Registered Phenomena Code: 827

Object Class: Omega-Purple

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Visual Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Info-Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Sapient Hazard,

Containment Protocols: Containment is currently impossible for RPC-827. Any locations affected by RPC-827 are to be quarantined, cordoned off, or completely purged if necessary. Events linked to RPC-827 are to be erased from public record and properly resolved, any manifestations of the anomaly are to be neutralized and disposed of ASAP, any individual claiming to know about RPC-827 is to be detained, questioned and taken into containment. Class-A Amnestics are to be administered as soon as questioning is finished. Refer to MST-X Ray-6 operational commanders for further information.
Due to the infrequency and random nature of RPC-827 manifestations, an MST has been formed specifically to respond quickly to its unique manifestations; MST-Uniform-06 ("Dream Walkers") is to be contacted as soon as any RPC-827 manifestations are detected.

Additionally, if RPC-827 is to compromise an Authority Research Facility, immediate Emergency Site Termination protocol is to be initiated.

Description: RPC-827 is a phenomenon metaphysical in nature- deemed more of a concept than an actual tangible being. Colloquially known as "Phobos" by most Authority staff, it was first discovered at the Research Facility of Site-007 by a staff member recalling a nightmare from the previous night. Recounted in the transcript filed below.

After his account, Dr. Jacobs had a break down at the recollection of what he saw of RPC-827. He is now in Psychological care.
RPC-827 is consistently linked to dreams. The victims will recount "vivid" or "lucid" dreams. Additionally, the vast majority of the anomalous incidents take place during the night, leading researchers to believe that RPC-827 has to do with the subconscious in some way or another.

Additional encounters worth noting:

33 Missing from Michigan Nursing Home


Michigan Nursing Home before incident.

From 5/10/1998 to 5/17/1998, a Nursing Home in [REDACTED] Michigan experienced 33 disappearances of elderly patients without a trace. Authorities were notified of these disappearances and naturally decided to investigate. They questioned all the staff, and some of the elderly and found that almost all the non-senile elderly were having odd reoccurring dreams. Detectives found it even weirder when they all described having roughly the same dream with a few deviations in detail: They would dream that they awoke in the middle of the night to see a tall black figure standing in the corner of their room, staring at them with glowing white eyes. They said that this dream would seemingly go on for hours, only for them to wake up in the morning, completely fine and well rested.

Authorities quickly phoned up the FBI who phoned up The Authority, and an Authority research team was dispatched to monitor the Nursing Home.

In the middle of the night at exactly midnight, one of the elderly rose out of his bed and walked out of his room. He stepped out into the hallway and stared directly into the camera before turning and heading down the hallway to the very far end, where he started to walk down the stairs. When the researcher who was assigned to night watch switched to the stair case camera, he said that "The old man seemed to take a single step down from the third level stair case all the way down to the first level, his leg extended and bent to inhuman lengths".

He continued on to the very far hallway, down until he reached the washing room. He moved the washing machine to the side to reveal a large black hole that led down. He slid into it without hesitation and slid the washing machine back into place behind him. The night watch researcher radioed in for an MST team to come in for back up. The MST team followed to the hole where the old man descended, and lowered in one at a time.

It appears that there was an unfinished basement left behind underneath the home, it was a large and bare brick room with an unfinished floor and dirty walls. On the walls, there appeared to be scribbles- some of ink, some of blood, and some of what appeared to be feces. Most of it was incoherent but one phrase was repeated and very clear, the one that earned RPC-827 it's nickname: Phobos.

On the other side of the basement was a single door, the only door in the room, actually. MST-Uniform-06 made their way across the room to the door. As soon as they entered breaching position they heard a quiet and uniform whispering, almost like a chant, yet it was too quiet to transcribe what they were chanting.

MST-Uniform-06 opened the door and filed in to be greeted by the sight of a room very similar to the one they just left, except all 33 missing elderly were in the room, standing against the walls, alive, somehow. Their eyes were gouged out, their arms were missing, and their jaws had been torn off.

The whispering stopped, and all the elderly collectively turned to look directly at MST-Uniform-06. In the center of the room, stood the old man that had gone missing that night- He held his intestines in his hand, his jaw was elongated and his head was covered in eyes (Later discovered to be the eyes of all the other elderly), and his arms were "Long and rope like" as described by MST-Uniform-06 Captain. He broke into a sprint at MST-Uniform-06, as did all the other Elderly- but they were quickly gunned down by an onslaught of gun fire at the cost of 1 MST casualty.

Addendum: Note from Head Researcher: "So, we still don't know what "Phobos" is, but we have three prevailing theories: It's either an entity that appears in dreams, a being beyond our comprehension, or a psychological tick that appears in individuals or populations if the circumstances are just right. Whatever it is, further research is needed before we can do ANYTHING about it. -Researcher Johnson, head researcher on RPC-827

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