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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-833

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Grouped, Sentient?, Aggression, Destabilization?, Memory-Alteration, Emotional?, Sensory, Visual, Auditory

Containment Protocols: RPC-833 is, if possible, not to be interacted with. For this purpose, OL-Site-833 is equipped exclusively with material for observation and cataloguing of its anomalous properties. Personnel are expected to ignore hallucinations while operating, but are allowed to request transfer to Site-046 at any time.

RPC-833's containment chamber is at the center of OL-Site-833. It is equipped with extensive non-anomalous and anomalous measurement devices, as well as audio and video recording systems. A full list of sensors and measuring devices may be requested to OL-Site-833. Entrances to RPC-833's chamber may be sealed with reinforced roller doors if need be.

A radio transmission outpost was constructed during March of 1976 in the outskirts of the Zone of Silence following a temporary disappearance of RPC-833-A. The outpost permanently transmits ten different signals at frequencies between 20Hz and 60GHz (signals 1 through 10, ordered by amount of Hertz), with the purpose of measuring the current strength of RPC-833-A; radio reception devices prepared at OL-Site-833 should normally not receive any of these signals, but begin to do so as RPC-833-A weakens.

Thus, reception of signal 10 signifies an increase in intensity of approximately 10%, reception of signals 10 and 9 signify an increase of 20%, etcetera.

For the purposes of keeping this outpost as discrete as possible, all radio transmission devices have been produced with unique anomalous technology commissioned from Nucorp Industries, allowing for miniaturization beyond what is currently believed possible through non-anomalous methods.

OL-Site-833 is subsidiary to Site-046. RPC-833 containment responsibilities as such extends to Site-046 administration.

Description: RPC-833 refers to a set of ten cylindrical metallic containers organized in a circular pattern around the center of the Zone of Silence, Mexico, coordinates 26°41′29″N, 103°44′44″O. Each container is designated RPC-833-1 through -10, and remain in the location in which they have been discovered.

Each RPC-833-# instance, save for RPC-833-10, contains a single mummified human corpse of varying sex and physical appearance. These appear to have been dehydrated, but further examination has not been attempted as containment directives for RPC-833 involve non-intervention.

RPC-833-10 is marked with pictographic instructions directing to open it, and contains a large amount of aged documents which appear to relate to the anomaly in a manner not currently understood. See Appendix 01 for further information.

RPC-833 is suspected to be the cause of a series of sensorial, electromagnetic and spatial anomalies affecting the aforementioned Zone of Silence. These anomalies and their effects are well defined and understood, and are thus subdesignated RPC-833-A, -B, -C and -D.

RPC-833-A is an electromagnetic anomaly that increases in intensity as distance from RPC-833 decreases, with noticeable effects beginning aprox. 500m away from RPC-833. RPC-833-A gradually decreases the intensity of radio waves as they approach RPC-833, and blocks them from passing through a 100m2 circumference around it. This later effect works similarly to non-anomalous electromagnetic shielding, save for the absence of any apparent material or electromagnetic field that would be normally responsible for it.

Of note, infrared radiation of particularly low frequency1 is affected by the anomaly to a lesser degree. Rather than being entirely blocked, it is slightly weakened in intensity. This allows the intensity of the anomaly to be measured; see Containment Protocols.

Map (19/7/1995)




Of particular interest to Authority researchers is that RPC-833-A and -B appear to oppose RPC-833-D; while the latter attempts to guide individuals toward RPC-833, the former attempt to prevent access and block RPC-833 from the outside world.

Furthermore, RPC-833-A and -B are suspected to have other, harder to perceive anomalous properties. The area of influence and intensity of RPC-833-A and -B have been shown to abruptly fluctuate at unpredictable intervals, potentially having negative effects in other RPC-833 sub-anomalies.

This is especially considered so because RPC-833-C and -D events appear to mostly restrict themselves to the area of effect of RPC-833-B, save for a limited number of RPC-833-C instances that "leak out". Only nine instances of RPC-833-C and none of -D are registered to have ocurred inside the bright red circle in the map above.

Testing with RPC-833-# instances and their relationship with other associated phenomena is disallowed due to the unpredictability they have shown when untouched. In particular, several incidents in containment have produced major amnestic effects in OL-Site-866 personnel; if triggered during a major breach, Authority response could be substantially delayed, thus having potentially irreparable effects to Authority operations as well as operational secrecy.


