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An instance of RPC-807-J.

Registered Phenomena Code: 807-J

Object Class: Gamma-Purple / Potentially Neutralized
(See Addendum 807-J-2)

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard, Explosive Hazard

Containment Protocols: All RPC-807-J instances are to be terminated on sight. MST Alpha-♂ ("Moderators") is currently tasked with combating all instances of RPC-807-J. Remains of terminated instances are to be sent to Site-██ for examination by Authority technical analysts.

Description: RPC-807-J designates a series of continuously generated autonomous machines. Approximately every ██ hours, a new instance of RPC-807-J manifests. The apparent objective of these machines is to seek out and lay waste to any and all Authority facilities that they come across. Instances of RPC-807-J are noted as being extremely adept at locating Authority occupied areas, and locations with even a minor Authority presence are at risk. All attempts to deter RPC-087-J instances from Authority occupied facilities have ended in failure; likewise, all attempts to communicate with instances of RPC-807-J have been unsuccessful. The source of RPC-807-J instances is currently unknown.

RPC-807-J instances possess a variety of weapons that they make use of for their destructive and occasionally combative purposes (if confronted by perceived hostiles). The following is a list of recovered weaponry:

  • Diphosgene1
  • Onagers2 (electric powered)
  • Warheads (conventional)
  • Nerve gas
  • Vulcan-type automatic cannons
  • Orbital weapons systems3 (controlled via satellite)
  • Tear gas
  • EMP missiles
  • Stun batons

Addendum 807-J-1: Examination of the remains of instance RPC-807-J-█, code name "Able Archer," revealed a message scratched into the inner chassis of the machine. It reads:

f██k cfoperator caro f██k the rcp authority and f██k you

Addendum 807-J-2: As of 8/26/2018, the Authority has updated its containment systems, possibly neutralizing RPC-807-J.

Director's Note:

Dr. Zucc

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