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Registered Phenomena Code: 820

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Transmutation Hazard
Grouped Hazard;
RPC-820-A4: Visual Hazard
RPC-820-A5: Contact Hazard
RPC-820-A7: Contact Hazard
RPC-820-A15: Sentient Hazard
RPC-820-A18: Emotional Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Each RPC-820-A instances is to be stored in containers housed in OL-Site-██. All RPC-820-B colonies found outside of RPC-820-A instances should be incinerated immediately. If RPC-820-A instances breach containment Protocol-820ND1 is to be followed to allow the complete destruction of RPC-820-A's "body" before further integration of metallic parts by RPC-820-B's anomalous effect. Testing involving RPC-820 should only be carried out in OL-Site-██ with the approval of site director, testing should not involve more than 1 RPC-820-A instance and additional RPC-820-B should be incinerated after testing. All tests involving RPC-820-A are currently suspended indefinitely.

Description: RPC-820-B is an aggressive fungus residing around RPC-820-A instances, RPC-820-B actively seeks out metal around RPC-820-A and will remain at its nearest RPC-820-A instance if no metal were present. If metal were present, however, RPC-820-B will swarm said object through the release of spores and cause iron oxide corrosion to its surface, forming colonies of reddish-brown substances that visually resemble rust, these colonies will continue to produce RPC-820-B before the host object is fully corroded2, upon this, the colonies of RPC-820-B will either return to RPC-820-A or another metal mass if such were present.

RPC-820-A is a series of anomalous metallic objects that are in heavy states of disrepair and damages caused by blunt force, extreme heat and RPC-820-B colonies residing on their surfaces3. While all RPC-820-A objects have different anomalous properties4, all RPC-820-A instances share a single anomalous trait: any metal mass that came into physical contact with RPC-820-A instances becomes affixed to them, at which point RPC-the 820-A instance becomes animate, the RPC-820-A instance would be able to manipulate these metal parts like an appendage and would use it to achieve locomotion and continues to seek out other metallic materials to intergrade into its "body".5

Discovery: On 15/08/19██, a town in [Location Redacted]6 suffers an increasing amount of structural failure in buildings and objects rendered broken in a matter of days, subsequent inspection discovered the anomaly now designated as RPC-820-B and was believed to be the cause of the damages. Following its discovery, the town was placed under quarantine and the citizens were relocated after receiving Class-A-1 Amnestics and RPC-820-B colonies formed within the town are incinerated. After the second discovery of RPC-820-B within Authority equipment and several reports of missing vehicles in the quarantine area, a trail of RPC-820-B infested debris belonging to the stolen vehicles led agents to a nearby forest where RPC-820 is discovered shortly before its deactivation.

Experiment: Below are a list of tests conducted on RPC-820. RPC-820-A18 would be used as a baseline test instance.

Incident-8213: on 28/09/19██, during testing with an RPC-820-A instance, 2 guards, Researcher ██████ and Agent ████████, entered the testing chamber and began to assault the RPC-820-A instances. As additional guards entered the chamber to apprehend the 4 personnel the RPC-820-A instances managed to gain access the sources of metal meant to be used during the test and intergraded the remainder of it into its "body" and grew to a size of 13m tall, RPC-820-A instances resisted all effort at containment and proceeded to exit the testing chamber killing 1 and injuring 5 in the process, after successful recontainment, Agent ████████ was questioned for his action

Interviewed: Agent ████████

Interviewer: Dr.████

<Begin Log>

Dr.████: Alright Jim, tell me what happened back there.

Agent ████████: No, none of you get it, and none of you will understand it.

Dr.████: Well I would like to see you try at least.


Dr.████: Okay then, how about I tell you what we know about the situation? As far as we know, all 4 of you are under the influence of a memetic agent.

Agent ████████: What?

Dr.████: We get it, its the "noises", the "screeches" right? All of you are hearing things and we know it, none of you will be reprimanded so just talk to me.

Agent ████████: No, that's not the only thing that's been bothering me?

Dr.████: Tell me about it.

Agent ████████: Its…… sometimes when you look at it, something just feels off like it doesn't belong here and no, not like the shit we hide from the world, it doesn't belong here, this world! And….. and you can feel like its plotting something sinister, I thought it was just me overreacting but then the others are feeling the same thing too.

Dr.████: So what did you do?

Agent ████████: So we decided to take things into our own hands and we are going to destroy it.

Dr.████: Good, that's all we want to know, you may leave now.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent ████████, Researcher ██████, security guard ██████████ and ██████ are to be given Class-B amnestic and reassign to other projects. The containment protocols for RPC-820-A18 is to be updated following Post-Incident-8213 analysis.

Incident-820G: on 01/11/19██, during the relocation of RPC-820 following the decommission of OL-Site-██, a crack in the container of RPC-820-A7 caused the transporting vehicle to become overrun with RPC-820-B, a subsequent explosion damaged the other containers. At which point all RPC-820-A instances came into contact with one another resulting in their activation and the formation of a single, massive metallic entity, the entity began to consume Authority vehicles and proceeded south, along the way the Authority launched a series of attacks in an attempt to neutralize the anomaly, all of the attacks have little effects on RPC-820. RPC-820 later returns to [Location Redacted] where it was initially discovered. RPC-820 begin emits a series of vocalisation, blue lights begin to engulf RPC-820 in its entirety, after the lights dissipated, RPC-820's "body" was now reduced to 0.1% of its original size, analysis currently is ongoing.

Addendum: Revision for RPC-820

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