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Fig 1.0: The upmost exterior of RPC-830, prior to excavation.


Registered Phenomena Code: 830

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-830, due to its current position within the Antarctic continent, is self-containing. As RPC-830 is technically an immobile structure, an excavation has been performed around RPC-830's position, though not strictly with the purpose of researching RPC-830. This excavation is currently ongoing, as multiple assumedly unrelated anomalies have been found surrounding RPC-830's underground position. It should be noted that, though RPC-830 was discovered somewhat recently, the entire area was discovered at the same time as RPC-830.

For information regarding the other anomalies found at the archaeological site, please refer to the page on Antarctic Region 017.

Description: RPC-830 is an anomalous assumedly concrete/brick tower, buried approximately █ kilometers within Antarctic ice. RPC-830's architecture bears resemblance to a number of styles, though notably those of Greco-Roman and the works of Antoni Gaudí.1 Notably, the uppermost portion of RPC-830 is designed in inconspicuous geometric shapes, architecturally inconsistent with the lower portions of the tower.

After excavation, it was revealed that RPC-830 was built in the apex center of a partially anomalous "tiered" city. This area has been designated Antarctic Region 017, and will not be detailed exclusively within this document. As RPC-830 stretches approximately █ kilometers below the surface, many portions of the area are either in extensive caverns or buried entirely within ice. RPC-830 is one of the only discovered consistent elements of the area, connecting all recorded levels of the area. The excavation effort was halted upon discovery of the city, and instead now serves as a notable landmark for exploration teams.

RPC-830 contains a host of anomalous properties, though only some of which are virulent in nature. The most widespread of its anomalous properties is, simply, its lack of physically possible geometry. From the outside, RPC-830 is estimated to be 250 meters in diameter across its shaft, although some of its interior levels appear much larger in scale. There are two known entrances to RPC-830; one on the uppermost surface level of the structure, and one on the lowest point of the structure. Full exploration of RPC-830 is an ongoing endeavor, although currently no further expeditions have been attempted. Other entrances have been hinted at by exploration teams, however no further evidence has been found to support their existence.

The exterior of RPC-830 differs depending on the distance below the ice, and in some cases additions have been made by seeming inhabitants of each level. Additions are usually distinct from RPC-830 in terms of architecture, alongside being non-anomalous in nature. Directly below the uppermost portion of RPC-830's exterior are several sections resembling the works of Antoni Gaudí, though darker in coloration. The lower half of RPC-830's exterior more closely resembles architecture of Late Antiquity, also dark in color. It should be noted, however, that the lowest and final portion of RPC-830's interior and exterior are those of Gaudí's style, even though the lowest levels of RPC-830 have only been seen and not explored.

Strangely, RPC-830 predates almost all other structures found within Antarctic Region 017, and is one of the only sources of heat found within the area. Despite only producing enough heat to render its interior "comfortable"2 by human standards, multiple pine trees were found growing anomalously around the area of RPC-830's discovery. Since excavation began, these trees have since been removed or died; but the underground portions of the area not fully encased in ice also show signs of affection from RPC-830's heating. Assumedly, RPC-830 was some kind of heat source, and has since begun to fail in some capacity. This is supported not only by the encasing of Antarctic Region 017 in ice, but by the living entities within RPC-830. To see comprehensive logs of RPC-830 exploration, please view the following attachment(s).

Addendum: Exploration was initially attempted by an ASF squad, however upon entering the structure, all but one of the personnel were barred from entry by anomalously manifesting invisible barriers. The expedition was then conducted by one person, whose name has been stricken from the document out of familial request.

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