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A copy of RPC-814.


Registered Phenomena Code: 814

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow (Neutralized)

Hazard Types: Incorporeal Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Visual Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-814 (defunct)

Research Lead: Dr. Lucas Ranger

Assigned MST(s): Uniform-7 ("The Vipers")

Director of Containment: Marshall Holst


Containment Protocols: As of 7/24/2014, RPC-814 no longer appears online. All copies of RPC-814 are no longer considered to be anomalous.

RPC-814-1 has been successfully neutralized, and all RPC-814-2 instances are presumed deceased. PoI-744893928 has been amnesticized and released.

Description: RPC-814 was an internet advertisement which, upon clicked, would lead the victim to a website housing multiple lethal cognitohazards in the form of digital images. All cognitohazards displayed caused near-instantaneous cardiac arrest, and often death afterwards. The contents of the website itself were largely incoherent strings of text describing a nonexistent cemetery in █████, Minnesota, USA, as well as a series of paranormal happenings involving an unspecified number of statues on the property.

Following the sedation and eventual neutralization of RPC-814's web domain3, its IP address was traced back to █████, Minnesota, where RPC-814-1 and, subsequently, RPC-814-2 were discovered. The town's residents were evacuated (see Archived Containment Protocols).



RPC-814-1 was a two story house located in the northern outskirts of the town. The structure's exterior, prior to neutralization, exhibited an anomalous pattern which obscured it from view. RPC-814-1 and its direct surroundings relative to a subject's line of sight would appear blurred, with some reports describing a resemblance to digital media censorship and citing a seemingly artificial appearance to the field. Due to this, RPC-814-1's entrances were only discovered 12 days after its discovery. RPC-814 had been hosted by RPC-814-1 itself. The structure's architecture was later confirmed to exhibit anomalous dimensions, appearing to have manifested recently as opposed to during construction. Cognitohazardous patterns within the paint covering its outer walls have been known to cause migraines.



RPC-814-2 was a family of entities living within RPC-814-1. There were 6 instances prior to neutralization, with the youngest specimen being 4 years old. Each instance was obscured by a spatial anomaly which surrounded their entire physical forms. The anomaly (RPC-814-2-A) was black in coloration, and appeared within all known means of visual documentation. RPC-814-2 are unable to comprehend humans, and display an acute aversion to moving outside of RPC-814-1. RPC-814-2-A also appears in all photographs depicting humans native to RPC-814-1. Each RPC-814-2 instance exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and mild psychosis.

Discovery: RPC-814 was discovered when Authority webcrawler I/O COLOMBIA had initially detected RPC-814 on an online forum on 6/28/2014. A copy of the website linked from RPC-814 was scrubbed of harmful cognitohazardous properties and reported to Site-015. Over the course of three weeks, a set of 18 webcrawlers designed specifically to target RPC-814 manifestations was dispatched into cyberspace. A total of 3 deaths were found to have been directly caused by RPC-814, all of which were within the state of Minnesota.

On 7/13/2014, the source of RPC-814 was traced back to █████, Minnesota, USA. RPC-814-1 was discovered, as well as a minor anomalous phenomenon preventing word of the object from spreading outside of █████. A cover-up operation successfully removed all non-anomalous residents from the area, listing the official reason for evacuation as a chemical leak in the area's plumbing. All citizens were amnesticized.

Attempts to infiltrate RPC-814-1 extended throughout 7/14/2014 to 7/16/2014. See Addendum 814.1 for more details.

Addendum 814.1: RPC-814-1 Infiltration & Exploration Log 814.1

After both entrances to RPC-814-1 were uncovered, Agent Glover was selected to explore the structure's interior. Thermal imaging led to the discovery of RPC-814-2 three days prior.

Agent Glover successfully entered RPC-814-1 on 7/16/2014.

Addendum 814.2: MST Uniform-7 ("The Vipers") arrived at OL-Site-8146 on 7/18/2014. The photographs and documents recovered by Agent Glover were given to U7-Cap for examination. After a meeting took place it was decided that the pharmacy, called The █████ Drugstore, would be raided by Uniform-7. It was later discovered by the on-site Research team that the owner of the establishment, Todora Merlo, did not exist in any of the Intelligence Department's records. Transactions to an unknown entity were also uncovered.

MST Uniform-7 surrounded The █████ Drugstore at 7:34 EST the same day. As U7-2 and 5 were about to break the door down, it swung open. A Caucasian male, approximately 30 years of age, manifested before the team. He identified himself as an unnamed operative deployed by Omega Iota7 and invited MST Uniform-7 into the store. Nothing of interest was recovered. The operative was restrained by Uniform-7 and escorted to OL-Site-814 for questioning.

Addendum 814.3: Neutralization

A neutralization request was filed for RPC-814-1 and RPC-814-2 on 7/18/2014. It was accepted by the Operations Department on 7/19/2014 due to the anomaly's immense threat to national normalcy. █████'s water supply was contaminated with [REDACTED] the next day. Thermal imaging technology confirmed the deaths of RPC-814-2. Signs of destabilization were observed within RPC-814-1. At 6:30 EST, MST Uniform-7 was tasked with infiltrating RPC-814-1 and neutralizing a newly discovered anomaly (RPC-814-3) within its attic. Doing so would eliminate RPC-814-1's anomalous properties.

Addendum 814.4: Interview Log 744893928.4




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