Registered Phenomena Code: 825

Object Class: Alpha-White Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-825 is to be contained in a standard Alpha-class anomalous object containment chamber. As RPC-825 requires little to no maintenance, only occasional checks are required. Personnel are not to attempt to interact with RPC-825 unless given explicit permission by Site-027 management. The current location of RPC-825 is unknown, as it has been uncontained since Site-027 was lost. Activity has been reported within the Amazon jungle where Site-027 was originally built. Should RPC-825 or any entity resembling it be sighted, or should it attempt to interfere with Authority operations, it is to be immediately subdued and re-contained.

Description: RPC-825 is an amorphous sphere approximately 1 meter in diameter. It is composed entirely out a substance identical to the epidermal layer of human skin. Despite possessing no complex organic structures, RPC-825 is capable of locomotion by rolling itself through unknown methods. RPC-825 does not appear to be aware of its surroundings, and only possesses the sense of touch. Although not initially aware, it appears to have learned where the walls of its containment chamber are located. It will not be able to avoid any obstacles that are placed in the room. RPC-825 is capable of pushing objects, though it exerts relatively little force and is not capable of harming humans.

RPC-825 is a humanoid entity composed entirely out of a substance identical to the epidermal layer of human skin. Despite possessing no complex organic structures, RPC-825 is capable of locomotion in a similar manner to an adult human. It can also collapse its mass into an amorphous sphere approximately 1.5 meters in diameter when threatened. In this state it is capable of fast paced movement akin to a snake, with top speed recorded at 40 km/h. RPC-825 possesses substantial strength comparable to that of an adult male gorilla, having been able to cause significant damage to Authority personnel, though has not been able (or has not attempted) to kill. However, it is not anymore resilient than human skin, and will flee when threatened with lethal or otherwise harmful force.

It is unknown how RPC-825 transmuted into its current form, or why it acts aggressively towards Authority personnel. It is known however that it broke containment at Site-027 shortly after RPC-███ took control of the facility, and avoided assimilation due to its lack of any brain or cognitive structure. Since its escape, it has been spotted in the surrounding Amazon jungle, where it has repeatedly appeared and hindered Authority operations. It has not yet been recaptured due to a combination of its innate prowess in escape and the many places to escape to in the environment.

Addendum-825-A: RPC-825 was recovered in ███████, Germany in 1963. Due to its unaware nature, it was easily contained. It was subsequently relocated to Site-027, which at the time served as an Alpha-class containment and study center. RPC-825 was first spotted post-transmutation in 2002, but was not identified until Site-027 was investigated a year later.

Document 825-B:
The following is a report constructed by Dr. C████ in regards to the nature of RPC-825 post-transmutation

There are multiple theories surrounding why RPC-825 made its transmutation. The most popular is that RPC-███ had somehow influenced it to turn this way through some unknown aspect of its anomalous traits, or that harassment by RPC-825 triggered it. I don't believe this to be the case.
I believe that RPC-825 was just as aware of its state before as it is now. And before it was left in an empty room with nothing to interact with, nothing changing. Perhaps it knew why it was there, and perhaps it also knew that we were making sure there was nothing happening, nothing to do and nothing to enjoy. When Site-027 fell, it likely perceived this as total neglect and blamed us for years and years of boring misery. I don't think there's anything we could've done about it though. We likely couldn't have ever known. But, when we do re-contain this thing, maybe it would be a good idea to do something different this time. And not just to prevent the loss of a site.
~Dr. C████

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