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Registered Phenomena Code: 813

Object Class: Alpha-White (Explained)

Additional Properties: Extra-dimensional


The endless bridge within ALTR-N2WU

Containment Protocols: The original memotic quanta[1][2] of RPC-813 are stored within the A7 memotic vault, under exclusive jurisdiction of Black Site-131. A digitized transcript of each received memotic quantity has been forwarded to involved Research personnel. Transcripts are distributed by Head Researcher Steele.

Description: RPC-813 designates a series of cross-dimension transmissions, conveyed in the form of memotic vectors[3] through the infoplane[4] and received through the Labrador Sea memotic singularity1. Once decrypted and analyzed, the transmissions were found to originate from a previously unknown alternate reality (hereby designated ALTR-N2WU), transmitted by Dr. Garsow, an Assistant Researcher who had been lost and presumed dead 28 days prior.


An ALTR-N2WU beach house overlooking the Sea
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On June 13, 2019, an event occurred in which Site-014 was destroyed by a nuclear blast.2 At the northern end of Site-014 was room A11-B, the primary experimentation room for extra-dimensional travel. The nuclear blast occurred at the same time that a prototype portal device was being tested, causing severe reality destabilization.

Security footage streamed to off-site data storage showed that the initial shockwave caused the extra-dimensional portal to rupture, generating several spatial distortions within the immediate area. Dr. Garsow and an additional five individuals passed into these spatial distortions before the full blast could reach the room.

The RPC-813 transmissions are transcribed below, cataloged chronologically with additional research logs included. All content has been left unaltered.

1. Memotics: The study of memory
2. Memotic Quanta: Units of information, either unbodied or existing as an immaterial substance
3. Memotic Vectors: Memotic quanta with an applied direction of travel
4. The Infoplane: An extra-dimensional plane which mediates memotic quanta




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