Protocols will be updated if any major changes to the geopolitical and geographic structure affect them in any way in the future. Construction on an advanced rocket to allow up to 500 humans to escape to another planetary body was launched by NASA and the Authority in 2021. This will allow humanity to persevere on other nearby habitable planets (which will most likely be discovered before a Type II civilization is achieved) if RPC-840-4 becomes a more imminent threat to human-kind.

If by any chance humanity exceeds this threshold, or RPC-840-4 lands on Earth's surface unprecedentedly, it will be nearly impossible to deal with the threat as RPC-840-4 is technologically superior, and its sole purpose is to exterminate all hyper-advanced civilizations in the universe. Defeat is to be admitted by Earth's forces, and the previously mentioned advanced rocket is to be boarded by all highly-intelligent and governmental figures at the current time as soon as possible.

Description: RPC-840's relation to life on Earth, the species RPC-840-1, and all other details have been omitted from this revision as they have not been modified. A file which briefly recaps all the separate anomalous entities/events/phenomena omitted from the previous revision has been attached below in a list-like format. This revision will mostly focus on RPC-840-4; the large cathedral-like structure mentioned in the previous revision of the RPC-840 document.

Below is a brief recap of all the separate anomalies in the collective designation that is RPC-840. The following information has been listed due to the fact the current revision you are viewing will not include the anomalies listed below in the description.

New hypothetical research about RPC-840 from Researcher Yash has been proven to be true. The RPC-840-4 structure is controlled by a god-like figure which cannot be understood with current human knowledge. This figure/being will relocate RPC-840-4 to any planetary body with a civilization that has exceeded a Type II civilization on the Kardashev scale, or has used any other means to gain complete technological prosperity which might exceed a Type II civilization.17

RPC-840-4's purpose in the universe is to exterminate all life that has exceeded such technological boundaries, which keeps a balance of power within the universe. Currently, RPC-840-4 is known for the mass extinction of the 'Venusian' race (RPC-840-1) which inhabited Venus around 65 million years ago. RPC-840-4 is able to summon a deadly gas (RPC-840-5) which will then release a bio-logical hazard (highly-contagious disease) onto the populace of the planet it is currently landed on. Said disease is highly lethal, and no possible way to cure it has ever come to fruition, as it is highly likely that it can not be cured by any means. RPC-840-4 will also summon anomalous beings (currently only RPC-840-8, -9A, and -9B have been seen) which will aid in exterminating the civilization.

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