RPC-833 was discovered on July of 1970, following a three-week search by the United States Air Force for an Athena test missile that had gone off-course and crashed in the proximity of the anomaly. Initial surveys had failed to find the wreckage, but eventual usage of air surveillance managed to locate it.

In the process of retrieving the missile, RPC-833's anomalous properties were discovered by USAF operatives, who attempted to be kept secret from the Mexican population. Rumors regarding the unusual properties of the area spread nevertheless, as the influx of a large amount of military matèriel could not be successfully hidden. The swift popularization of such rumours eventually prompted Authority involvement.

The properties of the area have become an urban myth throughout Mexico, with its common name (Zona del Silencio) stemming from this status. However, this is not considered a risk to secrecy; the presence of RPC-833-B ensures no external subjects may come in contact with any non-negligible anomalous properties.

The existence of RPC-833 itself was unknown until December of the same year, when attempts were made to uncover the origin point for its sub-anomalies. For this purpose, a Research Division team equipped with radio devices was deployed from Site-046.

The chain of events that led to the uncovering of the containers is unknown; Authority operatives involved in the search have uniformly experienced lost time, and are unable to recount the process. The influence of compulsive anomalies is suspected, but remains unsubstantiated.

OL-Site-833 is established in January of 1971, with many members of the Research Division team becoming permanently assigned to RPC-833.

Appendix 01 — RPC-833-10

RPC-833-10 contains a set of 24 documents originally written in English, all believed to be related to RPC-833 in some form. These documents have been proven not to contain any known memetic hazards, and as such a selection has been attached below.

Document #1-833: Nicknamed "Epitaph" or "Testament" by Research Division personnel due to its content and tone. It is the only document recovered from RPC-833-10 that directly refers to the anomaly, doing so in a manner not dissimilar to long-term warning messages. Other copies of this message in different languages have been recovered.

This page is a message, and the last remaining of a system of messages.

The twelve surrounding containers are not dangerous and are not to be touched. You are best off leaving them unmoved.

The true danger of this location lies below.

You are not to go below! Do not attempt to dig below the twelve surrounding containers, and do not to look or think of what is below.

Distrust those that tell you to dig below, even those who are close to you.

Do not consume any liquids while in the proximity of this location. Do not approach any figures, familiar or otherwise, that you do not recognize.

Do not alter this location further. Do not remain in this location for prolonged periods of time. Do not attempt to dig below.

Below lies the remains of a Type-KZ Event, Entity, or Location; the nature of such a designation is unknown to me, as is the nature of what is below.

In order to keep it hidden and locked, an organization that preceded us has constructed the system you see before you; the message above this one was originally composed by them.

To the organization that succeeds us; follow the warnings you have read above. There is nothing to be learned, and nothing to be gained from what lies below.

We have left here all that we could recover from the original documentation that was left with the system. It is not of much use.

Good luck,

Cloverfield Institute.

Documents #2-833 through #12-833: A set of interview transcripts with two unknown speakers each. Analysis of these transcripts points to the hypothesis that at least one speaker remains consistent through all interviews, with the other changing or being replaced.

Three have been selected and attached below in apparent chronological order. Others have been removed for the purpose of maintaining this file as concise as possible, and they can be accessed upon request to Site-046 archival personnel. These interviews have been reformatted for ease of reading.

Document #14-833: Short recovery manifest.

Document #21-833: Believed to be either a report or letter. Its relation to other recovered documents is uncertain, although it is tonally similar to Document #1-833. If closely related to RPC-833, it is possible that it was written at a later time period than Document #1, potentially by the group of individuals said document refers to.

Document #22-833: Short report, similar to Document #14. Believed to have been originally received in Morse code.

Appendix 02 — Abnormalities Since Containment

Following containment of RPC-833, a number of temporary abnormalities have been experienced at OL-Site-833. These seem to correspond to fluctuations in RPC-833's anomalous properties, manifesting as a variety of unexplained events.

A cause for these has not yet been established, although it is suspected that they are derivations or intensifications of RPC-833's known anomalous properties rather than unique phenomena.

A timeline of minor incidents is attached below.

[12/10/1981] — Three agents experience a localized fluctuation in RPC-833-C. During this period, the associated voices are not muffled and become easier to recognize; each agent uniformly reports hearing a family member requesting them to "come closer" to an unspecified location. RPC-833-A is observed to have briefly strengthened at this time.

