Utility.png Secondary Class:

Registered Phenomena Code: 807

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow (Utility)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-toxic.png Toxic


RPC-807 in an old house in █████, England

Containment Protocols

RPC-807 is to be kept in the medical facility at Site-008 specifically in Dr. Aert's office. RPC-807 should only be utilized in the case of medical emergencies such as severe lacerations, bodily trauma, contraction of infectious disease, etc.

Personnel requesting to use RPC-807 must contact Dr. Quill for permission. Dr. Quill is in charge of either granting or denying access to RPC-807.

RPC-807-2 should only be utilized for testing with organic-based anomalies, or to cure diseases that currently have no cure such as HIV/AIDS and various types of cancer.1

The chemical compound found within RPC-807-2 is to be kept in complete isolation from water. Should the compound be allowed to react with water, it is recommended not to inject it into a patient and/or anomaly.


RPC-807 is an antique leather doctor's bag, originating between the years 1924 to 1931. No damage has been found on the interior or exterior of RPC-807. As of now, there is no way to damage RPC-807.

The interior of the bag appears to be entirely empty when opened by an individual possessing no disabilities, bodily injuries, or diseases. Should someone meeting the previously stated conditions open RPC-807, this will display an array of modern-day medical tools and pharmaceutical equipment that could be of use for treating the individuals' conditions. If a medical tool required for a specific medical procedure does not fit within RPC-807, instead it will appear empty.

The contents of the bag, designated RPC-807-1, will be different depending on the condition the person handling RPC-807 may have. None of the RPC-807-1 instances gathered within RPC-807 are anomalous. Medication may appear if the patient has acquired a disease. RPC-807 has the ability to diagnose any disease and certain types of disabilities including diseases unknown to man.

Further testing of RPC-807 has led to the discovery of an unknown chemical compound found within a syringe often provided by RPC-807. The syringe has been designated RPC-807-2 due to its anomalous properties in comparison to other objects commonly found within RPC-807. RPC-807-2 is a syringe 30.48cm in length, which holds a purple-like liquid substance within it.

Researchers, however, do not consider RPC-807-2 a separate entity from RPC-807, stating the former to be a product exclusive to RPC-807 itself, given this has not been able to be replicated nor found outside of it. As shown within "Test 807-6", "Test 807-7" and "Test 807-11", RPC-807-2 holds the capability to treat an extensive array of symptoms. As of today, it has been discovered that RPC-807-2 can cure certain disabilities such as PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Dementia, and other mental disorders.

Although capable of curing several illnesses, RPC-807-2 can be rendered highly ineffective by contact with water. Once it has reacted with water, the substance contained within RPC-807 will change color, from a light-purple to different shades of blue. Injection with RPC-807-2 instances that have made contact with water has shown to possess a 25% chance to function as intended, a 25% chance of having no effect on the subject, and a 50% chance to instantly terminate the subject. Although, the substance is not affected by water within the human body.

Beneath all objects found within RPC-807 will often be a lollipop of a specific flavour based on the patient's preferred flavour. The candy is non-anomalous and is edible. Patients with diabetes, however, receive sugar-free lollipops. The wrapper of the candy, however, does not show a brand in which it was manufactured.

Test Logs

Subject: CSD-7692
Diagnosis: Type B Influenza
Results: 3 bottles of water2 and a pill bottle of anti-inflammatory pain relievers appeared within RPC-807 upon opening it. CSD-7692 had received a cherry-flavoured lollipop from RPC-807.

Addendum 807-A

The following contains multiple requests from Authority officials to use RPC-807.

Request # Reason Access
Request 807.1 Dr. J████ requested for the use of RPC-807 to be able to cure his gastroenteritis9 Granted
Request 807.2 Dr. S█████ requested for the use of RPC-807 to cure his cold Denied
Request 807.3 Dr. Q████ requested the use of RPC-807 in order to cure 2 CSD personnel from RPC-172 Granted
Request 807.4 MST member █████ had been shot in the upper thigh during training and required immediate medical attention. Granted
Request 807.5 Dr. H████████ requested for the use of RPC-807 to cure multiple CSD personnel who had been infected with salmonella food poisoning. Granted
Request 807.6 Dr. H█████ requested RPC-807 to get rid of his annoying case of hiccups. Denied
Request 807.7 Dr. L████ requested for use of RPC-807 during the first stage of infection from RPC-355 Granted
Request 807.8 Multiple CSD personnel including 2 researchers had been infected with RPC-669. All within stage 1 of infection. Granted
Request 807.9 2 CSD personnel had been infected by RPC-283 during routine cleaning protocols. Granted
Request 807.10 CSD-9972 purposely infected themselves with Blastomycosis10 in order to get a lollipop. Denied
Request 807.11 MST member ██████ ████ had been infected by RPC-739's radioactive dust particles during [REDACTED]. Granted

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