AEGIS v8.3.1






Canon: Baseline
Series: Fail-Safe
Canon: Baseline Series: Fail-Safe

Registered Phenomena Code: 831

Object Class: Neutralized Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Mechanical, Sentient, Sapient, Ballistic

Containment Protocols: All entrances to Site-003-ARC are to be placed under constant surveillance from CCTV cameras that have been erected near them. A four meter high barbed wire fence has been erected in a 30 meter perimeter around Site-003-ARC, and is to be patrolled by ASF personnel at all times.

Research into RPC-831 to find a method of effectively preventing it from accessing Authority systems is deemed of the highest priority.

Due to the current state of RPC-831 and its ability to access Authority systems, no hostile actions are to be taken against RPC-831.

Description: RPC-831 is the designation of the AEGIS1, which was created in 1953 as a means of streamlining Authority global communications. The AEGIS was operational until 1998 after which it was deactivated following the creation of the Authority communication network. RPC-831 itself had various anomalous properties, such as the ability to absorb electronic equipment to increase its processing speed.

Additional Files

Failsafe trigger

On June 13th, 2019, a signal was sent from the AEGIS in Site-003-ARC that caused the long neglected nuclear failsafe in Site-014 to be unlocked, which allowed the failsafe to be detonated by a third party. Prompting its re-designation to Gamma-Purple. Additionally, following this incident X-Ray-8 ("Lab Rats") was dispatched to investigate Site-003-ARC which was foreclosed with the deactivation of the AEGIS.

Recovered Files

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