[06/03/1983] — An agent is discovered unconscious inside RPC-833's chamber. He was in fetal position at the time, tightly holding to a shovel. This shovel was taken from OL-Site-833's janitorial closet, and removed following the incident. Once the agent awakes, he refuses to answer questions regarding the situation, claiming to be unable to remember. It is not certain whether this is truly the case. RPC-833-A is observed to strengthen by 30% before the event, later returning to its original strength.

[09/08/1985] — All site personnel uniformly report hearing their names. RPC-833-A strengthens to 150% of its original intensity, and does not return to normal. Electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared region (3 THz) is noted to be slightly affected.

[10/09/1987 - 02/04/1992] — Auditory and visual hallucinations exponentially increase in incidence and intensity. Compulsory effects are suspected. The area of RPC-833-B is observed to fluctuate. Hallucinations are described as weeping and visions of human subjects in some form of pain, either emotional or physical.

[06/1992] — Site personnel experience an uniform shift in behaviour, characterized by a decrease in hostility and awareness, as well as an increase in necessity for emotional support and unwillingness to operate. RPC-833-A is noted to further intensify, completely blocking radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, and visible rays for brief periods. Increases in intensity directly correlate to reversals to normal behaviour.

[04/06/1995] — Major incident: all site personnel experience missing time, and find themselves cowering or resting, having apparently cried for an extended period of time. Personnel near or inside RPC-833's chamber appear to have been affected with greater intensity; they recall having experienced a series of hallucinations in which them, along with other unspecified individuals, are "trapped underground" and in some form of pain. RPC-833-A is noted to intensify to 170% of its original strength, while RPC-833-B increases in area of influence.

[07/07/1995] — Personnel continue to report hearing their names throughout the month. This appears to occur more frequently at night, difficulting stable rest. RPC-833-C is noted to occur more often and abruptly change in characteristics, with vocal hallucinations acquiring a pained or pleading tone.

[12/07/1995] — Four researchers report viewing a group of unidentified figures crawling away from OL-Site-833, eventually being "pulled back" and vanishing. This phenomenon is distinct from RPC-833-D, as they do not appear familiar; rather, they seem indistinct. RPC-833-B further increases in size.

[17/07/1995] — RPC-833-D is apparently replaced by a different phenomenon, in which subjects view indistinct figures attempting to dig themselves out of the ground and crawl away from RPC-833.

[20/07/1995] — RPC-833-B has doubled its original size, and hallucinatory anomalies increase in intensity; personnel report vivid dreams consistent with anomalous events previously described; hundreds of human beings are seen trapped inside an underground structure, emaciated and attempting to dig upward. While they are unable to vocalize clearly, they speak to affected personnel in begging tones.

[31/07/1995] — A second missing time incident. Measurement devices on RPC-833's chamber fail to function, save for audio recorders. The following audio file is later recovered. Note the presence of OL-Site-833 alarms.

Appendix 03 — Future Exploration

As of 03/08/1995, OL-Site-833 personnel have arrived at the conclusion that the containment condition of RPC-833 is worsening without Authority involvement.

It is clear from the series of increasingly-severe incidents affecting the site and its personnel that the Authority does not have a proper understanding of RPC-833's properties and the rules they abide by, having instead opted for a passive containment strategy. All variations of such a strategy have exhausted themselves, with RPC-833's properties continuing to escalate.

In an effort to control RPC-833 before its properties escalate beyond control, a seismological analysis will be performed below the location of all RPC-833-# instances, to then dig approximately 2,000m directly below it; this is expected to be the focal point for RPC-833-B, and potentially an origin point for other associated anomalous phenomena. Specialized equipment has been brought in from Site-046 for this purpose.

Security measures have been prepared in case RPC-833 destabilizes. Armed personnel are guarding the dig site, and personnel have been advised to be alert for anomalous phenomena. Audio and video recording devices have also been prepared.

An automated telephone signal will be sent to Site-046 once every four hours to ensure operational safety; should a signal not be received twenty minutes after its scheduled time, intervention may be necessary. MST Delta-14 remains on standby.

UPDATE — 15/08/1995: Digging operations are nearing 1,500m in depth. No incidents appear to have occurred since digging started; it is not certain whether this is correlated to the operation. RPC-833-C and D appear to have partially reverted to their original forms. RPC-833-A remains stable.

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